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part2 of getting touched/raped at school

hi im 12 and this is a true story from about a mont ago?? make sure you read part 1 . After he told me that his friends and himself are going to rape me, he left the room slamming the... # #

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Dark Web Pt1.2

Continuation of PT.1. sorry if it’s a bit slow, it’s my first time writing and I’m still kinda getting to grips with it # # #

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Best 13th birthday ever

My boyfriend, his brother and his dad surprised me by making my fantasy come true. It was the most amazing night ever and the best present ever. # #

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I love Moby dick

Uncle Adam introduced me to Moby, his cock, at first I was unsure about touching his cock but he taught me some stuff and now I love it so much. # # #

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My first time

This story start when I was 12 I was friends with this girl and we were very good friends and basically gf and bf but without all the loving stuff anyways it was after school and we... # #

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My budding little porn stars

I took advantage of Laura and Annie when they were sleeping and made them my little porn stars. They were magnificent. If only they knew. # # #

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Mum sold me

This is my story . I was 14 when it all happened . I know it’s not perfect but I needed to get it out there to help me # # #

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Raping a little girl in the park

I’m 16 and me and a few friends gangbanged a cute young girl in the park. She looked about 8 or 9 and was alone. The park is quite large with a good amount of hidden or hard to... # # #

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Perks of the job

I had sex with my boss’s 14 year old daughter at their New Years Eve party, it was made even better by the fact her dad was just a few feet away. #

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