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Marla and Mary 3

Read Marla and Mary to follow along So our morning ritual continues, me a 14yo boy being molested by my 10yo sister. Lol. I mean not that I’m complaining. Every morning since... # # # #

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Being a slut in ny

My parents were gone for 2 months and left me with food and other things to do for that 2 months time span. After about two days i got bored. I thought it would be fun to experiment.... # # #

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Caught By Uncle Chad

This is an account of my first ever sexual experience with another person, my Uncle Chad. An experience that still greatly influences my kinks. # # #

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Marla and Mary

I was 14 my two step sisters were Marla 12 and Mary 10. I was sleeping and Mary snuck in. She was tiptoeing through my room. She lifted my covers and tried touching my dick over my... # # # #

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Begging for it

My step sister Jackie was born with weak legs. She was always wheelchair bound. She didn’t have much control over her legs. I was 8 years older than she was. I always would play... # # # #

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Animal shelter

I’ve worked at my local animal shelter for a few years. I’m 18 now and I’m trusted to close on my own. The shelter has no cameras except for ones by the external doors, but that’s... # #

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me and my teachers ittle secret

(True Story) Hi i`m Mya black 14.female 5’2 4d breast bubble butt i was in 4th period Mr johnson class he white 6`3 male he had on a suit i was in class trying no to go to sleep... # #

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