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My Angel

My stepsister Angel and I were watching a movie on the couch. She was 9 and I was 13. She was trying to be sneaky lying on top of me and brushing my crotch with her hand and “accidentally”... # # # #

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Cured my lesbo sister

My sister and I (17F & 17M) are twins but we have never been close. Recently I came home early from my part-time job and needed something from her but when I entered her room, I... # # # #

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Sucking Grandpa

I was at my Grandpa’s house for the weekend as my parents had gone away and figured I wasn’t old enough to stay by myself or they figured I would have a boy over. Haha they... # # # # #

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Amy and Abby 2

I am 14. Amy and Abby are 7. I am lying asleep in bed. My dad tells me he and mom are leaving for work and I am in charge. My door opens suddenly bursts open and I hear their battle... # # # #

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A boy with desires

Jay was a 14 year old boy obsessed with girls younger than him, he always has fantasies about them and masturbated everyday. Jay had an 10 year old cousin, her name was Aubrey, she... # # #

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The neighbour pt3

After that night I couldn’t stop thinking about her, it was already a month after but I still couldn’t get it out my mind. Being at home and in class was extremely hard, during... # # # #

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I lied naked in bed exposed, like a healthy 16 year old. I was innocent, never had a girlfriend, so I fantasized about sex. I don’t know if this has happened to you too, but for... # #

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Amy and Abby

When I was 14, my twin 7yo step sisters Amy and Abby and I were playing together. “Lets do the rollercoaster.”, one said. I found the Youtube video and sat Abby on my lap and bounced... # # # #

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My sex story

My hole sex story from first time to now #

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Young teen experience with my dog

Im a curvy petite girl and always have been. I have very large pale milky breasts even when I was a preteen they were a C since I was 10. I’ve always had a higher sex drive and didn’t... # #

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Am I Bi?

Hey my name is Alex 42m. I never acted on my bi curious thoughts before. I did experiment with pegging sucking on the strap on alittle. It was satisfying and erotic but not fulfilling.... # # # #

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