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Mommy and her princess

My mommy & I were really close. .We were nudists (I was her little girl’/her little princess.) I wore cute dresses & little girl clothes that she made for me.Around the age... # # #

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Best summer ever 2.0

I had lost my virginity to my cousin Dana and her friend Kelly yesterday. It was the most fantastic experience of my young life. I could barely get to sleep last night, I kept thinking... # # #

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Best summer ever

In the summer of ’73, I was 13 years old. I lived on a military base with my dad, my mom had left him about a year before for a much younger man. We hadn’t seen her for... # # #

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13 year trying anal dildo

Well I’m finally trying out my dildo which I bought off amazon a while back. I decided to try anal, it always looked super hot in porn vids and stuff. #

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Little sister the wingman

My half sister is 6 years younger than I am. This story was when I was 17. Her and I never did anything sexual besides talking about sex acts or seeing each other naked. My parents... # #

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Raped by friends little brother

Me and my friend Morgan were going to hang out after school. But Morgan had lacrosse practice for a few hours after school. She told me I could just hang out at her house until she... # # #

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Me and my little horny cousin drying humping and tit sucking # #

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