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Brother sister love pt.4

Keeping y’all updated with the last post: Honestly nothing really came of that night. I got home from work, yesterday my sister was home and nothing was really mentioned about that... # #

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Late Night Visitor 4

Unexpected sex with my son has awakened a hunger in me for teenage cock I didn’t know I had. Now I get to feed that hunger with another boy’s cock… # # # #

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Brother sister love pt.3

I texted her that night when I got in bed. It was 9:30 something. I told her that we should probably stop doing this. I don’t know. I was pretty shook, man. She agreed. I was pretty... # #

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Crazy grandpa-2

Meanwhile, Grand-Pa slid down and pulled off my shorts and panties, making me completely naked. Now he started looking at my pussy. I had been fucked by 3 boys till now, but even today... # # # #

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Brother sister love pt.2

Continuing from my last post: I ended up going back to my room and went to bed. I felt so guilty but also satisfied, you know? This was last weekend. I wanted to fuck her again. All... # #

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Brother sister love pt.1

So I’m 25, sister is 16. We get along well. She’s pretty mature for her age, short, pretty thick in all the right places, beautiful. I’ve developed a sexual attraction toward... # # #

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I wanna be fucked

Honestly I have lots of fantasy’s but the biggest one is this. sorry if this story is poorly written Since it’s winter break I’m off for like two weeks. I’m very happy about... # #

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Emmas sugardaddy

My name is Emma, blue eyed, blonde, white, bubble butt, nice round boobs. I was an honors student in high school and I was also the cheerleading captain. After my high school graduation... # #

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Crazy grandpa-1

I am crazy about grandpa-1 My name is Honey, and I am 19 years old model stays with mom, brother and Grand- Pa (dad of my mom). My dad has died and mom carries out the business of my... # # # #

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Fun With Amy 2

Read Fun With Amy to follow along. From part 1 I picked out an outfit for her before we showered. She protested. “That with that?”, she rolled her eyes and shook her head. “Boys... # # #

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