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Twins are better than none

This happened years and years ago, but I wanted to share this with you. My wife’s aunt and uncle invited us to their lake house for a cookout and birthday party. Their twin granddaughters,... #

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Sticky Situation

I was having fun with my boyfriend, he grabbed the lube, or what he thought was the lube. What followed was the most embarrassing night of my life. # #

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Hot little momma

10 year old daughter beautiful little girl wife she left me with little Emma one day needed to get something I thought hers my chance she had a cute little ass slim blonde we go to... # # # #

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Caleb (25) meets a sexy 16-year-old at the local pool that hates him. His obsession grows. Will he drop his pursuit or have his way with her? # # #

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I love teen pussy and ass

one day I was feeling alone I’m sitting at the house horny wanting some action I leave the house I walk down the street I see little girls about 12 13 years old I walk up to them... # # #

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What did I just witness

By accident, I discovered that my best friend and my dad have been having sex. I caught them at it when they thought I was out, now I’m confused. # #

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