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My Dog and My Pussy

My friend Jasmine had this dog, he was a big fluffy bear like dog. He was always so sweet to me when I would visit Jasmines. He would sometimes shove his nose onto my crotch but Jasmine... # # #

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I love my brothers PT. 2

The next week was somewhat changed. For the next few days, Tommy seemed to be on edge and avoid me and Mark. Mark was as loving as always, and when ever we had a moment alone, he would... # # #

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I love my brothers PT. 1

I’m currently 16 years old. This story took place 2 years ago. I was 14 and a freshman in high school. I have 2 older brothers, who were 16 and 17 at the time. My oldest brother,... # # #

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Sexual Dares

Me and my friends were doing sexual dares all week and it was my turn. I ended up with a father and son in the changing rooms. # #

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Male Slot

“Hey, you got any money?” I lied, and said no, because I thought it was some kinda scam, but “Why?” # #

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