Cat: Teen

Little monsters, monster cock

I’d never seen anything like it, certainly not on a boy his age. He was too small to have such a big cock, but it felt good down my throat. # #

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big brother

I remember I was 14 and scrawny and small I never got picked for sports teams in the gym and was bullied. But my big brother never bullied me he was 17 and fit way bugger because he... # # #

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We found an old cow milking machine in my moms shed and found an alternative and pleasurable use for it. # #

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The babesitter

I started working working as a babysitter when I was 17, now I’m 25 and now it’s more of a side gig. I have had a lot of clients over the years but my absolute favorite were the... # # #

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A very Clark family Christmas part 1

This is the fourth installment of the Clark series and it will be divided into parts because I don’t have the willpower to cram it all into one story #

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Girls love bikers

An excited school girl begged me for a ride on my motorbike, but that wasn’t the only thing she wanted to ride. #

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