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Author: Kingsmut36

Saving Grace Part 12

Part 12 It was a few weeks after my last encounter with Grace that we both got the chance to make good on our deal we made in her bedroom (part 11). Jess was at work as per usual, I... # # #

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Saving Grace Part 9

Part 9 Nothing had happened on that Saturday, I was struck down with Pneumonia. I couldn’t raise a smile let alone anything else. *** I was housebound for a month after my stay in... # # #

1491 words | 5 |4.58

Saving Grace Part 8

Part 8 I could not get last Saturday off my mind, First Mia then Grace performed her show for me, all through the week at work I wanted them both. At the same time, individually, I... # # #

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Saving Grace Part 7

I was quite taken aback by what I was told about Mia, don’t get me wrong, she was beautiful and everything, but Grace is on another level. I placed the thoughts of what was said at... # # #

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Saving Grace Part 6

Part 6 ( Parts 1-5 for full confession) I must remind you, I was dating Jess, yet her daughter Grace was my secret girlfriend, we had been secret lovers for about two and half years... # # #

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Saving Grace Pt 5

Part 5 Utopia Grace had shot up to 5’2 and had gone from 32B size boobs to 34B, she didn’t complain, she’d often catch me gazing at her. Also gone were the panties and replaced... # # #

1602 words | 8 |4.80

Saving Grace Part 4

Part 4 Some months had passed since my birthday and Grace had become more brazen in her advances and actions. She would bend over Infront of me, pull her trousers down to tease me showing... # # #

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Saving Grace Pt 1

So this is more a confession over many parts and years… Real names are mentioned, mine is not i’m holding a pretty dark secret!… i’m 36 now, my girlfriend is... # # #

979 words | 12 |4.44