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Saving Grace Part 6

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Part 6 ( Parts 1-5 for full confession)

I must remind you, I was dating Jess, yet her daughter Grace was my secret girlfriend, we had been secret lovers for about two and half years now.

I was at work when my secretary buzzed my intercom.

“yes Sophie, what’s up?
“ Sorry, your daughter is in reception, would you like me to escort her in”.
“yes please”. The intercom went dead.

A few moments later I met them at my office door, she was dressed super casual, tight fitting jeans and an old Superdry hoodie of mine.
A radiant smile appeared when she saw me,
She ran in to my arms and squeezed, she held me in her grip and whispered in my ear.

“ daddy you look so fuckable in your suit.”
“ thanks babygirl, shall we go home now?”


It wasn’t long before I had parked the car, it wasn’t her house, it was mine.
We made our way inside and instantly kissed, it was completely sexually tension filled yet passionate at the same time.
I finished my shower and walked into my room dressed in just a towel, as I done many times, It was my house.

She was in my bed, looking as seductive as ever, she saw me stood by the bed, dropped the Ipad and began crawling towards me, never uttering a single word.

She dropped my towel and instantly took my cock in her mouth, I looked her down at her blonde covered head bob up and down with enthusiasm.

“what did I do to deserve this?” I hastily asked.

“ well I did say you look fuckable in your suit” she replied before going back to my saliva covered cock. she knew that her being “ nasty” turned me on.

I was bending over her, and didn’t even lube my finger up before sliding it in her ass..

“mmmmhhhmm… I love it” she bellowed.

“ then you’re going to love this” I snarled back.

I picked her up and threw her on the bed, she let out a giggle, and then an excited moan, was she getting turned on at how rough I was?!. The smile on her face proved that she was into it.
I dragged her to the edge of the bed and thrust my cock back in her mouth, i went back to sliding a finger in her ass whilst licking her pussy with unwavering speed.




“.mmmmmhmm yeah slurp… fuck… slurp,”

“ suck daddy’s cock like a good girl” I told her.

the sounds she was making were so hot, and sexual, she would periodically take my cock out her mouth just to utter a few words before putting it back in.

“ I’m your good girl daddy”

“you know you are indeed”

The sexual tension between us was palpable and you could feel it in the air, I had my finger in Grace’s butt, a finger in her pussy and she was devouring my cock and then it came.

My damn phone was going off…

I grabbed my phone off the nightstand and had to hit answer, it was Jess, the mood changed instantly, for around 30 seconds, until Grace put my cock back in her mouth, I tried to pull away but she just followed me wherever I went.

I don’t know how I finished that call but somehow I got through it, I was halfway through a workout worked wonders, well it was half the truth.

“ you’re naughty, we could have been caught”

“ I know, but you loved it, didn’t you?” she snapped back.

I changed her position into doggy for being naughty, and a sort of punishment for her antics whilst on the phone, Her small slit was glistening wet with anticipation for something to enter it, I slid my finger inside her whilst flicking her tiny clit with my tongue.

“oh my god” she screamed

I loved hearing her be more vocal, it just made me more hard than I already was, I lightly spanked her butt whilst going about my business,

“ooooooh I like it when you spank my butt daddy” she moaned

I kept on lightly spanking here whilst buried face deep in her tiny slit, I felt her body convulsing along with semi rigid and then she came right there in my mouth.
It was delicious, I laid down beside her and kissed her passionately so that she could taste her own juices off me.

I didn’t realise the effect it would have on her, she snapped, she kissed me with such passion, I thought her jaw was going to enter my mouth at one point, she was possessed and I loved it.

“ I love you daddy, please never leave me” she said looking lovingly into my eyes.

“I wont ever leave you baby” I said whilst kissing her forehead.

We laid there for a few minutes each not saying a word and just enjoying the moment, I could of stayed like it forever.

She moved away from me and engulfed her mouth on my cock yet again, I laid back on the bed and let her have her fun.

I pushed her head down more on my cock and she gagged but I kept my hand on her and kept doing it, she really did make the most beautiful gagging sounds.
I pulled her off and brought her on to my chest, my raging cock between her legs and touching her butthole with how she was laid.

“daddy wants to fuck you now baby”

“ yay! I want to fuck you too papa”

I pushed her back to a seated position and told her to stand up, she looked at me with a puzzled look but did it.

I then told her to “slowly sit down on my cock and give me your hands”.

She complied and began lowering herself on to me, my cock tip entered her but after grabbing her hands, I slid right on in.

“oh fuck me that’s deep, I fucking love your dick daddy” she moaned

I slowly began thrusting inside her and before long she was matching her thrusts with her bounces, the hands were now out of mine and were on my chest.
She was riding me like an absolute pro, her moans were getting more and more frequent

“I” thrust

“love” thrust

“your” another thrust

She came right there on me, she fell on to my chest and laid there for around a minute, I rolled her onto her back whilst still inside her.

I lifted her legs and began picking up my thrusts again, her eyes were closed and her moans were quieter now but all she could muster was “fuck” a few times.

I picked up the pace of my thrusts, along with picking her legs up so I could go as deep as I could inside her…

“ oh fuck that’s deep, but I fucking love it, you going to cum on my face daddy?” she asked in short sharp breaths.

I loved shooting my load on her face, she looked extremely cute with my cum all on her face, it was quite a sight.
My thrusts were getting quicker and quicker now, her moans were quite a turn on along with the sight of Grace naked in my bed.
I slowly pulled my wet, cum covered cock from her tiny hole, and came all over her boobs, I couldn’t hold it any longer,

I picked the cum off her stomach and boobs with my cock and she lapped it all off me like she had done many times before.

We laid there a few more minutes until the realisation of having to take her home set in.
She grabbed her clothes and went to the bathroom, and come back looking like she had done at work.
I was dressed and sat with a bag when she entered the bedroom.

“what’s that?”

“this is your present I said about”

“can I see?”


I had given her an anal training kit and a few bottles of lube, a new buttplug and some new underwear, she knew exactly what I wanted her to do with it all.

“ you want to fuck my butt don’t you daddy”

“ well you did say you liked things in your butt, why not my dick”

“ you can put your yummy cock in my butt, as long as you eat my butt first”

I drove her home and luckily her mum wasn’t home, so she could easily hide the goodies to fulfill my desires. She really is the best.

She came back down, dressed and ready for bed and we cuddled up on the sofa, her phone vibrated, she asked for a photo together : we snapped 3 or 4
Her phone went off again.

“ Mia thinks you’re a DILF”

“ and she would fuck you, she’s a total slut”

Part 7 coming soon

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