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289 Words πŸ‘€ Went park woods waiting wife get off pick up go there sit car jag off go up path get head give head fucked one sweet black boy.
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My friend lost the bet

1452 Words πŸ‘€ when I was 12 a friend of mine made a bet with me I knew I’d win but I found out later he knew I’d win too. And he’s said if he lost he’d suck my dick. I thought...
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Fantasizing about gay sex

219 Words I’m 40 years old and have never been with a man. I have fantasized about this for a long time now and would love to try it. I don’t care about getting my dick sucked or...
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Never seen a glory hole

254 Words πŸ‘€ Just walked in sat down seen a dick come through hole in wall was surprised looked started sucking it
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Innocent sex

469 Words It is a true story which happened 50 years ago .when I was 8 years old .I used to live in hilly area .I was in 3rd class on my school..we. Had group of boys 5 boys we used to play on...
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My uncles cock

553 Words πŸ‘€ I thought I would share this with you from my childhood fun with my uncle . I was 9 at the time went stay at my grandmother’s my uncle was 22 one day I was in the shower and he...
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Sex experiences

851 Words I was 17 years old boy and student of 12 class..I used to read sex stories book given by my. Friends .stories regarding sex with sisters .brothers . dogs etc. I used to get erectiion...
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old memory

735 Words I was studying in college my age was 20 years .average day I was travelling in train.I met a guy who was 35 years old.we had formal talk and he told me about himself and I...
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Fucking my best friend

404 Words πŸ‘€ I’m in my 50s now . When I was in my early 20s me and my mate loved watching porn one night I was staying over his place we had been to the pub so we put on some porn started...
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Fiest gay experience

481 Words I was 15 years old at that time.we were living in small town near our villagey dad was working in town.we have a small rented home.uor relative use to come frequently..once my uncle...
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childhood maza

394 Words When I was 15 years old .and I was in high school.I used to study in my room. My parents used to sleep in their bed room. When some guest comes he used to sleep on my there...
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