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Fucking my best friend

I’m in my 50s now . When I was in my early 20s me and my mate loved watching porn one night I was staying over his place we had been to the pub so we put on some porn started... 👤
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Fiest gay experience

I was 15 years old at that time.we were living in small town near our villagey dad was working in town.we have a small rented home.uor relative use to come frequently..once my uncle...
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childhood maza

When I was 15 years old .and I was in high school.I used to study in my room. My parents used to sleep in their bed room. When some guest comes he used to sleep on my there...
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unexpected encounter with dog

I live in a village. In summer I used to sleep on open space out side Of my was a months of august mating season of dogs a group of dogs were chasing a femal dog on heat. She... 👤
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A young preteen boy vouyer

Summer i turned 12 right after school ended for summer. My mom needed few weeks of not raising a boy quickly turning into a teen. She drops me off at my grandfathers time share for... 👤
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