Cat: Gay

Gay but not gay

Me and my friend Aaron practiced jerking, sucking and fucking on each other, but we’re not gay. # # #

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Adventures of one fat boy 2

Of course, at 4hour I go and meet him It wasn’t difficult some friends of my parents visit us and I found the opportunity to escape not that without their friends would notice... # # #

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The prison whore

I’m telling the true story of how I was raped an broke to the sissy I am now at 17 it’s been 44yrs ago an still love it # #

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a pub meeting

a few drinks in a pub and a meeting with two older men who i thought had an idea to fuck me. I ..and am 64 years now and in fair trim not a lot of hair now and none around the working... # #

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My Uncle Used Me and I Loved It

My name is Ethan. I wrote a story here once about I wanted my uncle to fuck me. And it happened finally on New Years. My mom had to go to a party for work so my uncle came and watched... # # #

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Funeral sex

Mom couldn’t make it to my cousins funeral out of town she sent me for family condolences she got me a motel for 3 days .. I was 16 got my license and first time on my own, The wake... # # #

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