Cat: Gay

Am I gay now?

Had a sleepover with my best mate and we had sex and stuff. Does that mean I’m gay? # # #

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family skiing trip

so i’m a 14 year old boy my names kai and my body is fit seeing as I was put in snowboarding and football at a young age which kept my body fit over the years my black curly hair... # # #

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old days

So this is a real story btw ama 16 now … when i was 10-11,i dont remember well so thats how it was … one day me and my friends (2 boy there dont want to say their names so first... # # #

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Public Bathroom

I’m a straight male This is a true story of mine that happened when I was 15years old at a public park bathroom. I was so embarrassed that I never reported it . So back when I was... # # #

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my big brothers toy

as a small child I was like a mutt I was very small and by the age of 14 I was built like I was 6 years old imagine being a freshman so small which led to me being an outcast unlike... # # #

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Brothers watch porn togeter

Growing up my brother and I would go visit our Dad. This trip i was heading to 8th grade and he going in 6st. Half way through the trip our stepmother and brother went out of state... # # #

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The story of how I became a fag

I AM A FAGGOT? …a closet faggot, but a to-the-bone wannabe cock lover can’t get it out of my mind. Above all I have been in my life thus far, this has been the constant.... # #

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fun at school camp

im 13 and my classmate is about the same. it was the first night at school camp and a group of us were playing cards in my friends tent (lets call him J) after 20 minutes or so everyone... # # #

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