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My moms friend son

Hi just a short story about me I am Henry I am 24 and I love in a small town I have a sister who is 12 but she is not a part of this story well she is sort of. My mum is a nurse in... # # #

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Cousins George and Mark and I our first homosexual go rounds and exploring each others bodies. # # # #

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Crack Whore

My days smoking Crack and giving up my ass and mouth to anybody #

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My experience with dog dick

I (M14) was extremely horny one morning and my dog (pit bull) happened to be near while I was masturbating, he just sniffed it and I’m really sensitive so i kept twitching and letting... # # #

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So horny for a man

It was a Friday afternoon my wife and I just had our nails done and painted our eyebrows waxed and went shopping. She and I bought heels and stockings and ect. Since the mall was kinda... # # #

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Excited to be 16

This isnt your usual sex story. As the title suggest im excited to turn 16 and let me tell you why. I got my first buttplug which I couldn’t buy myself because I’m 15m atm... # #

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My 1st Blowjob…

I was around 11 and when I’d get home from school I’d be alone for a couple of hours. There was a guy who lived near us that was 21 and had a cool car he’d take me... # # #

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i am 65yo and i love to take it

i may be older now but i still do like to get my holes filled, so i visit pubs that i know are use by gay blokes. recently i visited such a place with the hope i might get some action,,,,,I... #

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First time ever

I met this guy on snapchat through the quick add feature and we began talking every day for a couple of months. He asked me if he could comeover since I was home alone and I said sure... # # #

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Summer time fun

My mom always let me do and be what I wanted. I was completely smooth and hairless everything except my eyebrows which where thin arched feminine and eyelashes and long hair down my... # # # #

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