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Cat: Gay

Playmates part 1

It all started when I was 10 years old with my playmate named Leon. He was also 10 and a few months ahead of me. Growing up in a conservative family, I could say that I am naive when... # # #

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Femboy uses broom as a dildo

I used ai to make this 💀💀 Rick was femboy who had been feeling a strong desire to experiment with his sexuality. He had heard about dildos and the pleasure they could bring, but... # #

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Cousin stories

When i was 13 i was still a virgin and only watches porn sometimes i wud watch it with my cousins one time and we were outside and during puberty i wud get random hard ons and when... # # # #

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The beggining of my gay life.

I was on showers after the finish of basketball team training, on my team we were white and black boys, some like me 12yearsold and 10. But inside the showers there were and younger... # #

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High sissy boy

I was smoking meth looking for big black cocks to party with I ended up in the getto side of Birmingham at the mbookstore I walked in an “all eyes on me!! I got a I walked up... # # # #

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Gay boy part 3 femboy

Well I got home my mom asked me how my walk was I told her and I told her about what he said. She asked me if I wanted to go and see what it would be like at night. I said that I did.... # # #

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Gay teen part 2

Well after I went home my mom came into the bathroom and asked me how my day was. We were always open and honest about everything. I told her everything that happened. We talked more... # # #

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What the fuck

What am I doing sitting her staring at that man’s huge cock? I’m not one of those gay types. I’m a married man, wait a minute not any more. that’s why I’m here sort of, getting... #

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Crossdresser truck driver

This is a true story. Well I am a complete hairless smooth permanently except for my eyebrows and eyelashes and hair on my head. I dress 99% as a woman makeup and lipstick and mini... # #

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Teen gay boy

I was a long hair smooth teen. I was was slim and kept my body completely shaven smooth and hairless. Well you could say bit sissy. I hated were we lived in a small town and really... # # #

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Chance Encounter with DOG

One night I met a new dog. Growing up on a farm I had experimented with a male dog and had become accustomed to providing him some pleasure as well as me. I used to go hunting at night... # #

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The party

Even at the young age of eleven seeing sex was nothing new to me. I had seen my dad fucking women and men on may occasions. I was supposed to stay in my room when dad had someone over... # # #

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Late Night Visitor 4

Unexpected sex with my son has awakened a hunger in me for teenage cock I didn’t know I had. Now I get to feed that hunger with another boy’s cock… # # # #

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My friend Will 2

After Will finished sucking my dick I was in a haze of pleasure and nervousness! I just laid back my mind was blank ! I got my self together and was going to rush out the door and Will... # # #

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