Cat: Gay

Best summer Saturdays

This is a somewhat true story some of the facts are fluffed just to make it a better story. When I was 13 I caught my stepbrother and the neighbor boy naked in my clubhouse playing... # # #

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I’m not gay

Not sure when or how I got started putting stuff in my ass but I was around 9-10 the first time as I remember. Fast forward in my early 20s I had been buying dildos and fucking my ass... # #

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Elli and daddyb

Elli cleaned my cock licking out from the top to the bottom.. Where did you learn to do that that..i asked when my voice returned.. She stood up my cock still in her hand. Porn of of... # # #

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Teen boy and old man part 1

Frowning up in a small town I didn’t have any friends around my age and I was thin and completely hairless except for my eyebrows and eyelashes and long hair on my head. I didn’t... # # #

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My first time online

15m. One day particularly I was feeling horny so I decided to go onto a gay chat site. Before we start I am about 145lbs 5,11 and brown eyes. So I got onto my computer and went to a... # #

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First time bisexuality hook up

I was married at the time, straight male with sexy ass wife. We were out of town, and went to a gym to workout. I discovered the men’s locker room had #

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My first blow jobs

I had a lots of girlfriend, three wife’s and kids, but… I always wish to know how is it to feel dick inside me. I was offered for blow jobs, but I always refuse, because... #

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Dads needs

So I was 11 when mom married my step dad. He was nice enough to me and after Mom married him and they went back to work dad had weekends off . Mom worked Saturday 7 am to 7 pm. So I... # # # # #

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Story i made up whilst masturbaiting

My parents were gone for 2 months and left me with food and other things to do for that 2 months time span. After about two days i got bored. I thought it would be fun to experiment.... # # #

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fucking my femboy cousin pt2

he looked at me in shock and said “but were cousins.” i saw the small bulge poking out from the short cute blue sun dress he was wearing. ” i can see you want this... # # # #

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