Cat: Gay

Male to Male. Dog to Teenager

My parents got a dog for personal reasons but he sure is one jumpy canine. His name is Puma and is in that small to medium dog size category. And because of that he moves around like... # #

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Raped in school locker room

This is the story of how I was raped by my class mate in the schools locker room. I am a bit chubby with brown hair and hazel eyes with a 6 inch cock. My class mate is athletic, black... #

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Max and the dogs

When Max was 9 he was left home alone for the first time with his little shitzu, Prince, and his husky mix, Jack. Max sat on the couch playing a random game on his iPad, completely... # #

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Daddys lil sissy 2

It’s been a few weeks since what my dad done to me. We dont talk about it but I havent dressed up since. Although I hate to admit as much as I was hurt by this it was the best... # # #

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I am a sex addict: Part 1

I am full of love like no other. I have rage in me the likes you wouldn’t believe. If I can’t satisfy one I will indulge the other. # #

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This one’s got a soundtrack: Ministry – Lava (Filth Pig) Look it up on Utoob. Also, the capitalization is intentional. # # #

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