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Cat: Gay

Sally 6

The rest of the school day passed as normal, I did notice a few strange glances from teachers and older boys at me but that was it. Steve was waiting in his car as he said he would... #

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Sally adv 5

We all got dressed and went off to attend what ever duties we had to do mine, was English with the rest of my class, As I entered the room my teacher just nodded at me and said take... # #

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How I beacame a sissy, part 4

My first solo sex

. Note story this contains sex between and a sissy. My mobile phone rang. ”Hello,” I answered quietly. ”Roberta?” I heard on the other side. ”Yes, that’s... # # # #

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Sucking cock

Hello everyone i am robert james. I am back with another story. this is all true, i hope you’ll like what i did. I was back on sniffies, so i was looking for something to do. i got... #

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Pervy niece 7

This one involves gay sex with dad. If you don’t want to read about him being a cuck and having gay sex, skip to the next one where it just young gir # # #

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Roger 4

A fiction story about my uncle Roger and how he introduced me to how wonderful sex is….. # # #

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Charlie’s story

Charlie goes to his neighbors house to swim during summer break and he finds out that his neighbor Wade is not the nice guy he thought he was. # # #

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My Very first time

Hello, my name is robert james. I am going to tell all you folks my very first time getting fucked. well so you see. i live in a boring area not really any gay older men looking to... # #

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