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Cat: PreTeen

Playmates part 1

It all started when I was 10 years old with my playmate named Leon. He was also 10 and a few months ahead of me. Growing up in a conservative family, I could say that I am naive when... # # #

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In the Dark

Urban fantasy erotic romance, with a few sex scenes. In confined dark places, you can meet people from other worlds… The ending is rather sad. # # #

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Me, my roommate and her kids

The day the new girl in the apartment above me moved in I knew I had to have her. Her name is Lori and she’s currently going through a messy divorce. She has two kids, Julia and Anna,... # # #

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I like sex

As an 11 year old girl, there’s nothing in the world I like more than sex. Sex is wonderful thing and everyone should be doing it. # # # #

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My story

I dedicate this to the only one who might understand me my Daughter TARA, I made a promise to TARA that I would not leave because people was putting me down because my grammar wasn’t... # # #

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Saving Grace Pt 5

Part 5 Utopia Grace had shot up to 5’2 and had gone from 32B size boobs to 34B, she didn’t complain, she’d often catch me gazing at her. Also gone were the panties and replaced... # # #

1602 words | 8 |4.79

The Boy Next Door: Part 2

Read The Boy Next Door to follow along From Part 1: I asked his parents if he could come by in the morning to help me with some work. They said “Ok. He really adores you. You are... # # #

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Babysitting neighbour girl

My neighbours and my family were quite close as we new each other for quite long. One day they asked me(14) to babysit their 7 year old daughter Anna for 3 days, as they had to leave... # #

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Good Neighbor

“Hi there!” For a moment I thought the watered-down piss that passed for my beer had gone to my head, but it was only Sheila, the gorgeous young woman that had moved in... # # # #

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The Boy Next Door

I was a 13 yo female and was babysitting the 8yo boy Andy next door for the first time. He was a cute kid. Who adored being with me. I had always had a thing for younger boys. I had... # # #

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Relizing sis is hot

I was passing by my sisters room shes 12 and has a innocent face and long black hair i saw her in booty shorts and string strap t tank top where u can see her nipples and i got hard... # #

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Little sluts

Dad doesn’t like it when I wear revealing clothing, he warned me and told me off loads of times but I didn’t listen. # # # #

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Her name is Itsmashruba and she from south East Asia. She is dark but very attractive. I love her virgin teenage juicy beautiful body. She’s so pretty, bouncing along the deck... # # # #

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Saving Grace Part 4

Part 4 Some months had passed since my birthday and Grace had become more brazen in her advances and actions. She would bend over Infront of me, pull her trousers down to tease me showing... # # #

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