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Cat: PreTeen

Charlie’s story

Charlie goes to his neighbors house to swim during summer break and he finds out that his neighbor Wade is not the nice guy he thought he was. # # #

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Samantha Next Door 2

Read Samantha Next Door to follow along I was 15 and Sam was 10. I woke up few days later to Sam sneaking quietly into my room. She had the most evil grin on her face as I pretended... # # #

1565 words | 0 |4.92

Samantha Next Door

I was 15 and Sam was 10. I met Samantha, my next door neighbor’s daughter, when she was 5. She would always come over and play with me. I would always pick her up and fly her around... # # #

1450 words | 5 |4.74

Perry niece 2

Jasmine is super horny at the family picnic and continues to play with me under the table as she talks about fucking her daughter # #

356 words | 4 |4.80

My model daughters #6

Sam and Jo had been enjoying all the attention they had been receiving . I’d caught them both masturbating , and watched them pleasure themselves , Sam my youngest would come and... # #

1651 words | 6 |5.00

My model daughter #5

Old purple got my girls to lay on their backs , girls lift those legs high . He got seb to open Sam’s lips , Sam giggled as old purple cock got between her thighs and touched his... # #

1202 words | 3 |3.38

Here, Kitty

A commissioned rwby piece seeing little Jaune being babysat by Kali. Erotics ensue. #

4519 words | 1 |4.60

Daddy’s Study

I was summoned to daddy’s study, again. I knew what that meant The first time I went to his study, I was scared to death. He was so strict, he frightened me. I went in and he... # # #

1719 words | 4 |4.71