Cat: PreTeen

Colombian getaway 2 & 3

I woke up about 2 am and in the moonlight lay a sex kitten and her baby brother, neither were dressed and they were sprawled out across the king size bed. Lucia was black silky smooth... # #

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Cousin Madison

My step cousin, Madison or Maddie, was 11 and I was 15. She always looked up to me. Why? No clue. Lol. She always told me I was cute. I was her hero somehow. We played together and... # # #

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Gay but not gay

Me and my friend Aaron practiced jerking, sucking and fucking on each other, but we’re not gay. # # #

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The Girl Next Door

I’ve been living on my own for a while after my wife moved out with our daughter. #

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My sister Mary

My parents had Mary when I was 26, and they had me when they were 19. They’re constantly busy now so I don’t know why they had a kid. I’m always her babysitter. I’m 38 now and... # # # #

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Daddies little angel

This is the story of the special relationship with my adopted daughter. I am 42 and had been single for a while, I had tried online dating but was disillusioned with it and the effort... # #

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