Cat: PreTeen

Real “trauma”

This is a real account of what sexual experiences happend to me from when i was 5 to now. Sorry for bad spelling n shit cuz i dont care about that and wanted to do this to see the reactions... # # # #

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My femboy slut

In the last story i fucked my 11 year old brother, who is more like a femboy cause he had a nice ass and was a little curvy. So when it was a week after I fucked him my parents wanted... # # # #

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Fucking my tiny brother

I’m 19 and he just turned 11 I always wanted to fuck him, even if he was a boy he did have a nice ass, I remember when we were in the pool and I grabbed his ass and he didn’t notice,... # # #

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My uncle did stuff to me

Since i was 10 my uncle who was 20 always used to offer me but cheek massages when ever we were alone. He took some lotion or massage oile told me to strip down naked and lay on my... # # #

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Taking advantege of my godson

This happened when I was 17 years old so around 2 years ago- – My god son came to visit (he was 11 at the time) and he wanted to sleepover so I had to babysit him also. He was... # # #

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