Cat: PreTeen

The child maid, part 1

Last summer, I went on holiday, at a small resort with my parents, for the first time since becoming an adult. Unfortunately they forgot to mention that they had bussines in the area,... # #

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My moms friend son

Hi just a short story about me I am Henry I am 24 and I love in a small town I have a sister who is 12 but she is not a part of this story well she is sort of. My mum is a nurse in... # # #

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Motherly Surprise

The morning sun’s rays beamed brightly into Hunter’s bedroom. For the young boy, he had the fortunate day ahead as there is no school due to a teacher’s workday, so... # #

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Clean your room

Mom got angry with my sister for not cleaning her room so she dragged her in to my room and forced me to fuck her up the ass as punishment. # # # #

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Little woman

I’d spent the afternoon getting her drunk with Malibu milkshakes. I was waiting until she was blackout drunk so I could fuck her silly. After a full bottle and 5 hours she was... # # #

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My Friends Little Sister

I was 13, my best friend Tommy who lived next door was the same age. He had a little sister Jaime who was 11. Jaime had a huge crush on me. She came over one morning to hang out with... # #

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Convicts II

Convicts: Moving On AP: “Police report that two men, Mark Kessel and Brian Genner, having been released from prison on Friday after serving lengthy sentences for violent crimes. After... # # # #

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