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a true story, my first older man seduction, I hope you do enjoy it and I would love someone who can be honest to correspond via email and chat, mine? # # # #

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I am used as cum dump

I was 10M at the time, and my uncle was 23M, he is a goofy awkward guy, but he was always liked play with me and spoil me with stuff, and he would always babysit me, it all started... # # # #

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Robert sees mature pussy part 4

Let’s fast forward a few weeks and Robert has fucked me and my married Vietnamese friend many times. Now that he knows how to fuck we want to teach him the art of fucking. We... #

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Robert sees mature pussy part 3

When I sent Robert home the other day it was Sunday and I gave him the instructions of not to touch his PP or make it come. It is now Saturday so 6 days have gone by and Robert definitely... # #

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Robert sees mature pussy part 2

If you read part 1 then you know Robert was gazing directly into my pussy. I had him finger me and rub my clit and he was loving it. I then asked Robert to stand up and let me see his... #

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Raped by 100 men

We were 11, poor and desperate for a better life, we got in with the wrong type of people and ended up being pimped out to older men. # # # #

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12yearsold slut with teacher

As I wrote my previous story for around one and half months, I offered live shows in men with the help of my computer the most. What I was doing in these shows, was dirty talk, showing... # #

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