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Babysitting Jade Pt 1

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I come up with a plan to see Jade naked. It goes a little to well. (Fiction)

I was babysitting tonight. A young girl, Jade. She is 8 years old. I’ve babysat her for a while and have grown very close to her. I’m 13 and starting to very quickly learn about sex. I came up with a plan to see Jade’s vagina. She was never shy about running around the house and flashing her boobs to the world. I thought I could exploit and when she does it tonight, I’ll tell her something like “why wear anything if you constantly show everything?” I think it might work.
I arrived at their house at 6:30. She had eaten but hadn’t showered. The parents left saying they’d be back around midnight. I nodded and told them to have fun.
“You haven’t showered, huh?” I said to Jade.
“Not yet, I can go really quick.” She replied.
“Then go!” I was laughing as she ran towards her room.
Her house is set up as a four square. The first floor had four rooms all connected, the kitchen, living room, dining room, and media room with a full bath near the back of the house. Her room is upstairs, and she baths downstairs, my idea changed to suit the circumstances, I was going to steal her clothes as she bathed so she’d be forced to come out naked. It was full proof, the bath had an opaque curtain that you can’t see through, I’ve showered here more than one time, and the door is a sliding door, which she never locks so when she gets into the shower I’ll make my move.
“There you are, that took long enough,” I say jokingly.
“I’m sorry, I was trying to find underwear.” she said sadly.
“Oh, cutie, I’m sorry that was meant to be a joke,” I said hugging her, “Now go shower.”
She cheered up and ran straight to the bathroom, closing the door behind her, but like I knew she would, didn’t lock it. I heard the shower turn on and I heard the curtain close. I waited a minute to make sure she wouldn’t come out while I was still in there, not that I would mind. I silently opened the door. The bathroom had the sink right in front of the door. The toilet sat to the right of the sink and the shower to the right of that. She had put her clothes on the toilet, so I stealthily grabbed her clothes and closed the door behind me. I went to the laundry room and threw them in the laundry machine with the rest of her clothes for an hour and a half. She now had to wait at least an hour. I heard the water turn off 5 minutes later.
“SKY!” Jade yelled.
“What’s up?” I ask trying to hold back my excitement.
“My clothes are gone!” She said.
“Thats weird, are you sure you brought clothes in with you?” I asked.
“I thought I did.” she said sounding a little worried.
“I don’t know what to tell you, I just put your clothes in the wash,” I said now getting really excited, “just dry off and come talk to me, we can figure something out.”
There was silence in the bathroom.
“Are you ok Jade?” I asked.
“Ok, give me a minute,” she sighed.
She came out a minute later with a towel wrapped around her body. She was very pretty, she’s four foot four and has very pale skin. Her long, dark hair was now unkept and messy behind her head, but it still looked amazing.
“When will my clothes be clean?” She asked.
“About an hour or so, I don’t know what you want to wear till then.” I replied.
“This isn’t very comfortable,” she said, “I might put it back soon.”
“Why don’t you put it away now? If you’re already uncomfortable what’s the point in keeping it on?” I asked trying to usher her along, “I know you’ll be naked, but I can also show you my privates, if that helps.”
I knew what I said was wrong and I knew it wasn’t going to work, but to my surprise she agreed. She went to the bathroom and put her towel away. When she came back out her flat chest and smooth, hairless pussy were on display just for me. I just gawked at her for a solid minute before talking with my mouth as dry as a desert.
“A deals a deal,” I said, “If you want, you can pull down my pants for me.”
Without a word she ran over to me and pulled my sweatpants down. I was rock hard and at about 4 inches in length.
“Wow, whys it so big?” Jade asked.
“It’s excited by you, it likes to see girls naked.” I replied trying to sound playful.
She giggled when I made my penis jump. I hadn’t grown any pubic hair yet, so everything was easily seen.
“Why don’t we go to the living room and get comfy?” I suggested.
Jade very quickly got comfortable naked and ran to the living room. I followed her and got to see her cute butt running towards the couch. I decided it was safe and took off the rest of my clothes and put them in the bathroom under the sink. I walked over to Jade now completely naked.
“Now you’re naked just like me!” she said grinning.
“Yeah, I guess so,” I chuckled.
I sat down on the couch opposite her, and it was silent in the room for a little while, neither of us knowing what to say until.
“C- can I touch it?” Jade asked shyly.
“Uh… yeah sure,” I said taken aback, but also happy.
She got up and walked over to me. She sat on the floor right in front of me. She was eye level with my penis. She reached out and touched my balls.
“What are these?” she said moving my balls in her hands.
“Those are called balls,” I said, “they make a white sticky liquid if you make me feel good enough.”
“That’s kind of weird, but ok!” she said happily.
I just laughed as this adorable kid was fondling my balls. It was the weirdest feeling, on one hand I was super happy to finally see a girl naked/be touched by a girl, but on the other hand she had no idea what she was doing. I watched as she continued playing with my balls for a few minutes. Periodically I made my penis jump up and down, she always giggled when I did that. I couldn’t help but think just how cute this scene is.
“Hey cutie, is there anything else you want to explore?” I asked.
“Hmm,” Jade said thoughtfully, “I do have a question.”
“What is it sweetie?” I asked. I always called her pet names; I thought her reactions were always cute.
She blushed at my words before answering, “well,” she got up and sat next to me with her legs spread, “your thing is so big and fun, but I only have this,” she patted her little slit then pulled it apart.
I just stared at her pussy while she kept examining her slit.
“Well, sweetie,” I said with a dry hoarse voice. Regaining my voice I kept going, “girls and boys have different things down there so people can make babies. See, my thing will go into your little slit.” As I said that, I pointed at my penis and then I boldly reached between her legs and touched her pussy. Jade giggled and feeling more confident I left my hand on her cute, smooth thigh.
“I thought girls had to drink something to make a baby.” She was looking straight at me know, more curious than anything else.
“Well, I told you my balls made a white juice. That juice can either go out my thing and into your slit…” I couldn’t resist patting her slit again, “or you can drink it, but drinking it won’t make any babies, it’s more of a thing people do to feel good.” I say matter-of-factly.
“Oh,” Jade said a little disappointed. “So… what do your juice look like?”
“Well, you have to make me feel good to find out.” I said teasingly.
“How do I do that?” Jade said eagerly.
I was so excited. I had an eager little girl willing to make me cum. Not to mention she’s completely naked too.
“How about this, so we’re fair, I can show you how to make yourself feel good so if you want you can feel good while making me feel good.” I said hoping she’d accept the offer.
Jade thought for a little bit before saying yes.
“Awesome! Ok, so, you can start my rubbing your hand up and down along your slit like so.” I reached back towards her pussy and starting fumbling around not really knowing what to do.
I looked at Jade’s face and her wide eyes and quick breathing told me I was doing something right.
“Wait!” She almost yelled, “I want to try something.” She ran upstairs and a minute later she came back down with a horse stuffed animal. “I’ve messed around in my room and this has ended up between my legs while playing horse. It felt tingly down there when I did that.”
My mind was in shock. Did she just propose using a makeshift sex toy! I was more than eager to see her hump her horse.
“I mean…” I was speechless, “Go for it.”
She very happily set the stuffed animal down before sitting on it. She began moving her hips like she was playing horse, and I could immediately tell she was in heaven. Her eyes went large and then rolled back into her head. Her breathing got quicker and shallower and she started speeding up. I couldn’t help but put my hands between her legs again and I started rubbing her clit, or at least trying to. I could hear little moans escaping her mouth. She got faster and faster before she tensed up and fell onto my lap, her hair now caught around my dick.
“What was that!” She asked.
“That was an orgasm, it’s what happens when someone feels really good. I can have one too, and that’s when my white juice comes out.” I said.
“Oh wow, I want another!” She said eagerly.
“Remember our deal, you have to make me feel good now. And your hair is already doing a good job.” Her still semi wet hair still tangled and wrapped around my penis felt heavenly.
“Oh yeah!” She sat upright and as her hair came off my dick I almost exploded. “What do I need to do?”
“Well… uh” I thought for a long moment, before deciding on something, “you know how you suck of popsicles? You can do the same to a penis. You can try if you want.”
She sat intently listening to me. She sat sitting on her feet with her legs spread open giving me a perfect view of her wet pussy.
“Ok!” She eagerly bent down and took my penis in her soft mouth. Her lips sucked and wrapped around the tip of my penis as she gave me, what she didn’t know was, a blowjob. Her sucking felt great, but it wasn’t quite enough.
“Try bobbing your head up and down, still almost exactly like you would with a popsicle.” I said.
She immediately did this and I was trying desperately not to cum. Looking down at her little body, she was on her stomach in between my legs, her cute butt facing straight towards the ceiling and her legs in the air rocking forward and back.
“The white stuffs about to come out,” I said through gasps.
She started sucking even harder wanting to try the white stuff I’ve told her about. Within seconds of her doing that I shot my biggest load ever in this 8-year-olds mouth. And she swallowed it all and kept sucking. I didn’t want to stop her, but my sensitive penis told me to stop.
“Cutie you can stop now.” I say pushing her off of me.
She sat back up smiling from ear to ear. She was supporting herself with both of her hands on my thighs.
“That was tasty! Was it the white stuff?” She asked excitedly.
I laughed, “it was, you swallowed it all so fast you didn’t get to see it though.”
Her gaze met mine then went down to my slowly softening member. “I can see it on your penis though.” She said that and she immediately went to lick it off. Holy crap, I had my personal preteen sex fiend.
“Can I have another orga- orgs” she stuttered.
“Orgasm, and yes you can.” I said whilst reaching for her pussy again.
With her sitting right in front of me I started rubbing her clit and seeing her face light up with pleasure sent me into a dopamine over load. She had the cutest face I’ve ever seen. Her cheeks blushed, eyes closed, and making cute noises. I desperately wanted to kiss her. But I restrained- and kissed her tits instead.
She gasped loudly when I started kissing her tits.
“Oh my god, that feels so good.” She moaned.
I kept kissing her tits then started getting lower and lower while sprawling out in the couch. I kept getting lower and lower until I was eating her pussy. She grabbed my head and kept it there so she could cum again. I didn’t mind, she tasted delicious, her dinner must’ve had fruit cause her pussy was super sweet and I couldn’t get enough of it.
Her moans were getting louder and louder and before I knew it she came in my mouth and I drank all of her juices and I didn’t stop until she was pushing me off of her. I sat back up and she feel back on the couch. Once more her pussy was wide open and right in my face.
While she was in her blissful state, I looked at the clock in the room and it read 8 o’clock.
“Hey cutie, you doing ok?” I asked Jade.
Through gasps and heavy breathing, she said, “yeah, that felt so good.”
I laughed before I thought about something that I had thought about before I came here.
“Can I ask you a question Jade? You used to, and sometimes still do, run around the house with your breasts out, may I ask why?” I asked tentatively.
She sat up and gave this question serious thought.
“I… don’t know. I guess it always felt kinda freeing? I was never told I couldn’t, and daddy would always look at them which made me feel good.”
I thought for a moment before speaking.
“You know, there’s a word that describes people who like to show off their body’s, they’re called exhibitionist.” I told her.
“Huh, that’s cool!” She said with interest in her voice.
“Oh, you can’t tell your parents about that though, or any of this or else we can’t do it again, and seeing how much you liked it, I’d think you want to do it again.” I said.
“I won’t say a word.” She said this while crossing her heart.
“I will say though. If your parents don’t mind, I’m sure you can be naked in your house whenever you want. Or at least shirtless.” I say trying to sway her mind.
When she started thinking about my proposal, she started playing with both her tits and her pussy. I just watched as she did such a lewd thing in front of me.
“I… yeah I guess I could.” She said a little shyly while pulling her hands away from herself.
“Ok, so now what?” I asked, “we’ve both orgasmed and are tuckered out, is there anything you want to do or explore?”
“Umm, kinda.” She laid back and pulled her pussy apart, “in the bath I have a mirror and I look at myself a lot. One time I looked at my…” she blushed and pointed at her pussy, “and I saw two holes. What are they?” She asked innocently.
Despite the hour we’ve both been naked I cannot wrap my head around seeing a little girls pussy up close.
“Well, this top one is where you pee, and it won’t feel good if you touch it. This one, in the other hand, is how people make babies. You remember that white juice that comes out of my penis? Well, that stuff goes into this hole,” I poked her vagina gently, “and it can make a baby.”
“Really!” she asked surprised. “Can you show me?”
When she said this, I was even more taken aback then when she asked to touch me. I thought long and hard before deciding that she probably hasn’t had her period yet and so it wouldn’t be a problem.
“Sure.” I said so unsure of myself, but I was super excited, she wanted me to fuck her.
I picked her up and sat her down on my lap with her pussy rubbing against my dick. Her smooth butt was riding my thighs and it felt amazing just to have her touching me.
“I want to let you know though, it’s going to hurt, you have skin inside of your body that is going to tear.” I said.
She looked at me confused. “If your liquids going inside me, why would it hurt?”
I forgot to tell her.
“Oh sweetie, my penis has to go inside of you, or else the juice isn’t going to get far enough in, that’s why it’s a hole.” I said trying to sound less excited and nervous than I was.
“Oh…” she said. She thought for a while, and I could tell she was feeling good because she started to hump my penis with her pussy. “I guess we can try that.”
“Ok.” I said relived, “I’m just going to pick you up and position you over my penis.”
And that’s what I did, I lifted her up and lowered her down until the tip of my penis was touching her sweet virgin opening. And then I pushed. I saw my tip disappear into her and I was already in heaven.
I heard her wince. “Are you ok?” Her eyes were closed but she was moaning and purring in a high pitch voice.
“It doesn’t hurt yet,” she said between moans.
With her affirmation I kept pushing into her, inch, then a second without resistance. I was a bit confused because I expected her hymen to be right near her opening.
“Have you ever accidentally put something up your little hole and noticed you were bleeding?” I asked.
I saw her blush even harder than she was. “Yeah, me and my friend Jess were seeing what could fit in ourselves. I guess something went wrong because I started bleeding after I tried a Barbie.”
I sighed in relief.
“Ok, that’s fine, I was just curious. And lucky you, this shouldn’t hurt at all then.” I said. And against my better judgement I dropped her the other inch onto my dick.
She screamed in pleasure as her pussy squeezed on my dick like I’ve never felt before. I knew she came but she just stayed there staring at me, waiting for me to do something. Her hair was starting to come in front of her face, and it was adorable.
“Try bouncing up and down on my penis, it’ll make me shoot my white juice faster.” I told her.
She very quickly did what she was told, and it felt even better than I expected. Her yet, smooth, and super tight pussy hit my penis in all the right ways and before I could stop myself, I kissed Jade. She made no attempt to stop me, and she kept fucking me. I can’t explain how good her pussy felt, within minutes I reached the point of I return.
“I’m gonna cum cutie!” I almost yelled!
With one final bounce she pounded my dick as far in as it would go, and I shot rope after rope inside of her tiny womb. I could feel her pussy squeezing every drop out of me. And we just stayed there. For another half hour I kept my, now flaccid, penis inside of her pussy, every now and then feeling her pussy squeeze me.
“I loved that.” Jade said in a soft voice. “I want to do it more when you come over next.”
“I would love nothing more.” I said back.
I finally pulled my penis out of her and sat her up. I carried her to the bathroom and cleaned her off, making sure no one could see any cum in or on her.
It was just after ten, way past her bedtime and she was out cold. I decided to leave her naked and just put her to bed. I carried her upstairs to her room, both of us still naked, and I laid her down in her bed and tucked her in before kissing her forehead goodnight. I turned off her light, closed the door and got myself dressed.
Jade’s parents came home two hours later and asked how it went. I simply told them I wore her out and she was sound asleep I also told them that she informed me she wanted to sleep naked tonight. I said I didn’t see anything wrong with that and let her. Her parents said it was no big deal. They paid me and I went home.
The next day I got a text from Jade’s parents asking if I could stay with Jade for the entire weekend, they said something about a work trip but I couldn’t be bothered by that, I knew Jade and I were about to have a wild weekend.

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  • Reply Gonzo ID:3tabfb9rk09

    OMG was this a perfect story. I can honestly say I babysat many times for friends and even ladies I was dating only to inform their daughters of the pleasures their bodies can give them. Once their attention and curiosity was sparked nature just took over or rather their bodies took over.
    I remember these sister one 9 and the other 7 sleeping in one Saturday while mom went to work. I snuck into her room and woke her up to an orgasm licking her lil bald pussy. I had already knew she wanted it because she would grab a cover and lay with me on the couch at night watching TV her rubbing my cock and I her lil bald pussy so wet. After that first time she came looking for me and a few days later she rode me to her first cock orgasm. Sister joined in but to small for cock unfortunately yet could suck a good cock. Unfortunately all good things come to an end when mom came home early and caught us fucking and broke up with me. Poor girls cried for weeks.

    Please do part two.

  • Reply Noone ID:1de15q4cpumt

    Part 2 please, maybe with her friend too

  • Reply [email protected] Australia ID:1cn60hrk7z4d

    Fantastic she was the right age to be trained. It would be good to find out how much she actually stuck inside her pussy and also fuck her friend. It would be also good for her to wander around the house with no pants on in front of her father and see what his reaction is

  • Reply Daddy ID:v8726c3jt7s

    Good story.
    If anyone wants to chat and more contact me on session