Cat: Bisexual

A new boy in a new neighborhood

Me my parents and my smaller brother he was 5 i 9yearsold arrive in our new house in a another town because of my dad job as police office.I was feeling strange i had to lose my friends... # # #

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All Over Again

Vera was sitting in the living room armchair with a magazine open in her lap, completely ignoring the shuddering form of her baby sister tied up on the floor beside her. Ella, her sister,... # # #

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My daddy

Lisa looked down at her hands she was dressed in pastel pink skirt to her thighs where if she bent over her cotton panties would be on public display and a white collar shirt with a... # # #

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Fun with my new doctor

When I was a teen we moved to a different state. I’m from the city and dressed a little sluttier than I should’ve at that age. Moving to a countryside, they weren’t ready for... # # #

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