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Cat: Bisexual

Getting setup on a blind date

Hi my name Jeffery is 34 year old all my mate had settled down with wife girlfriends. Me going to the pub or working. when the weekend comes around I am out playing the 3rd wheel.well... # #

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Sexy twins

I was 16. My sister, Laney, was 13. We had fooled around some. Here maturing body was hot. About 5 feet, 90 lbs, with a30 A, 20, 30 figure, long black hair, brown eyes, and a devilish... # # # #

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My stroys about my ass/random rant

Oh Heya! It’s me zion again if you saw but your probably already knew that lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll So I have a story for you people to get off to and a litte... #

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How I beacame a sissy, part 4

My first solo sex

. Note story this contains sex between and a sissy. My mobile phone rang. ”Hello,” I answered quietly. ”Roberta?” I heard on the other side. ”Yes, that’s... # # # #

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Wife has her second only cock

My wife was she married me at 23. Ok she’ her me suck her tits and rub her clitty but that was it.until my 28th birthday a few weeks before our wedding day. Well roll on 20 years... #

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Wet slut

I’m so wet between my legs I can’t stop rubbing my clit and fucking my wet hole with a dildo while I fantasize # # #

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