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Random story

Amy was a red haired woman of 30. She was 5’8 with a slender build and with B cup tits. Phil is a Physical Therapy Assistant. He was 6 foot 7, muscular and handsome. Phil was at her... # #

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The Wall

A mystery erotic with some sex scenes. Two girls who live next door hear each other making lots of love noises, but neither of them really made them. # #

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Foster fuck

I had just taken placement of a brother and sister pair and I had just finished making them lunch when I overheard them saying that they wanted to go back to their last home because... # # # #

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my first time on a webcam

what a webcam model is. I was introduced to it by a friend I met online, an avid webcam model. She told me all about this profession and its benefits # # #

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New dairy post

Ok sorry for the wait I had gotten sick last 4 days. So my son went to his one day a month at his physical School last week. While on recess he had to go to the bathroom so he went... # # #

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