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My daughter new friend

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My daughter Kay was 10 yo and I’m raising a dick tease. In the last year she has started wearing the most sexiest clothe I ever seen . See thru mesh tops . Even the most sexiest panties I ever seen. Her mom left us 4 year ago. Till last year it was just normal way of life. She met a new friend brought her home very cute girl at the time was 10. They wanted to swim which I was ok with. As I looked at Kay’s ass as she walk by me Gina I think notice I was looking at my daughter ass as she walked out to the pool. I of course. Gina had to borrow a bikini from Kay .the only other was a string bikini that Kay bought last year and I wouldn’t let Kay wear it. Gina was wearing it. Now this bikini was the smallest I every saw on a girl. As she was following my daughter out r to pool she turn around saw me looking at her. While I was cooking the girls got out of the pool and was dress. Gina ask me if it was ok for Kay to spend the night at her house tomorrow. I said yes I can drive there tomorrow and both girls said Kay can get off at Gina’s bus stop. I agreed that be best. Till school ended couple month later Kay stayed at Gina’s couple times a week. Now that school was out Gina spent more time here but Kay would spend 3 nights a week at gina’s place. The first time they asked to swim I expected Gina to walk down the stairs in a regular bikini. But both girls had on string bikini that allow me to see their nice asses. My daughter walked up to me gave me a kiss on my lips turned around and ask if I like her new bikini. I said yes and I like Gina’s bikini too. I jokingly said don’t I get a kiss for liking your bikini . Gina walked and gave me a kiss that lasted bout 10 seconds and Gina told Kay that your dad is a very good kisser. My daughter walked back over gave, me a longer kiss. Of course by the time they kissed me I had i hard on. I went to Kay’s room to look around. First thing I saw was pair pink silky pantie that had the words boy toy on the front. I was thinking belong to Gina. When I went through gina bag I found another pair just like it.
I looked into another bag and saw 3 dildos. I started looking through Kay’s closet and found 3 dildos a shirt that said “I’m with her” and a phone that had pictures of them kissing each other, my mind was think my daughter is a lesbian. From Kay’s room I could see Kay sucking on Gina’s tits. Then Gina saw me in the window.and smiled. I was in the living room when Gina walked in ,I ask where Kay was and she said Kay wanted to keep swimming. Gina right in front of me in this string bikini all I had on was my pj bottoms I was about to go to sleep. She saw my hard on poking from my pj’s bottoms.but not poking out of them. Suddenly Gina is sitting on my hard on. Looked at me gave me on other kiss this time with her tongue. And I kissed her back. She said I saw you in the window looking at me and Kay kissing. She said mike don’t worry we both prefer cock as she stood up got on her knees pulled my 6 in cock out of my pjs.i cumed in bout a min., gina swallow every ounce of it. She jumped up right before Kay walked into the room. Gina said come on Kay my mom bf be here soon and I got to get dressed. After Gina was gong I started thing about Gina said earlier . Don’t worry we both like cock better was going through my head as I keep looking at Kay in a red skirt black panties and a and a Tshirt that read girls just want to have fun. She saw me looking at her rubbing my cock. Kay go up to her room and said dad can you come here my lights are not working. I go upstairs to her room ask if I can come in it was dark I told her I need to get some tool to fix the light. she said that ok dad it can wait . I started walking out she said dad can I talk to you I said yes and sat on her bed. Instead of sitting on the bed she straddle me sitting on my hard on.she turn her head upward said dad do you think I’m prettier then Gina I said Kay gina is pretty but you are prettier. Without thinking I put cmy Hand on back her head reach down started kissing her and kissing her with my tongue and she kissed me with her tongue. I reached and grab one her tits. She stood up walked away twisted the bulb so there was light . She had removed her tshirt and was standing there in a pair of black panties with a red heart on the front. Kay walks over pulled off my pj bottoms ,pulled off her Panties Grab my cock started to straddle me I said Kay are you sure it hurts the first time . She kiss me and said dad I haven’t been a virgin in over a year. Kay straddled me. And I had the best fuck of my life after wards I picked her up carried her to my bed and fucked her twice more that night. If you want to know more about me, Kay or Gina , please email me at achubbyfunguy@ proton .me

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    Needs a part 2 badly

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    I would love to put my cock in Kay and Gina sounds like fun

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    more please

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    Great girls!


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    Fun times in southern West Virginia!

  • Reply Noone ID:1de15q4cpumt

    More please

  • Reply Another Reader ID:371mgx0zi

    Good start, we need the back story, and more photo details, texts, etc…