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How I got my step sis to fuck me

I was extreamly hughly gifted in my early teens. By time I was 14, 4ft 5 in, 90 lbs, the past year my cock had been growing very hugh and thick. By time I was 14 my cock was about 7... # #

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My ex shared my teen body

I only had one long term ex in high school before I married my husband. I had one night stands and hookups but never anything serious besides those two. My ex had a kink of me being... # #

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Pervert uncle

Okay so I have this pervy uncle. He would always comment on my “little boobies” or how beautiful I’d be when I grew up. He’s always been like that. I had 2 different boyfriends.... # # #

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Me my sister and the dog

My sister and I lived with our dad after our parents split up because my mom had cheated on him. We lived on about 3 acres on the outskirts of town, and my dad was a big time hunter... # # #

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High school orgy

Sorry for the long story but I don’t have many epic ones… My freshman year, my two best friends and I set up a orgy because we were slutty and thought it would make us legends... # # #

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I love my Daddy and my Daddy loves me

One night while laying in daddy’s bed, he got out the lap top and we started surfing the net. He went on a site and we watched a man sliding his fingers up and down the crack... # #

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My Teacher

I got into the action with Mrs. Smith pretty early on. I lived right down the street from her, and she taught me English in the 6 th grade at FK White middle school in Lake Charles.... # #

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Fun with my new doctor

When I was a teen we moved to a different state. I’m from the city and dressed a little sluttier than I should’ve at that age. Moving to a countryside, they weren’t ready for... # # #

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My first time with a dog

I was 13 years old and beginning to explore my sexual desires. I watched every thing I could find on the internet, until I came across zoophilla. I watched a girl and her dog have sex.... # # #

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