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Amy and Carrie 2: Next morning

Read Amy and Carrie to follow along I must have done something right because next morning she woke before I did and she and her mom made me a pancake breakfast and sausage. Amy woke... # # #

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Amy and Carrie Part 1

My dad who was widowed remarried. My step mom’s brother owned a farm. He had two daughters. The older Carrie was my age 13, and her younger sister Amy was 11. Carrie was heavyset... # # #

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My sexual experiences

So hi I’m Rosie a 15 year old girl. I’m not skinny, but I’m not thick I’m just chubby. I have a nice butt but smaller boobs. So since I was 12 I’ve been... # # #

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Anal with my aunt and her dog

My aunts age is 31 and mine is 14 I have sleep overs at my aunts all the time. She has 2 Daughters but they are not relevant in the story much. My aunt is a bit shorter than me, and... # # # #

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riding a whale

I’m 13 and I love fucking fat bald men, they’re so sexy, my lover Robert is 45 and takes good care of my pussy. # #

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My Cheating Family

My family is Catholic and as such we believe in waiting till marriage to have sex. I was the youngest of three (16), my parents (dad 49) and mom (43), two older sisters (18) and (20).... # # # #

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Lexi’s trip home

After her fun adventure on the bus she made it to the store. Wearing her hot outfit and still riding the high of the ride out she runs into a friend. # #

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A southern girl pt1

I live in a rural part of the deep south on a small farm with my dad,I m seventeen with 30 d tits firm body and I love wearing shorts, my dad and I workedon the farm and my first cousin... # # #

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Growing family part 2

I have not had much love for my story and full stop have been a problem. I tryed my best hopefully this this will get better. My story continues The nexted morning I wake up to a nice... # # #

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Taken by prevert willing

I was at a female she always loved the I deal of me being completely hairless and smooth permanently except for my eyebrows and eyelashes and long hair on my head. Well she talked me... # # #

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