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Last time with Loki

Ok so after finding out Loki would be neutered my friend got a little upset. Some details about me so things make for sense in these story’s. My parents work pretty late (they... # # #

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Fucked a girlfriends cousin

Back in 2005 i was 29. I was visiting my girlfrind. I met the cousin Amanda my second day there. She was 17 at the time little chubble b cup tits and big ass. One night my girl had... # #

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Loki being naughty

Ok you wanted another story of loki so here we go I have a friend who is 15 (only 2 days from her birthday at the time who had seen me and Loki fuck before but never joined in (she’s... # # #

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Precious Gem – P1

The story of my first sexual adventure with my precious Gem. We went from being like father and daughter to sex crazed lovers, and I was a married man # #

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My dog suprised me

Im a 13 years old Girl and i was raped by my dog. Since Then i have issues with my sexuality, dogs arrouse and scare me now and i dont feel attracted to men anymore. My therapist told... # # #

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