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Cat: Teen

Me and granny

It started when I was 11-12 my family would regularly go to my nans house on the weekend. One night there was a lot of us there so I was sit on my nans lap. She had her hands on my... # # #

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My friends mum (part 7)

Val settled into a missionary position, held her arms out for me to join her. I was soon laying atop of her, kissing as she reached between my legs, held my cock and guided me straight... # # #

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Girlfriend surprised me with a young boy

My girlfriend is around 38 I’m 42 , we recently got friendly with some nudist’s , we had no idea they where in to going into selected woods often near a beach I won’t say where... #

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My fantasies as a 14 year old

Hi, I’m not gonna give my real name. I’ll use Hope as my fake one. I am 14 F, 5’1, and 110 pounds. I’m white, dirty blonde hair, and brown eyes. All names I... # #

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I was young and a man suck and lick my balls in my bed late at night i was asleep i soon was awake and let him do it as i did not move it felt great and wen i was 19 i seen him in a... # #

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Paryy fun

me will tell you that I tend to get a bit carried away and have no shame in showing off my sluttyness in front of everyone. I have done quite a few things that push the boudaries of... # #

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helping ellies mum out

ellies and me were having one of our sex sessions,where elllie was riding my cock like an expert,when her mobile phone went off and ir was her mum asking if me and ellie could go and... # # #

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Daughters friends

Daughters just left school lives at her mothers house she does what she can to help me , I think she knows I’m lonely and called in , whenever she can unfortunately that’s not that... #

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Maid from Heaven – Part 25

Please read the previous part here (/2024/06/maid-from-heaven-part-24/ ). Now let’s continue I said “2hrs in the noon you will study by yourself, the 2hrs in the evening I will... # #

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Mom’s Deal Cont

Previously I laid it out there how I lucked into a deal with mom. Honestly much like anyone else I felt this deal was a fucking win-win for me. The night she came into my room to make... # # #

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My loving step son pt 1

I m a thirty two yr old woman with 34 dd tits and a firm athletic body, my husband died two yrs ago in a car crash and I live with my step son, he s sixteen now and has been slowly... #

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Kit Kat back home

So of you don’t know me I’m Kat, and Iv just spent a week getting fucked and sucking my uncle and little brother. If I’m not pregnant it will be a small miracle, I can’t tell... # # # #

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Boys loved Cock

I am 16 and its late in the afternoon and am about to leave school when i go to the toilets for a piss. Bob comes in and starts pissing next to me i lok over and sneek a peek. Thats... # #

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