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Butch Part 2

Finishing up the butch series! At this point butch and I had been the best lovers a girl and dog could be the only issue was school was going to be starting soon and our adventures... # #

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All the incest I’ve experienced

My journey with incest all started with my uncle, I was younger then 10 and my younger sister and I were jumping on my bed, my uncle came into the room and got me to lay down with him... # # #

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Caught by my 14 year old daughter

Every morning when i get up to get ready for work i watch porn and rub one out. Yesterday morning i was doing my normal thing. I must have been really into the incest porn i was watching... # #

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Camping with my uncle

I’m sonny I’m 14 and I enjoy nature so I and my uncle get along and we go camping but I had bloomed a lot I wasn’t his small childish niece my boobs were a nice size... # # #

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More than friends

My best friend hurt me because he couldn’t tell me how he really felt. Then we made up and now we have sex all the time with our mom’s blessing. # #

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family skiing trip part 2!!

you guys wanted more and also I am 14 writing this its just a fantasy of mines with one of my older cousins! when we got back to the cabin he told me to strip while he grabbed something... # # #

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Whenever my mom and dad were home, they never wore any clothes. They just felt comfortable around us and everyday they tried to convince me and my brother to not wear anything when... # # #

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The game

He would drug me every night, just enough so that I wouldn’t be able to move but not enough to make me forget what he’s done to me # # #

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Am I gay now?

Had a sleepover with my best mate and we had sex and stuff. Does that mean I’m gay? # # #

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