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Horny Teen 3

She stopped and told me that’s a good thing cause one of us might be a daddy. I told her that It was to early to worry about that. And that we should get cleaned up. So we all... # # # #

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Horny Teen

I’m a single dad and it was Friday night and no date with nothing to do. So I called up a friend to see what he was getting in to. Seems like he also had similar plans as well.... # # # #

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Horny Teen 2

Bunnie went nuts as a came in her pussy after she swallowed all that Mark pumped into her mouth. She remained on her knees with her body trembling as I slowly slid in and out of her... # # # #

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Paypig for a 15yo

Im 45, rich, with a wife and a couple kids. My wife recently has been denying me sex and i’ve been trying to find a different way to release. My kids would have their friends over,... #

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The stone hut

Later that same day back ate the house Collette was lounging around waiting for dinner when she saw a large dog she didn’t recognize sniffing around the boathouse. “Hi. What... # #

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Summer with my uncle pt3

I woke up the next morning to find my uncle was already fucking me slowly as I was sleeping I smiled and squeezed his dick and wrapped my legs around him as he fucked me a little harder... # #

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The lake house

My names is Collette. My father was in the military so we traveled a lot and saw tons of awesome sights, like incest sex at the grand canyon. No matter where we moved, we always had... # #

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Summer with my uncle pt2

We laid there after having sex I loved how my uncle made me feel,as we rested we chatted he asked me if I wanted to become his sex slave and let him use me as he wished for himself... # # #

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Our Horny Son

This all started when our son, Joey was sixteen. When his dad wasn’t home he would come into our bedroom and rub my back. I could believe how good his hands felt on my back. I’m... # # #

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Piracy in deep space

Infamous outlaw, a Hondo Onaka attacks a Jedi transport carrying six Younglings, who just received their Kyber crystals (light saber crystals) so rare are these crystals Hondo knows... # # #

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