Cat: Mature

Little sex doll pt1

A little while ago I started dating a single mother. Lynn was about 5’7″ with nice b cups and a firm ass. From the first date she was very sexual and didn’t seem to... # # #

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Gay teen

I was what people would call a feminine teen 16 yrs old since I was smooth and hairless and tan. I always wore feminine girls shirt and shorts and panties. I was afraid to wear mascara... # # #

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My son and I Ch1 pt2

Side note: I forgot to say last time that i am actually a petite girl. Though I’m older than him he’s actually little more than a head taller than me # # # #

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Ssbbw mom

I live with my ssbbw mom in Florida. My mom is 400 pounds big fucking tits a huge stomach and dump truck of an ass and she is 47 years old. I’m 17 i’m in love with fat people it... # # #

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Teen sissy boy part 1

Well growing up in house of all older sisters and single mom. Plus I was thin and virtually hairless and smooth when I did get any hair my sister removed it with wax or lotions from... # # #

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