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Santa’s Workshop

My first job was one I got when I was 15. It was a seasonal gig in the mall, I was an elf for Santa’s workshop, meaning I helped organize the lines of kids that were there to meet... # # #

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I put up an ad on my Facebook saying that I was a babysitter looking for work. I’m currently 16, and in desperate need of some cash. All of the jobs I applied to wouldn’t take me... # #

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To know

i loved him, he was 60 and I was 11 but he was funny and handsome and I am sure I really was falling in love with Peter. Peter was a friend of mums and she had invited him over. He... # # #

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Owned by group home pervert 2

I finished getting Gary undressed and sat down on the shower chair. The girl training me said that he would wash himself and I only needed to help him with dressing and undressing,... # #

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