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Cat: Mature

Work in progress #2

Shane, Simon Jenni, ash Robbie, Cody Katie, Maddie Jai, jake #2 I went out for breakfast, Katie sat opposite me again, still in her nighty. Shane was working, Jenni was with Robbie... # # # #

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Maid from Heaven – Part 42

Please read the previous part here (/2024/07/maid-from-heaven-part-41/ ). Now let’s continue I saw him stub his cigarette now and our tea cups were also empty. So I said “can we... # # #

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My son

I have been hesitant on sharing this with anyone due to it always feeling so wrong. But reading other stories of mothers and sons being together really gave me the inspiration to share... # # #

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My mom

I am Vicky (21) my mom is kalpana (43) . I am only child of my parents. My dad died 7 years ago when I was 14 and my mom was 36. My mom has always been modern compared to other Indian... # # # #

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Julie’s Grandpa

Bert loved Saturdays, Irene his wife constantly went shopping on the “Help the Aged” bus, and it gave him a chance to be on his own; excepting for little Julie. She had been with... # # #

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Work in progress

Spending time at my son’s for my grandson’s 3rd birthday but it’s his 14 year old stepdaughter who’s got my attention. # #

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Stress-Free Weekend

his narrative includes language some may find explicit. The terms used here are part of our intimate moments and are intended to enhance our mutual pl #

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Gran Barbara 2

So Ryan was going to stay the night as his Mum and Dad stayed away because his other Nan was in a bad way,but I could not stop thinking about what he had told me about him and his mates... #

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Britney and DA Become Lovers

This is dedicated to Britney whose stories I have both enjoyed and been inspired by. Unfortunately it is imagination and not factual. But who knows? #

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How Did I Forget

A few years ago my ex would bring home this young black man named Tommy. The would go jet skiing and boating on the weekends. Tommy was a tall good looking young black man. He also... # #

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Fetish For Older Women Story 2

Daniel had been eyeing Catherine for months now. She was a woman who was 44, short, and petite. She had small tits and an even smaller ass, but Daniel couldn’t get enough of her.... # # #

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School holiday fun part 17

The sun was just coming up, there was a brilliant glow shining in through the window but it was enough to see Steve’s cock laying flaccid against his thigh. Kay slowly sat up... # # #

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Fetish For Older Women Story 1

Daniel, a young 19-year-old college student, entered the small store where he would buy his essentials for the week. He was just over six feet tall, with dirty blonde hair and piercing... # #

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My 4th Fireworks

Those who read my stories know I have a lot of sex. I don’t care what color a cock is as long as when we’re finished I was satisfied. I’ve been having a lot of sex lately. This... #

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School holiday fun part 16

“you are so had,” she laughed, pushing him away, “that was so hard trying to sound normal so mum doesn’t suspect anything, you terrible person,” She tried... # #

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Married 45 yo wife

Our friend’s wife had left him and needed a shoulder to cry on. And that happened to be my wife. He would call round most days for tea and sympathy . I would be at work and when... # # #

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School holiday fun part 15

Kay had mixed emotions, she was anxious, excited and a little scared but she trusted him. He went to the corner of the room, he took out a plastic thing, he did something and it started... # #

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Let’s See Your Tits

I’m bored as hell so I decide to go to Peabody’s. It’s a local bar that has live music. I’m not really a bar person but I need to get out. I’m so busy with my massage business,... # #

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A Present For Daddy

Her body throbbed. She stopped the car in the driveway and shut everything off. A tiny whimper popped from her smeared lips and she sank into the seat for a moment. Her pussy pulsed... # # #

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School holiday fun. part 14

The next two days were quiet at Kayleen’s house, she was not speaking to them much, giving them the impression she was quite upset with their accusations, but it was just a cover-up... # #

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