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Cat: Mature

Test of Time

I have always had a taste for the really young girls, but never had the opportunity. Some times I guess you just need to go for it. # # # #

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The Barista

Forgive the long build up. This is a fantasy I created about these two young girls I flirt with at work. I work Security at a casino. I would always talk to these two baristas Gloria... # # #

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Away We Go

I’ve been here in Florida for awhile. I ca t remember temperatures staying at 70 and below. My tan is about gone. There’s been no pool or beach for me. I guess God heard my prayer.... # # #

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Fucking hooker

I fucked a woman next to a prostitute motel she said hey baby u Wana fuck cutie I had just pierced my ears too #

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Cheating wife

So after 33 years of marriage my wife fucked a body builder with a huge cock. I forgave her but feel some punishment is in order. Something along the lines of a gangfuck just don’t... #

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Wife’s mom

This is a short confession My mil is a milf . She is42 I am 21 just married her daughter last year. Last night my wife was at work I went next door to her parents house. Her husband... # # #

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I got to watch

I have been with Jenny for about 12yrs. We have no children and do not want any. Our sex life was ok but like most men would like to spice it up a bit. We have friends around usually... # # #

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Steph’s Story

Hi, My name is Steph I’m 15yrs old, I live with my Mum and younger brother. Our dad passed away in a car accident a few years ago and our lives have never been the same since.... # # # #

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