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The Sex Family (Part-V)

I again thank my readers for giving me support to proceed forward with more perverseness and more kinkiness. Mr. John before returning to his native land with Luni his would be wife... # # # #

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Castle Prince-(Part-I)

It is about 200 yrs. ago fact of the history of warrior group staying in a Castle. This castle was a left over of some king and a warrior group at that time started staying there with... # # # #

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The Sex Family (Part-I)

The date 01.01.2016 is memorable for our friendship as we four joined in our new office on that day and became true friends.We promised to stay side by side always though there is difference... # # # #

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Betrayal in the family

Everything was fine and kosher, until we go to leave from my sister’s house my sister waves goodbye to me, and I wave goodbye to her, then it happened. A threw up her gang symbols,... #

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Back To The Beach

I’m home alone once again. When I want to do something, I usually get into trouble. Today I want to be around people so I won’t be by our pool. I know what I’m doing today. I’m... # # # #

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Not Shelton

I’m home waiting for Rocky to get home. My cell rings and it’s Rocky. He says Carol I’m on my way home. I really need to be fucked so I’ll surprise him by opening the door naked.... # #

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Advanced mobile sex 3

Honey was alone in her bed room and thinking how her mom has changed to a perverted woman from an introvert woman though Honey has changed a lot and this type of perverseness are always... # # # #

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My summer job

“Hurry up and take it out.” She said to me. “Daddy knows it only takes me 20 minutes to milk Clara. We need to finish before he comes looking for me. # #

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Friend’s FUCK FEST

The year 1982 ,First January we three friends at Vishakapatnam enjoying the evening as we all three friends got our job to railway,defence and Bank sector and all three promised to... # # # #

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Realm of forbidden desires

Join James and Laura on an electrifying journey through ‘Passion Rekindled,’ where love and lust converge in the digital realm of #

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