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I love pedos

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why i realized that being attracted to pedos is normal

Most people dont discover sex until they are older but I started masterbating at a really young age. When i was 5 i started to do it because it felt good but it turned sexual after a while. I would masterbate everyday a few times and watch porn on my kindle. I would go on online chat sites a few years later. When i was 10 i went onto a stranger chat site for the first time and i sent whatever he wanted. Even though i was so young i still felt wrong about doing it. Eventually i found guys between 17-20 who i would send to everyday and who would send back and even though i didnt really want to see i would compliment them. I loved sending snaps moving my ass and teasing them. Sometimes in would send them pics at school because they wanted them so bad. I would always get asked your really 12? or whatever age i was because I looked so much older. When i would wear booty shorts around outside I would never get looks from guys my age, only older dudes. Through these experiences i realized its normal go like older guys. Why should i have to date people my own age if i dont want to? Older guys are so much better, and know how to rape girls correctly. They know how to impregnate and fuck them.

I definitely think younger girls should be taught sex and sexual things when they are young because it would make them realize its not that bad to do. I like reading peoples comments on here because i realize more people think like this, and if u try to justify not being like that your lying. Pedophilia in nature is natural and i think that it should be allowed in real life too. If girls can get knocked up they should. In my opinion legal age should be lowered to 10 because that’s when most girls get their periods and they should be impregnated. I dont think its bad to be a pedophile and i dont see anything wrong with it like most people. I like older men so why wouldnt some like me back? its a preference like sexuality. Some people like getting fucked by animals, and some like people half their age 🤷‍♀️. I also really enjoy incest, which some people find wrong too. Dads should be allowed to fuck their daughters or sons if they want to. Its human nature to be sexual and its easy and fun to do things with family members

Pedophiles are one of the best things ive come across since getting a phone. Theres so many and they love preteens especially since they look like kids but are hitting puberty and getting boobs

text me if u wanna talk
wickr cumslvt13

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  • Reply Ren ID:41ery97d1

    Little girls are made to be bred!

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      I wish i had a little girl to bred

  • Reply UK Bi guy ID:1bqrnbuexik

    Love it

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    You’re such a good little cum dump. Finger that little hole for me and lick your fingers….good girl

  • Reply Little Girl Lover ID:5jpk29glcx4

    Facebook is Now Showing a lot of Underage Teens, Preteens and Younger Girls in Bikinis and Being Very Sexually Suggestive. I Know Their Young Little Wombs And Breasts (I Love The Flat Chests Too And Of Course, Tiny Bald Pussies And Assholes) Are Begging To Be Filled With Babies And Sweet, Delicious Milk. All Are Gorgeous And Marriage Material. Pedophilia, Child Porn/Prostitution (Well Managed)/Incest/Open Dating/Marriage…ALL SHOULD BE LEGAL!!!!!!!!

    • Fuckherteencunt4mommy ID:o37rzselsdc

      I want to watch you fuck her ass by force I’ll help

    • [email protected] ID:gnrr5kb0k

      @Fuckherteencunt4mommy same!!

  • Reply Anonymous69710 ID:dlnu8y2zj

    I say if you want to fuck then that’s all that matters. If a little boy can get hard and wants his mommy, then it’s time for mommy to make him a man. The same goes for little girls, if they want to have sex with daddy when the get their period, than why not have daddy breed them.? It doesn’t matter if you’re 10 or 99 you should be able to fuck who you want

  • Reply Papa1966 ID:eq6gbuk09

    I’m a 57 year old Grampa. Would love to chat.

  • Reply grandpa's little girl ID:2vqxtxs4k09

    older naughty daddy and grandpa can contact me at [email protected]

    • Imyourdaddy1620 ID:2c3g2s7044

      How old is acceptable to you? I’m 44 next month.

    • grandpa's little girl ID:2vqxtxs4k09

      I like my pervy daddy/grandpa 40+ and older🤭 the older the better hehe

    • Horny teacher ID:55x8ywvqk

      So a 55yr old teacher would be ok?

    • grandpa's little girl ID:2vqxtxs4k09

      more than okay hehe

  • Reply Sophie ID:1d8qang4vgld

    Completely agree. Age should be left up to the individual girl. Everyone is different, some girls are ready to fuck when they’re very young, others, not until they’re older. I was 11 when I lost my virginity to a 26 yo guy the summer before I started Middle School and it was incredible. Except for a brief period after I started Middle School when my 26 yo was gone, all the guys I had sex with were way older. By the time I started High School, most of the guys I had fucked ( and there were quite a few), I’d say 95%, were in there 20’s, and a bunch in their 30’s.

    • Sophie ID:1d8qang4vgld

      @Liligirl. That’s so hot, so awesome. 11 was such an amazing age for me. I got fucked by many older boys and men at that age and it gave me so much confidence and strength. Walking down the street knowing grown men were checking me out and knowing they would love to fuck me made me feel so good about myself. I hope you’re still getting fucked by lots of men!

    • Liligirll ID:3bvtz52uv9i

      @sophie .. I had my daughter when I was 10 and half yrs old .
      I enjoy having sex with men .
      No condom or any protection..
      Natural is my way

    • Imyourdaddy1620 ID:2c3g2s7044

      Would love to read any story you’re willing to share.

    • Sophie ID:1d8qang4vgld

      @lilligirl. Looks like one of your comments was deleted. Guess the site couldn’t handle your hot, sexy comment haha. Wow, having a child so young is crazy. When I first started having sex at 11, my Mom figured out pretty quickly what was going on and had no problem with it. She even seemed proud that I was getting fucked by a hot older guy. She did however, insist I make him wear a condom just to be safe, even though I hadn’t had a period yet. I ignored her of course, bareback is so much better, but she did put me on the pill when I was 12 after I had started getting my period.

  • Reply TransBoy17 ID:1ehw8iex6zzu

    anyone want to fuck a 17 year old?

  • Reply James ID:2px1ogolldh

    Cumslvt13 how old are you now? Wanna chat more? [email protected]

    • Tom ID:1ec39nzkwkxj

      Fucked by guy or a girl???

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    Cumslvt13 do you have kik?
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    Dads let’s perv 🙂

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      Id like to.

    • Thick jack ID:e4226eqct5f

      Id like to perv with another fellow

  • Reply UtahGirl ID:6nzrkvhgzzy

    yeah thats me im 10 from utah

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      I’d love to get to know you better can we chat

    • Gonzo ID:fx7j3f7hi

      UtahGirl I would love to hear your naughty thoughts, TX here.
      [email protected]

  • Reply Ren ID:41ery97d1

    Little girls simply exist to be fucked and feel the extasy of being creampied

    • herhe ID:cmemwn820d

      truly spoken

  • Reply Lauren ID:1dq6d1lrelea

    Susan Stein/Jan Stein, or any other names you go by. YOU’RE FULL OF SHIT!!!!

  • Reply YoungAussie10 ID:y1ywqz1xq99

    I was never touched by my parents, they were careful with protecting me and even taught me to fight and hunt and be brave in the outback but at a young age in Sydney, there was a crazy Bogan couple who took me, removed my Daks and knickers and spread my bum apart and had their fun with me and left me Buddy. since then I had gotten taught by my parents how to fight and be safe, I was five when that happen and now I’m Ten and have a Kik. I want older Bruces and Shieilas to message me and tell me what to do and use me like those two did. I’m a Root Rat for sure.

    YoungAussie10: Kik

    • Uncle ID:rs2iky6id

      wow im in sydney too

  • Reply Little Girl Lover ID:1empnvaua3pj

    I have written a lot of comments throughout this Wonderful Preteen Category, including BDSM and Rape Fantasies. I LOVE THIS CATEGORY!!!!!!!! I will say this again…I really wish that all age-limits were abolished, All Sexualities Honored, Child Porn and Prostitution (Once again…And don’t knock Pornography and Prostitution. They are great ways to make money and if legalized straight across the board, a lot of abuse would stop, protections would be in place and both customers and service providers would be healthier. Some actors/actresses and sex workers go on to other careers and/or head their own studios and/or houses. Stop with the moralizing and guilt-trips. Some religions have had Sacred Prostitutes and sex is part of some Magic Rituals too.), Incest and Open, Loving Relationships All the Way To Marriage. There is a story called, ‘A Pregnant Church” in This Category that you should all read. I need to read it again… Pregnant Little Girls ARE SO SEXY and The Youngest Successful Pregnancy and Delivery was to a Girl of Five Years Old. Really Young Pregnancies are in a Wikipedia article…Check it out.

  • Reply Older guy for fun ID:mr4usmcjhxb

    Very hot story!! I love when family members play together!! Add me on SC if you want to play with an older guy that has no limits!!! Daddyisback6996. I love hearing about dad’s and their daughters and how they like to groom the little girl and how their sweet little pussies taste..and moms or dad’s playing with their young boys hard little cocks.

    • Liligirll ID:2wcg8oxt0b

      Do you play with girls or just like what we write

    • Older guy for fun ID:19isbvndvqz5

      Daddy enjoys both 🥵

  • Reply Liligirll ID:2wcg8oxt0b

    Finally got my dad to fuck me .
    He wasn’t my first . But I got what I wanted

    • LonelyMother ID:bszjmwql

      And who was your first and how old you was?

    • Liligirll ID:2wcg8oxt0b

      Lovely mother. I was 9 yrs old ..he was 20 yrs old . He did not know I started my periods and got me pregnant.

    • Daddysecret ID:8ds7mh2qrk

      You’re a good little girl, I’m fucking my girl too

    • [email protected] ID:8agnkbv1

      Liligirll I would love to hear from you and we can talk about anything and I am man 47 and I am looking for a young woman who loves to Pedo men like myself and this is my email [email protected]

  • Reply $milanaamor ID:14gt9ywmqrc

    I love yall

  • Reply Young.Pre-teen.Breeder ID:1liq52w20a

    I so totally agree wit everyone that is into pedophiles because I truly fantasize of digging my 7 ½ inches of dick balls deep in some young sexy 8-11 year old girl/boys tight little fuck holes ther are built n meant to be fucked good n hard.

    • LonelyMother ID:bszjmwql

      many girls at that age already want hard adult dick in their hairless slutholes

    • Young.Pre-teen.Breeder ID:1liq52w20a

      LonelyMother oh yes most definitely they

    • NsfwInceztLuver ID:2vkjmtm3

      do you have email or session? i’d love to chat with you and share my similar experiences mmm

    • Ren ID:41ery97d1

      I would actually a dopt a little girl just to fuck her, teach her that sex is natrual and make her walk around naked all day so I can fuck her at any time, only being dressed when we’re expecting company or going out, maybe even breed her

    • Daddysecret ID:8ds7mh2qrk

      All in, there’s nothing better than a tight little hole

  • Reply Lovelpg## ID:njtycvxv1

    Contact me? Yes, I give you my email

  • Reply Chloe ID:1corze0mytlp

    I was 11 when dad made love to me for the first time. We were camping. I love my dad

    • Jenicamiller73 ID:1cltuh44wl83

      Dads teach daughters and should be there first
      I love getting my uncles big cock

    • Chloe ID:1corze0mytlp

      Jenica how old are you?

    • Little Girl Lover ID:1dfxztjbqz1p

      I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU and I hope You and Your Dad Have/Have Had Many Happy, Loving Years Together and that you’ve also “Played the field.” too. I hope wonder if you and daddy were honest with mommy, if you could be and that she welcomed you as another wife for daddy, made room in their bed for you and that you could take-up the slack for her. Make Love with You too. Did You and Dad Make, Or Ever Want To Make Babies? YOU ARE SUCH A GOOD GIRL!!!!!!!!

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      Good little girl

    • [email protected] ID:1corze0mytlp

      I’m almost 13 now

    • Hornyeddie ID:1doumao36qgg

      I wish my daughter felt that way

    • Daddysecret ID:8ds7mh2qrk

      Good girl, I love my girl too

  • Reply Little Girl Lover ID:1ev4qtuayth9

    Pedophilia and Incest really need to be legalized Worldwide. I would really Love to have Totally Open Loving Sexual Relationships With Little Girls Preteen and Younger. Some are into Little Boys and they need to be taught too. Once again…And don’t knock Pornography and Prostitution. They are great ways to make money and if legalized straight across the board, a lot of abuse would stop, protections would be in place and both customers and service providers would be healthier. Some actors/actresses and sex workers go on to other careers and/or head their own studios and/or houses. Stop with the moralizing and guilt-trips. Some religions have had Sacred Prostitutes and sex is part of some Magic Rituals too. …Societies need to honor our sexual preferences and be happy to see the Special Loves that We have.

    • Lovelpg ID:njtycvxv1

      You have so right in all you White.
      Di you wsnt contact me?

    • LonelyMother ID:bszjmwql

      Men who take my virginity always tell: if girl is preteen it is not a rape, its a practice, now i understand that

    • Ren ID:41ery97d1

      I agree, i mean if incest was legal I would’ve emptied my balls inside my cousin years ago

    • Greg ID:n4ndbrihm

      Hi I have to say I Totally agree with you I’m a pedo and young and per Teen’s Girls are my Favorites

    • Fuckherteencunt4mommy ID:o37rzselsdc

      I want to watch you fuck her tight teen cunt while I hold her down for you and tell her to be a good little fuck hole and take it for daddy

  • Reply NeedDaddyCock ID:6z5s1xtchm

    I agree with every bit of this. I learned the right way, at a very young age by my moms older boyfriend and my uncle, her brother. Loved every bit of it and all the older guys I serviced.

    • Simon ID:2cq865sk0i

      At what age did you start

  • Reply Little Girl Lover ID:1eku9nymxql9

    I had a dream last night. I was the Sex-Ed Teacher at a Private All-Girls Grade School Grades 1 Through 6. My classroom was an All-Nude one and had beds instead of desks. I Personally (Faculty And Staff Too) gave All The Little Girls Sexual Educations For Real And Used Their Tiny Three Holes Everyday. Every Girl Was Walking Around School And Everywhere Else Loaded With My Sperm (And Others’). PTA Nights Were Great As The Little Girls Were Incestuous Little Darlings And My Room Was Loaded With Little Girls Being Used By Family, Friends And The School’s Adults. Some Were Impregnated And Had Babies By Whomever. The Entire Community Supported All Of This. HEAVEN ON EARTH!!!!!!!! PREGNANT LITTLE GIRLS EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!

    • Chameleon ID:h17k2tq6pt5

      So hot

  • Reply Little Girl Lover ID:1dyx5g18j403

    Some advice Little Girls. Learn how to Cook and Clean. Always Nude at Home…No Shoes and be Bent-Over The Kitchen Table And Fucked Until Impregnated. BE THE BEST LITTLE GIRLS YOU CAN BE!!!!!!!!

  • Reply Danni ID:1e11h3ez4g1i

    My neighbor is a pedo he raped my 12yr old body three months ago now he videotapes me begging moaning pleading for his cock I’m in love with him I want his babies when I get older

    • Papa’s doll ID:esoxamphi

      There is nothing better than being fucked hard by a pedo cock…..enjoy.

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      Have His Babies Now. Pregnant Little Girls Are So Sexy!!!!!!!! Feed Him Some Of Your Young, Delicious, Sweet Breast Milk. Your Breasts And Womb Are Aching To Be Filled…Aren’t They???? Make More Kids For Him And Us To Fuck And Breed. These Are Your Duties Little Girl. You’ve Probably Read My Comments Here, So You Know My Opinions.

    • Anonymous ID:1bfepuyz6id

      Most of it just seems a bit to far fetched, definitely not into rape and being a daddy I prefer to nurture and love any of my sexual partners,male or female

    • Bruttus lee ID:458cwor8m


    • Ok ID:scqt6erubtr


  • Reply Anonymous ID:1bfepuyz6id

    I don’t know Is any of it real? Are there really young girls on hear that want an older man?
    I can’t really imagine that there are truly young girls on hear.
    Maybe it’s all just fantasy but I do enjoy the stories

    • Pinkprincess ID:1due27pimfvs

      Yes when i was younger i used to think about how i wanted an older man to make me feel so good, i used to wear a skirt and pull it up so you can see my little ass. I was a horny little girl

    • Needy kitten ID:esoxamphi

      Yes l do. Ever since my daddy sucked my nipples when l was 11 l often think about having a grown man abusing my pussy and make me cum like a slut. My daddy is very good at making me beg, and plead for his mouth and cock,

    • Ramryder804@proton,me ID:7zv1ksdv9k

      Thinking back on my experience I would say that there are more than you might think but its not as prevalent as this site implies. Thankfully a lot of what is here is fiction and should remain just that. I have lost all my contacts during the 2020/21 overreach and fearmongering but, strangely, am no having my fun with 20 and 30 somethings who are into ‘daddy’ and ‘grand dad’ fantasy play. A local FWB who is into watching porn (the stuff bores me) pointed out that there is a growing genre in that.

    • Rayne ID:y1ywqz1xq99

      I am. I just like stories and stuff and want to meet a real grownup who likes girls like me

    • Jayv ID:1ek4091eql

      Of course much of this is wishing, but some of it happens in real life. My dad lived with his sister as if the were married. My sister and I came from that pairing and we were fondled sexually from anbout the time we turned eight or so.

  • Reply Little Girl Lover ID:1dfde6bu3ctp

    And I Love the Cute Little Belly Bulges of Little Girls as Cock Fills and Rams Their Tiny Pussies. Their Sparkling Eyes and Smiles too. Little Girls Are Born To Be Admired, Adored, Fucked And Bred When Ready. I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!

    • Charlotte ID:1emi8ubqmgu2

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      You need little girls that piss on you

    • Daddysecret ID:8ds7mh2qrk

      Me too

  • Reply Little Girl Lover ID:1eouiiqc3bf3

    And don’t knock Pornography and Prostitution. They are great ways to make money and if legalized straight across the board, a lot of abuse would stop, protections would be in place and both customers and service providers would be healthier. Some actors/actresses and sex workers go on to other careers and/or head their own studios and/or houses. Stop with the moralizing and guilt-trips. Some religions have had Sacred Prostitutes and sex is part of some Magic Rituals too.

    • Susan ID:1emi8ubqmgu2

      Mail me I’d love to talk

  • Reply Bill ID:1cyvoabxmh2m

    Susan I would love to talk with you.
    [email protected]

    Great little story!

    • Jan Stein ID:1emi8ubqmgu2

      Your email is wrong

    • Susan ID:1emi8ubqmgu2

      Hey is there no pedos on here use kik?

    • Tone ID:8n9zlwow8m

      Susan kik hornytonet

  • Reply Little Girl Lover ID:1esme60rlcce

    Just a reminder that I did some research and in Biblical Times, The Age of Consent and Marriage was 12 or lower. Kids should get educations and good lives and careers, etc. But, if they are curious about Sexual Things, then they should be Lovingly Taught By Adults. 18 to 21? Way too old to start and unrealistic. Birth control always available. If a kid says, “No.” then respect that.

  • Reply jtbl12 ID:1db09li6ib

    Can’t find you on wicker cumslut13 my Wicker is jackthebadlad

    • Susan ID:1emi8ubqmgu2

      Tried to message you

    • jtbl12 ID:1db09li6ib

      @Susan that’s my wicker but you can get me on email at [email protected]

  • Reply The Perv Killer ID:5whm0i38l

    I would fuck all the little whores senseless

    • Susan ID:1emi8ubqmgu2

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  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7j3f7hj

    In arounf the turn of the century the age of consent was 10 to 12 throughout the entire USA except Delaware it was 7. What the fuck happened to this country that use to be fuck free. Sex is completely natural for ever single creature on this earth including humans. Young girls need and want sex as much as anyone else does so why not give them what they want and need. Girls between the ages of 8 to 12 are needing cock more and more so give them what they want.

    • ramryder ID:1dv01998cbnm

      LOL … 7 in Delaware … that surely explains Joe Biden,

    • Jim ID:fzq6k7144

      Gonzo you are right girls start early nowadays my daughter was 8 when she came to me and asked if she could suck me and Jack me off so I gave her what she wanted

  • Reply anonymous ID:1cu46k5qnm2y

    @susan sorry your too old for me i love them under 10

    • Just Me ID:1dv01998cbnm

      She is one of those women in the UK who collects stories from guys. There’s a few of them around. Recently messed with one ‘Cindy’ who played the game well. I think she was doing some sort of research project. had fun feeding her a load of nonsense.

      As for age, 6 to 12 is my taste also

    • ramryder804 ID:1dv01998cbnm

      @anon: we have some tastes in common. [email protected] if interested in a chat

    • Grandpasgirl11 ID:1dwwevw2hyel

      Mmm i like single digits too daddy

      Kik- grandpasgirl1113

    • oldandhard ID:4mxh7tqrk

      How old is susan

  • Reply Nothing ID:oymo67yb09

    I don’t think it’s so good that young girls can die during childbirth, so that’s bad

    • Little Girl Lover ID:gzdlv5pwkuo

      That’s why I say, successful pregnancies and births. If an issue comes-up, then the proper medical procedures can be taken. Adult women can die too. I agree it’s bad. I sincerely LOVE all females, but Preteen and Younger are my faves. I LOVE Preteen and Younger Girls and would never hurt them and that goes for all females…I have, though, commented in Rape and BDSM FANTASIES here and gave ideas to Little Girls on a number of Raping and Abuse Ideas. I have engaged in those FANTASIES for real with consent. I support all sexualities and see nothing wrong with Adults and Children having sex. They should be LOVINGLY be taught sex education for real and not just in the classroom. In 1880, The Age of Consent was 10 and in Delaware it was 7. Abolish Age Limits…Period!!!!!!!! Open casual relationships all the way to marriage and society should support those and Pregnant Little Girls are SO SEXY!!!!!!!! Pedopilia and Incest are Beautiful Sexual Preferences. Many Adults and Children here agree.

    • Little Girl Lover ID:gzdlv5pwkuo

      That’s why I say, successful pregnancies and births. If an issue comes-up, then the proper medical procedures can be taken. Adult women can die too. I agree it’s bad. I sincerely LOVE all females, but Preteen and Younger are my faves. I LOVE Preteen and Younger Girls and would never hurt them and that goes for all females…I have, though, commented in Rape and BDSM FANTASIES here and gave ideas to Little Girls on a number of Raping and Abuse Ideas. I have engaged in those FANTASIES for real with consent. I support all sexualities and see nothing wrong with Adults and Children having sex. They should be LOVINGLY be taught sex education for real and not just in the classroom. In 1880, The Age of Consent was 10 and in Delaware it was 7. Abolish Age Limits…Period!!!!!!!! Open casual relationships all the way to marriage and society should support those and Pregnant Little Girls are SO SEXY!!!!!!!! Pedophilia and Incest are Beautiful Sexual Preferences. Many Adults and Children here agree.

    • LAST WARNING FROM CHRIST ID:1djzokcbopot


    • Gonzo ID:fx7j3f7hi

      Sorry to bust it to you but your just a pathetic human idiot Christian moron which is actually lower then a normal human.

  • Reply Little Girl Lover ID:1com2swdt7y1

    Btw, nudist lifestyle sites are legal and there a plenty of Nude Preteen And Younger Girls on them. SO HOT AND SEXY IN NATURE AND PUBLIC!!!!!!!! In Child Porn Sites You can Find Some Of Them Sucking Cock, Having Their Pussies And Assholes Fucked And Having Family And Lesbian Sex. Some Are At The Age (10…Or Younger) When Impregnation is Possible To Make More Kids For Us. The Youngest Girl To Have A Successful Pregnancy And Delivery Was Five…Wikipedia.

    • LAST WARNING FROM CHRIST ID:1e4mkgsxk707

      diot Spoke I not unto you, saying, Do not sin against the child; and ye would not hear? therefore, behold, also his blood is required.” — Genesis 42:22. READ THIS FOOL HELL IS WAITING FOR YOU
      Christ said, “Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and drowned in the depth of the sea” (Matthew 18:6).“Do not profane your daughter by making her a prostitute, lest the land fall into prostitution and the land become full of depravity. You shall keep my Sabbaths and reverence my sanctuary: I am the Lord. “hell awaits you and your sick thoughts will cause yo to go to hell for eternity

    • Gonzo ID:fx7j3f7hj

      No one on here wants to hear your fucking cult bull shit. Religion is nothing but a fucking cult designed to control you. Fuck who you want girls it is your right.

    • WATCHING YOU ID:1djzokcbopot


    • Valery ID:y8hyzb0d

      Just came for the offended moralists whining endlessly in the site. I’ve been pleased beyond words, and I love it.

  • Reply Little Girl Lover ID:1dg918z2zz7j

    Maybe I should move to The Netherlands. I did some research and found-out that Pedophilia is tolerated there. I could find a Pedo-Mom who would let me date her Little Girl and Marry Her. I would Love to have a Wife of say, 7 or 8 years-old to teach Life, Love and Healthy Sexual Attitudes to and Impregnate When She Releases Her First Egg. Pregnant Little Girls Are SO SEXY!!!!!!!! All Females Are Wonderful, But PRETEEN AND YOUNGER ARE SO SPECIAL TO ME…ME AND MY COCK AND BALLS ACHE FOR THEM!!!!!!!! Little Girls Should Have Their Three Holes Filled With Cock And Sperm EVERY DAY. To All The Supportive Women And Little Girls In This Wonderful Category…THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

    • Sarah ID:3zaqoqglv9i

      Your words are hot and yummy 🤤

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1d6emgyddgro

    I miss being a kid because how much I loved being used and fucked by older men, some relatives. I wish I still had those days of being raped as a child nto a full adult slut.

    • toby ID:61md84rhrd

      please email me. [email protected]
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