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Clarence Is Calling

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It’s a beautiful Sunday morning here in Florida. Hopefully I get to go to the pool or the beach. I’m in my robe having my coffee and my cell rings.

It’s Clarence one of my massage clients. He asks me Carol what are you doing today? I tell him nothing now, why? Clarence asks would you like to come over? I ask him why do you miss me? Clarence laughs and says yes. I tell him ok let me shower and I’ll be there in a little while.

I know I’m not going to his house to massage him. Clarence wants to fuck me with his huge black cock. I take a shower and of course I have to masturbate. I’m thinking about Clarence slamming his big black cock inside me. I cum and now it’s time to get dressed and go.

I put on my short light black coat and black pumps. I get to Clarence’s house and ring the bell. Clarence opens the door and his huge cock is hard as a rock. He says cmon in Carol I want to fuck you so bad. When he said this I open my coat and let it fall to the floor.

Clarence says bring your white slut ass over here and suck my cock. I crawl over to Clarence and start to suck his black cock. Clarence says you sure know how to suck a cock my little slut.

Clarence brings me into his bedroom and throws me on the bed. I say why are you being so rough with me. Clarence laughs and puts his cock back in my mouth. Now he’s slapping my big tits and grabbing my big nipples.

I don’t tell him but if he keeps this up I’m going to cum. Clarence says Carol open your legs I want to suck that good pussy of yours. I lay back and spread my legs and tell Clarence to lick me make me cum. Clarence is kicking me and sucking my clit and he puts two fingers inside me.

I tell him don’t stop Clarence make me cum. I cum all over his fingers and his face. Now Clarence is pushing his fist inside me. I’ve enjoyed fisting before so I tell Clarence get all of your fist inside me. Clarence not only got his fist inside me, he also got part of his arm. I cum again all over his hand.

Wow that was good. Clarence now has my legs up in the air and he’s rubbing his cock against my pussy. Clarence is laughing and he says Carol are you ready to be fucked? I tell him yes fuck me hard and deep. I’m watching Clarence’s cock disappear inside me. Clarence is slamming my white pussy.

Clarence slaps my tits again and bites my nipples. He says so my little slut you want Clarence to use you and all your holes. I don’t know why I said this, but I answered yes master use me. Clarence says so now I’m your master? I answer yes I’ll do anything for you. Clarence says anything. Again I answer yes.

I’m cumming all over his huge black cock and I love to look at all my hot white cum all over his black cock. Clarence says he’s cumming and he cums deep inside of me. My pussy has Clarence’s cum running out of it.

I laugh because Clarence is still hard. He says Carol I took Viagra before you got here. I say to him you’re a smart man because I really need to be fucked. He gets me in the reverse cowgirl position and he’s once again slamming my pussy from the bottom.

I lean back and Clarence is pinching my nipples as I cum once again. Where my pussy is filled with cock like it is now, I can cum forever. Clarence now wants fuck me doggy and I give him what he wants. All of a sudden Clarence slaps my ass hard.

I don’t say anything and he says so you like it when I slap your ass. I tell him yes do it again Master. Clarence again slaps my ass hard. Clarence pulls his cock out of my pussy and he says your Master is going to fuck that fine white ass of yours.

I spread my ass cheeks and tell yes fuck my ass Master, cum in my ass. Clarence’s black cock sinks all the way in my ass. Again Clarence slaps my ass and says so you want your Master to cum in your ass. Yes cum in my ass. I feel Master cum in my ass and Clarence pulls his cock out of my ass. I came so hard.

Clarence puts his cock in my mouth and says clean it slut. I clean his cock and swallow the leftover cum inside his cock. Clarence asks are you hungry? I tell him yes hungry for your cock. Clarence laughs and climbs on top of me.

I spread my legs and tell him to fuck me. I still have my black pumps on and Clarence says leave them on. Ok baby I’ll leave them on just for you. Clarence pushes his cock again inside me. OMG she fills my pussy with big black cock. Clarence gets up on his toes and now every inch of his huge cock is inside me.

I tell Clarence I’m cumming again and he cums inside me. I should know better then to let any man cum in me after what happened. I just can’t help myself.

Now I’m hungry and Clarence barbecues a couple of steaks and I prepare the sides. All done in the nude. The steak was excellent and so was his cock. No complaints from me.

I tell Clarence I have to leave and he says so soon. I tell him yes. I go take a shower and Clarence climbs in with me. I know what he wants. He’s playing with my tits and he pushes me up against the tile and slams his cock inside me once more. Clarence slaps my ass and he says I’m glad you came over today. I tell him I am too. We both cum but I really have to go.

Clarence kisses me goodbye and he feels my pussy. He laughs and says Master has really stretched that pussy out. I answer yes Master you surely did. I tell him I’ll be back next week for some more of his cock. He says Carol I can’t wait.


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  • Reply Hank ID:zpyelyg20a

    Sexy Christmas pics!

  • Reply Stan ID:1360jplzrb

    Wonderful Story!!
    Thank you for sharing Carol.
    I love your Beautiful Christmas picture!!

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

    I just want to thank you personally for sticking up for me when that horrible person told me to kill myself over my stories !! thank you so much and I love you so much aunty Carol !! your loving Britney !(HUGS & KISSES) You look so hot in your Christmas pictures I wish I could have you hold me and rub my head as I suckle your large tits as your little baby girl !!!