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Finally having my daughter

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My life long fantasy had been to fuck a little girl, a red head, and it finally came true with my daughter, Lola.

I’m a 42 year old married man, my wife is 36 but she pretty irrelevant in this story, and my daughter is 10 years old, her name is Lola.

I chose my wife for one very special reason, she is a redhead, and I have always fantasised about fucking a little redhead girl, I made love to my wife with hope of impregnating her, and praying that the baby would be a girl and have red hair just like her mom, and I got my wish when Lola was born.

I am one of an ever growing group of men who have held a secret desire to have sex with young girls, I think I have always been that way, and I have kept my perverted desires a secret from everyone, when Lola was born I looked at her and just thought, “I am going to fuck you one day. My beautiful little princess.”

I spent years waiting for the perfect opportunity and last month it arrived.

I was sitting in the living room on the sofa with my wife, she was knitting which was her hobby, and I was watching the football, Lola came downstairs and looked upset, “Mommy.” She said, sobbing a little.

“Are you okay, darling?” she asked, Lola waved to her, asking her mom to go over to her because she wanted to tell her something privately.

Her mom got up and the stepped out in to the hallway, I turned down the TV so that I could hear what they were saying, every father wants to know what is making their daughter cry, and I listened to their conversation, which was basically….

“What’s wrong hunny?” her mom asked her.

“I’m bleeding.” Lola replied.

“Aww, have you cut yourself.” Her mom asked.

“No, Mommy. I’m bleeding – down there.” She replied.

It was at that point that I knew what she was talking about, my beautiful little girl had got her first period, a few years early that I had anticipated, but that was good news, it made me smile as I put my feet up on the coffee table and turned the TV back up, I was happy because I knew she was ready for what I had been fantasising about all her life.

Her mom took her upstairs and explained things to her then she came down and told me what I already knew, “She got her period.” She said, “Bless her. I she alright?” I asked.

“Yes, I explained to her what it was and I gave her some tampons and showed her how to use them.” She said.

“That’s good.” I replied, wishing I’d have been there to see that.

Just over a week later I figured as Lola had now started her periods she would be having hormone changes and exploring her sexuality, so I decided to help her out by going out and buying Lola her very first vibrator.

I wrapped it up like a proper gift and when I came home from work I placed it on her bed as a surprise for her when she got home, but she had come home and she saw me placing the gift on her bed, “What’s that, Daddy?” she asked with a smile.

“Just a little present for you.” I said, giving her a kiss on the top of her beautiful red head as I left her room and left her to open her gift.

I then went downstairs and sat in the living room wondering what she was doing, was she upstairs right now pleasuring herself with the vibrator, that was such a nice image to have in my head, then a short while later she came downstairs and sat on the sofa beside me, holding the vibrator in her hand.

“Thank you for my gift, Daddy.” She said.

“You’re welcome, princess.” I said.

Then after a short silence, “What is it?” she asked, thinking she was stupid for not knowing and trying hard not to show it.

“It’s called a vibrator.” I said.

“What does it do?” she asked.

“It – uhm – it makes you feel good.” I replied.

“How?” she asked.

So I explained to her exactly what it was for, what it does, and how to use it, she blushed and was very shocked to hear me talking about girl parts and describing to her how she uses the vibrator on her girl parts, I explained that every girl does it and it was a private thing, and asked her not to tell her mom that I’d bought it for her, she agreed it was our secret, she is her daddy’s little girl.

She then gave me a hug and went back upstairs to try it out, she didn’t tell me she was going to try it, but I could see in her face she was going too.

A short time later she called me from upstairs, “Daddy, can you please come here for a minute.”

So I went up, she was sitting on her bed in her night shirt, her lovely skinny uncovered legs hanging over the side of the bed and she was holding the vibrator in her hands, “Everything alright, princess?” I asked.

“It’s not doing anything.” She said.

I walked over and sat beside her on her bed and took the vibrator from her, “Let me have a look at it for you.” I said, I had purposely put the batteries in the wrong was round so it wouldn’t work, in the hope she would ask me to help, and it seemed my plan had worked.

I took the batteries out and put them in the right way and turned it on, I put in back in her hands and she giggled as it vibrated on her palms.

“All fixed…” I said, giving her a kiss on her red head, then I started walking out, “…I’ll leave you to it.” I said.

“Daddy!” she called out.

“Yeah?” I said.

She looked down at the vibrator in her hands then looked back at me, “Will you show me how to use it?” she asked.

Those words coming from her mouth were like heavenly music to my ears, hell yes I’ll show her, “Of course I will.” I replied, and I closed her bedroom door.

I told her to lay herself down on her bed, she looked so beautiful just laying there on her back, her hands flat at her sides, her legs closed together, her lovely red hair fanned out across her pillow, her pink nightshirt reaching to just below her crotch, “Okay. Close your eyes, princess, and just relax.” I instructed.

Then I held the bottom of her nightshirt and took a deep breath, I was about to see my daughters pussy for the first time in about 6-years, I was super excited, my mind was going crazy thinking about it, I slowly rolled up the bottom of her nightshirt and I let out a quiet gasp when I saw it, it was so beautiful, smooth bald and a little wet, it was glistening under the light, a perfectly smooth slit with a tiny clitoris, it was the most beautiful pussy I’d ever seen in my life.

“Okay – Open your legs for me, princess.” I said.

She spread her legs open, bending at the knees, she flinched when I softly rubbed her pussy with my hand, “Feel that?” I asked and she nodded.

Then I placed the tip of the vibrator against her clitoris and it instantly drove her insane with pleasure, “Uh – Uuuuh”, her fingers clawed at the bed sheets beneath her, “That feel good?” I asked, she nodded and licked her lips.

I could see her pussy was getting wetter, so I leaned across, put my head between her legs and I started to lick my tongue up her slit, tasting her sweet fluids and she moaned again, “Huh – Uuuh” and about a minute later she opened her eyes and saw my head between her legs and me licking her pussy, “Uh – Daddy, what are you doing?” she asked me.

“Does it feel good?” I Asked her.

She nodded, “Yep.” She gasped.

“Then don’t worry about what I’m doing, princess, you just lay back, close your eyes and enjoy it.” I said, and she did.

My cock was so stiff in my pants I felt like a teenage boy again, I unzipped my pants and pulled it out and stroked it while licking her pussy and pleasuring her clitoris with the vibrator.

“Uh – Uuuh – Mm, Daddy – Uuh.” She moaned.

I shuffled myself up between her legs on my knees and I rubbed my tip up and down her slippery slit, lubricating my tip with her fluids, then I tossed the vibrator on the floor and just used my cock flicking it against her clitoris, her pussy swelled a little and then my cock just slipped inside.

She let out a loud moan, “Uh – Oooaah!”, opened her eyes and lifted her head to look down, and she gasped and started to breath heavily while looking at me in shock, seeing my cock was now part of her pussy, “Da-Daddy?” she gasped.

“Daddy is going to make you so happy, princess…” I said, then I slowly rolled her nightshirt up and pulled it off her, “…Take this off, okay.” I said, getting her fully naked and seeing her flat chest and her little nips were hard.

My lifelong fantasy and dream had come true, my cock was inside a little girl’s pussy, a little red head girl, my daughter, I had never felt such happiness as I did that day.

I leaned over her and brushed her hair off her face over her ears, stroking her pretty head, “Close your eyes, princess. Let Daddy make you happy.” I whispered to her, she looked worried and scared at first, but then as I stared in to her eyes she knew her daddy wouldn’t hurt her, her eyes slowly closed and her breathing calmed a bit.

Then I pushed my cock further inside her, she let out a long gasp as I forced my cock inside her very tight pussy, she spread her legs wider as my thick cock stretched her small virgin hole wide open, “Ug – Uuh – Oooah” she moaned, she threw her arms around me and held on to me tightly, “Daddy.” She gasped.

“It’s okay, princess.” I whispered in to her ear as I started nibbling on her earlobes.

I started fucking her, thrusting in and out of her tight pussy, she moaned and gasped repeatedly, but she didn’t scream or cry to show she was in any distress or hating it, she was enjoying having me inside of her, “That’s my girl. Good girl.” I said to her.

I put my hands underneath her and held her body close to mine as I took her innocence from her and lived out my greatest fantasy.

I felt her small body shake as she experienced her first orgasm, it was only then she started to cry a little, but not from any pain, from the pleasure the orgasm gave her and the happiness she felt inside.

With her pussy now drenched in orgasmic fluid, my cock was gliding in and out of her pussy nicely, I thrust faster, and I thrust in deeper, she was moaning and barely taking a breath, “Uh – Uh – Uh – Ooh – Uh – Uh – Ooh.”

“I’m coming, Lola. Daddy’s coming, princess.” I exclaimed.

My balls tightened, and my cock swelled and went kind of numb, then I ejaculated streams of semen in to my little girl, “Oooah god – Oooah my god, Lola! – Oooaah.” I groaned, her tight pussy helped drain my balls dry.

Her hair was all sweaty and wet, she opened her eyes and I gave her a kiss on the lips, “Are you alright, princess?” I asked her, she nodded, “Was that fun?” I asked, she nodded again, this time adding a smile.

When I sat up and pulled out of her, she propped herself up on her elbows to look at my cock, she was curious about it and I saw her looking sticking up between my legs all shiny and covered in sticky fluids, “Do you want to touch it?” I asked her, she nodded, “Go on then. You can touch it, it’s okay.” I said.

She sat up and tentatively touched my cock with her fingers before gripping it in her hand and feeling its hardness, my cock was still fully erect, even after the amazing sex I just had and the fact that my balls were completely emptied of semen.

Eventually it shrank down and I put it back inside my pants, then I helped Lola put her nightshirt back on and straighten out her hair, “Did that make you feel happy?” I asked her.

“Yes, Daddy.” She replied, blushing.

“It’s okay, you don’t have to be shy about it. It was a beautiful thing that we just did, you liked it didn’t you?” I Asked.

“Yes.” She said.

I picked up the vibrator and handed it to her, “You know what to do with this now.” I said.

She giggled and hid it under her pillow, “I like that more.” She said.

“Like what?” I asked.

She pointed at my crotch, “That.” She said.

“Well, if you promise not to tell your mom, maybe we can play again tomorrow, would you like that?” I asked.

She nodded fast with a big smile, “Yes, Daddy.” She said.

“Okay…” I said, then I held her pretty face and stroked her beautiful red hair and gave her a kiss, “…You are so beautiful, Lola. I love you so much, princess.” I said.

“Love you too.” She said.

“Okay, I think you should probably take a quick shower before mommy gets home with the grocery shopping. Go on, you go first.” I said, as she stood up and I slapped her on her sexy little butt, she went and got in the shower.

I have fucked Lola a total of 4 times now, and each time has been unbelievable, it’s just incredible.

My dreams have truly come true.

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