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I have force slot. I started out young cousins, little sisters, daughter. Daughters of friends sisters of friends.thi story is about the one I wish I had again. A little redhead name Alice, a friend of mine older sister.
I also had school girls, OMG there have been a lot of them, to many.
Back to Alice, she was 14. We were walking by the bathrooms .noone was around. Alice what walking by me I grab her ass pulled her in the bathroom put my hand over mouth,she tried to fight me back as I was trying to cop a feel of her pussy,I put my hand down the front of her pants and all that point, I know I was going to rape her little redhead pussy. She was still fighting me back.
I grab her by her neck, and tell her to stop. I don’t want to hurt you but I will if I have to. She was having a hard time.breathig.
I took my hand away and told her. again stop fighting me, this was going to happen rather she wanted it to or not.
I grab her by her neck again and you will never ever tell anyone, do you understand me? She nods her head that she understood.
I yank her pants and panties down, u had her face the bathroom wall, u took out my dick out,of my shorts.
I force it up into her tight virgin ass! She screamed out, I start to rape her ass, after about 15 mins of raping her ass and her crying out screaming and me raping her ass.
I filled her ass up with my rape juice.
It way about a week and that BITCH told on me. That’s ok pay back was coming, anyway nobody believe the BITCH!
Her Mom was the.only one that believes her, even her brother my friend didn’t believe her, it took me 2 weeks to.catch that BITCH! 2 weeks later I cought MS SNITCH BaiTCH! Walking by same bathroom, again noone was around. I grab her by her arm again and pulled her SNITCH BaiTCH ASS!.in to the bathroom. SNITCH BITCH! She starts crying.
Imma soo sorry y please don’t hurt me e. I go to the side of my jeans and pull out my lockblde out of my knife holder. I open it up. Force her into the bathroom wall, put the knife up to her neck. She say NO! PLEASE! Crying. Im fucking that redhead pussy of yours! crying NO PLEASE, I AM STILL A VIRGIN! I cut her on the neck to.make my point. SNITCH BaiTCH! Remember what they say About snitch bitches,
Snitch bitches are left in ditches needing sriches.
She says again please don’t c cut me Lori kil l l me.
I tell her to take.off all her clothes now Al! Cry, she does what she is told, she knows not to make me angry again. I put my knife away. Crying bad,
She pulls up her shirt and off, she takes her shorts down and off, she is standing.im her hot pink bra and panties. She reached around and unhooked her bra, with her shaking hand,she takes down and off her hot pink panties.
There it is my dream come true her 14 Year old redhair virgin pink pussy, A full redhair pussy. Im about to get lucky she tries to hide her tits with her arms.
I tell her to take her arms down. Crying. I told her you will never forget me.. Crying she takes.her arms down she don’t want hurt again.I ask her what size are your breasts? She says 38 C crying she said, Please DON’T DO THIS! I told her to lay flat on your back. I take of my jeans. She still hasn’t move. I said. Remember, my dick it was up in your ass when you was screaming for me to stop?
She is shaking bad, she said. YES, P PLEASE, YES I REMEMBER IT, P PLEASE NOT MY A ASS AGAIN!
I Tell her more forceful, NOW LAY FLAT O. YOUR BACK BITCH! Crying she does, I tell her to open her dam legs wide. Crying, she does
I get down between her legs I put her legs into me place my co k at the front of her redhair pink virgin pussy.
I force my cock into her pussy. She screaming OMFG THAT HURTS! As I rape her pussy, she screaming out and crying!. After awhile I feel something like a pop, she crying out loud THAT HURTS! I pop her cherry! She scheduled out OMFG she in bad pain
I keep raping her, she looks down OMFG IM BLEEDING SO BAD, AND IT HURTS SO BAD! Ass I keep raping her pussy, she says I CAN’T BELIEVE I BEING RAPE FOR MY BIRTHDAY! I keep forcing her, I said
HAPPY Birthday BITCH! As I keep forcing her. After about 10 minutes she screaming out OMFG I GOT TO PEE BAD! I said go ahead. She finally hits her orgasm, my cock gets so dam well I keep forcing her. She must have felt I was getting ready to. Cum because she said PLEASE TAKE YOUR OUT OF MY PUSSY I DON’T WHAT PREGNANT I said you should have thought about that sooner SNITCH BITCH! As I keep on Raping her
I CUN IN HRR redhair pussy.
Tne funny thing is her brother told me if you Rape Alice In Kool with it. What your Kool with it, if it really happened? Yeah. I just wish you would have let me known I would have traded Alice straight across for Christine.
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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667zb0a

    James, I really enjoyed your story. It’s written from a sexy sick rapist’s point of view, which is always fun!

  • Reply James ID:7zv3fpy2qk

    Don’t care I didn’t write it to have someone tell me how bad my writing is

    • Gonzo ID:7ylrenbd9c

      Don’t like it fucking leave this site Avenger, no one needs or care about your mouth. Your constant abuse of the Authors is fucking pathetic which leads me to believe your wife is fat, ugly, punks you out or your just lonely. Please go get some pussy or dick what ever you prefer and leave the Authors a lone.

      The whole purpose of writing is to convey the story to the reader as best as you can using certain things to draw them in like they were in the story themselves. If there are to many mistakes it draw away from this conveyance between the writer and the reader and thus they will not like your story or life episode you are writing about. This is just a tip from someone that tries to write about my life experiences myself. Writing takes practice and using a spell checker helps but nothing is 100% lol! Keep practicing and apply those tools and watch your rating climb.

  • Reply A. ID:5lt6jbl3vem

    Just terribly written, couldn’t finish read this due to the oh too many errors both in spelling and grammar.