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I took my 10 year old cousin on a day out

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Since last time, I got a job And started school so I haven’t been able to see her sweet ass as much, but I still try to every weekend. About three weeks ago, we went to the park and went to a bench. She was wearing a skirt with no underwear so I started to finger her. Her young 10 year old pussy was wet and dripping with her juices. We were
Right in front of the playground, so everyone could see us. It exited us both and got more horny than ever before. A little boy and girl who were no older than 7 were watching us the whole time. My cousin started to suck my dick in public and did not try to hide it. She enjoyed being watched like a whore and even got naked. I licked her flat chest and sucked on her hard nipples.at this point some of the parents were watching us so we decided to go to a less busy part of the park. This place was less busy with adults but there were still a lot of kids. We continued where we left and i ate her out until her legs were weak. A croud of little children started to form around us so we decided to give them a show. I fucked her brains out until she was screaming with pleasure and begging for more. There was a cute blonde girl with pig tales in the crowd. I could tell she was turned because she kept rubbing her groin. I pulled down her dress and ripped off her panties. Her pussy was smooth and tight. I started to kiss her while still fucking my cousin. I pulled out and aimed my dick towards her pussy. I rammed it in her and she shrieked with pain. I covered her mouth to muffle her voice. After a minute or two she started to moan in pleasure and was enjoying herself. I looked up to find my cousin getting spit roasted by two boys about her age. It was so hot i came inside the blonde girl. She couldn’t move her legs so i got her dressed but kept her panties. Not long after my cousin was done getting fucked and we were ready to leave. It was one of the best days of our sex lives ever

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    Is it possible to anal fist a 7 year old girl

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      I did it with a 8 Year old ass she was nice and tight so yes you can

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      Sounds hot

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      Nice 🙂

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    I go to the wrong park

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    Damn how old was the blonde with pig tails she sounds so sexy great storie