Cat: Trans

Bull fucks ftm wife

Bull meets couple at a bar. Cismale fucks transmales wife. Wife takes real cock instead of plastic. This story will misgender and be abusive. # # #

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I want my pussy back

I’m ftm and miss my pussy, I have not fully transitioned yet and this isn’t about actually regretting it. # # #

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Amazing Honey (Part-3)

Next day around 9’O clock in the morning a lady entered she first gave cutting, trimming to Alia, also cleaned her armpit, her hair in the labia was beautifully trimmed and same... # # # #

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Amazing Honey (Part-2)

Now Alia and Suzan started laughing and enjoying the honesty and truthfulness of Honey and both told Honey you are now being seduced and made a perfect fucker for fucking woman and... # # # #

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A new awaking

I went to a bar one friday night to have have some fun, I m twenty five with 32 d tits and a fit body, I was dressed in a short black dress thigh highs and panties,while I was having... # #

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Shemale and Incest

Fagu Marandi married to the sister of Baburam Oraon,a hardcore drunker but he matriculated and got job in railways as a porter in a station at Kerala where only two train passes in... # # # #

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Crossdressing truck driver

I am crossdressing truck dressed as a woman 99% of the time. I do most of my driving at night due to less traffic and headaches. I had taken a shower and since I had all of my body... # #

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