Cat: Trans

Mrs. Reid

She was the music teacher, and very feminine, but I guess the only way you could tell was she had a kinda reedy voice? # # #

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Well, that was a shocker

I have no problem with trans people, but you never can tell who is one. I was shocked at what I saw 2 of my students doing in the toilets. # # #

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Crossdresser husband adult book store

I got up early one day and took a hot bubble bath then I got dressed in purple corset seamed suntan thigh stockings and hooked them to the garter straps on the corset. Glued on my silcone... # #

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Crossdresser husband

Ron and I had affair over 5 years till his job transfered him and our wives new about it. Well my wife and I were talking an she told me that since Ron and his wife moved away not only... # # #

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Toby – Is a girl

I was so shocked when I found out my best friend was actually a girl. But then I couldn’t stop thinking about it and I just had to fuck him…her. # # #

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Sex Attic

My grandma, and grandpa died, leaving us the house. My brother got the old guest bedroom, while I moved my bed in the old sewing room. #TV # # # #

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Nanny McFuck

This is the bizarre story of how my nanny got me pregnant by secretly having sex with me, even though I was awake and let her do it. # # #

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