Cat: Trans

Never say never #3

With both of us in the bathroom,I never noticed how small it was until now.The tub took up half the bathroom.Tyler started the water and sat on the tub edge undressing.I. Pulled off... # # # #

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Never say never #2

“Are those your clothes?”I asked”I won’t be needing clothes tonight.”Tyler shared with a big grin on his face.I didn’t know how to respond so I didn’t say anything and... # # # #

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Never say never

15 y/0 Femboy seduces me into something I always sweared would never happen so never say never.This happened 5 years ago. # # # #

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Futamom the final part

Many day went by after and it became routine for me, suck her dick eat lunch, get ass fucked, eat dinner and do homework, then go to bed after a bunch of hot creampies in my pussy.... # # # #

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The new neighbors

Well I had new neighbors move in the house next to mine. They were older married couple in there 60’s. Well I was very open to them about when we met. After a couple of weeks... # # #

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Crossdresser for daddy

Yes I am a crossdresser full time since I was very young and this is fantasy story I really didn’t have a dad or know him. Well it started when I was young I was completely hairless... # # # #

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I am castrated and feel fine

I am a trance who loves to live as a woman. I am taking estrogen and have just had surgery castrated. I am very happy with who I have become after that #

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Drunk and crossdress

I was drinking at a bar in a small town passing through I met a older local we started talking and drinking time goes by we had shots and laughs then I tell him it’s time for... #

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Yoga fun

I was dressing as Paula full time during this time I had a wonderful female friend we shopped almost everything together. We have been doing yoga over a year together. One day she came... # #

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Getting dressed for friends

I was having a guy party at my house one night. Well I the guys that showed up knew about me being a crossdresser and completely smooth and hairless permanently except for my eyebrows... # # #

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Crossdresser and Best friend part 2

Well the rest of the day we kissed an made out. I sucked him and he licked my glued down boi virgia and gurly boi pussi hole. So this went on for a few days. We even got up the nerve... # # #

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Crossdresser an best friend

I lived in a rural area with my single mother school was mostly home schooling. Well form the time I can remember I was always feminine as long as I can remember I had my ears pierced... # # #

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Teen boi and oldman 2

The next morning he woke me up with a passionate kiss. I asked how long he was awake. He said long enough to admire you for a while and how sexy and beautiful you are. Well he said... # # # # #

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