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Cat: Trans

Me n my dog

I’m 16, trans ftm but I still have the body of a girl and I like to let my dog lick my little pussy. Every time I’m home alone all I can think about is his tongue on me.... # # #

358 words | 6 |4.91

Getting setup on a blind date

Hi my name Jeffery is 34 year old all my mate had settled down with wife girlfriends. Me going to the pub or working. when the weekend comes around I am out playing the 3rd wheel.well... # #

1526 words | 6 |3.71

How I beacame a sissy, part 4

My first solo sex

. Note story this contains sex between and a sissy. My mobile phone rang. ”Hello,” I answered quietly. ”Roberta?” I heard on the other side. ”Yes, that’s... # # # #

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Sallys adventures 3

The car stopped beside there house just inside the gates of the scrap yard, I was lifted out gently and carried inside, into a large open plan kitchen living room A female voice broke... #

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Femboy sissy

Mom and I lived in a small town in the mountains of northern US. I was very feminine for a boy and had long hair and kept my eyebrows done thin and my body completely smooth and hairless... # # # #

1060 words | 7 |4.22

I need to get raped so bad…

So, lets start this off with the basics. This whole story will be true! Also, I’m 16 years old. MtF trans, still haven’t started transitioning so I’m still a full... # #

1210 words | 8 |3.57