Cat: Trans

Crossdressing teen slut

It had been a few weeks since I was fucked by him. I guess mom had noticed that I was dressing every day and going on walks a lot. She followed me one day that I was meeting a guy.... # #

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Crossdressing teen slut

Well I loved completely dressing as a girl. I had very long hair and it was cut and styled very feminine and I had my eyebrows done thin and arched feminine and periced ear’s... # # #

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Party time 3

My mum stopped sucking my cock only to replaced by Alice.. They had different techniques but they where both amazing.. The cock in my mouth had gotten harder and was rigid.. It filled... # # # #

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Dress up 5

Where did you find the clothes can we look to see if there are any more… You really like me dressed as I girl… As I was asking this I was stroking Chad’s hardening... # # # #

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Dress up 4

Our roles where definitely beginning to defining themselves.. I think my best description I found to cover myself is naughty bratty sub.. And Chad became more of a dom / daddy with... # # #

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Dress up 3

We still laid entwined on the bed.. Chad’s cock had finally gone soft and my ass was empty my anal ring had a hot burning sensation.. As we laid together kissing and stroking... # # #

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Dress up 2

After he filled my ass he slowly pulled out and laid next to me… I felt the warm liquid leaking out of me.. I had cum in my pants.. My ass felt hot but there was no pain.. I just... # # # #

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please help

i’m a lola sissy whore who wants to be fucked and never play with my dick again and serve alpha women and men # #

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Elli and daddyb

Elli cleaned my cock licking out from the top to the bottom.. Where did you learn to do that that..i asked when my voice returned.. She stood up my cock still in her hand. Porn of of... # # #

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My friends boy is special totally on the spectrum.. Not dumb or stupid just put there on his own wave length.. He is slim and has long every blonde hair and corn flower blue eyes..... # #

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