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FTM “taught a lesson” by mom BF

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I was 19 and had been lesbian since I was 12. I started transitioning at 18 using hormones, no surgeries, then he raped me

My shithead moms boyfriend fucked me, raped me. He even let my mom know, it was to teach me that i was a woman, not a man. I have short black hair, after a year on hormones, I guess a more masculine face, less hippy but was always sort of straight bodied, very little indent to my waist, flat ass, and I exaggerated when I was I was a AA cup in my bra. I didn’t need one, I really had “pecs” not tits, though my areaolae and nipples are light pink and puffy. I enjoyed eating women, sucking on their tits, making them scissor with me, suck my clit which has grown much bigger due to the hormones. I had a big clit anyway, about 2 inches long, now it’s about 3 and a half. My main girl suzie back in Cali where I live now lets me put it in her pussy and her ass. It feels like I’m fucking her for real.

I was on my way back to Cali from a job in Atlanta. I stopped by chicago to see my mom and visit for a couple of days. After the afternoon, she left saying she needed to go see a sick friend. I stayed and listened to her asshole boyfriend tell me that he was so fucking good I’d never want to be with another pussy again. I finally had enough and told him to fuck off. He got so damn mad he was turning red, and he got up and slapped me across the face. I got up to haul off and hit him back and I got a fist to the chest and a kick to my crotch. I went down and at that he pulled off my tee shirt ripping it, and showing my puffies, he launched himself at me and started pinching one and sucking on the other. I came back around and tried to get him off me and call him names. He just stayed there. Taking his mouth off my nipple he said to calm down and just wait. I kept moving trying to get him off me, and his teeth were poised around one of my nipples. “Keep moving bitch, and I swear I’ll leave you with only one nipple.”

I stopped. Another 5 or 10 minutes he picked up and looked me in the eye. “Look at your nipples bitch, you liked it”. I told him to let me up, and he got up off me. I grabbed the rag that was my shirt and got up, it was then that he picked me up at the waist and taking me into my moms bedroom he unzipped my jeans and throwing me on the bed quickly pulled them off. I tried to kick him away but a few more hits to my crotch, my belly and my chest stopped me. He looked at me and my male jockeys and told me take them off and show him the goods. I didn’t move until his doubled up fist started heading my way, I took them off. He made me get up and walk naked with him and take my jeans, shirt, get my socks from the living room, and my mens underwear and take them to the trash can. Not the one in the kitchen, the one on the backporch where people could see me naked if they were there. Two teens next door were there and hooted at me. “see having a cunt is a good thing, even if you don’t have tits” the asshole said. He guided me back into the bedroom with his hand on my ass. “You don’t have a have bad ass, I thought it was nothing but it’s really a nice shape, show it off for me” he demanded. “what do you mean?” I asked. “Dance for me baby, get me hard, dance around and shake that little ass and show me your pussy”. I refused and I got punched in the gut and thrown on the bed out of breath. The asshole was taking down his shorts his fat cock sticking out now under his big belly. “Fine cunt, then I’ll make you want to dance for me”. With that he pulled me by my legs to the edge of the bed, lifted my legs up over his shoulder and started rubbing his big thick cock into my pussy lips. I tried but couldn’t help it. He was chuckling as he said “Yeah baby, that’s a good pussy, get it good and wet for cock” Then it was in me. All the way in one stroke. I’d let a 15 year old boy stick his in me when I was 13, and I hated it. but he broke my hymen and now I was getting my second cock. He was kissing me on my lips, my ears, my neck, he was sucking on my nipples and pummeling in and out of me. “I’m gonna tell mom you bastard” I said “she already knows why do you think she left us alone?”

I was stunned, my mom knew he was going to rape me. My mom who was always so forgiving, so much on my side in life, knew that her boyfriend was going to rape me to change me into being a woman and wanting cocks for sex. I just started crying uncontrollably. “That’s it baby, act like a girl, a girl with a cunt full of good cock” he laughed at me while saying it. “Next time it will be your asshole and you’re not leaving her without a nice big load going in your mouth either” he said. Then he picked up his movements and plunged into my like it would never end, but it did. I felt the surges of his cum leaving his cock and going into my unprotected pussy. I definitely had a pussy then, he filled it with his cock and his cum. He pulled out and told me not to move as he took pictures with his phone. Next he stuck his pussy soaked cock into my mouth with orders to suck. I knew better, I just did it. It took such a long time, my jaws ached but he finally pulled out then rolled me over. I started to move away again “Do I have to hurt you again?” he snarled. “Do I?” I meekly resonded “No sir”

He moved some of my juice and his sperm up to my butthole. Rubbing it around he plunged into my pussy again and got lubed up then aimed at my butthole. I was begging him not to do it. “Just like your momma, I was the first up her asshole too, don’t worry just like her you’re going to like it after a few times”. Then at least he went slow, but I think I might have preferred it being fast. It was burning and painful. There was no time to relax, he just started buttfucking me right there, on my mothers bed. The same bed she got it in her butt her first time from this sadist. I laid there for about 30 minutes before he picked up the pace and started harder and faster. Then he pulled out pulled my head around and stuck his shit covered cock in my mouth. I got his full load and had to swallow it. Then he pulled his cock out and showed it to me, there was cum and brown and red blood on it, then he stuck it in my mouth again.

I was exhausted, he told me to get up and in the bathroom with him watching me I had to shit, pee, and wipe up my pussy and my ass, gargle mouthwash. I was done and he stood there, reaching down to my hairy pussy feeling it and telling me how good a fuck I was in all three holes. I tried to go to my room but he made me go to my moms bedroom again, I thought there was more rape to come but instead I had to take her panties, her bra, a nice feminine blouse, and stockings, garter and a short skirt. “Now that is the way a woman should be dressed, very sexy” he said. I was taken out to the living room again, and I had to sit next to him on the couch. My mom came in soon after. He’d sent her the pictures he took, me naked on my back, closeups of my pussy leaking his cum, his cock in my mouth, his cock in my ass and laying there after with a gaping asshole after a half hour of being buttfucked.

“Oh my how nice you look baby, You should dress like that all the time” she said smiling at me. “You look so pretty” The asshole chimed in “yeah she’s good little girl now”. I looked at his crotch and he was hard again, I was so damn scared. Then he told me mom to go into the bedroom and get naked he needed some “more”. I was told not to leave, to stay and not even move. The couch looked into the room, he didn’t close the door. He told her to lay on her stomach, lubed her ass while looking at me and smiling. Then he buttfucked my mom while I watched. She came out in her robe “sorry you had to see that, but he is so nice isn’t he?”

She had taken all my clothes and thrown them away. She bought me feminine clothes and when I left I didn;t take any of them. I snuck out at night, and made my way back to my home and my girlfriend. She was shocked at what I was wearing, I told her not to ask any questions, she wouldn’t like the answers. I’ll never go back to my moms again.

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    damn i honestly feel so bad for you, happy your better now tho