Cat: Interracial

Need to be raped

I remember from a young age I started playing with my pussy and getting off anyway I could, I would hump the couch or opened my legs in the shower and let the water hit my clut until... # # #

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We Are Cousins 3-B

So this is the second part of part 3 of the series. It picks up from where I left off in the last short story. I walked into the other room of the suite and there sat my sister. “Luke... # # # #

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We Are Cousins! Part 3-A

This is going to be a two-parter. I was going to make it all one but the story was going to be super long. So I thought I would divide it. The Sunday after Katie left for LSU to visit... # # # #

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Fucking my friends black mom

My name is James and I’m 16 now. I’m 5’10, I have brown hair and brown eyes, and I’m white. When I was 14 I fucked my black friends mom. She’s about 5’3, has brown skin... # # #

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Short stories

It was in 8th grade when me and my friends (3 guys. 2/3 were gay and dating at the time..) and this other guy let’s name himm.. hmm N So me and N we all sneak into the school... # # #

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The Neighbor Girls 2

Astrid got up I have to go to swimming practice. Ariana says not today for me, I’m staying here with Luke grabbing his cock and squeezing it hard. Wow not so hard Ariana goes... # # #

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The Neighbor Girls 3

Koko the neighbors wife was waiting in the corridor when Luke came to the door. She smiled went running up to him jumping into his arms. She was dressed in a sort white skirt no panties... # # #

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