Cat: Interracial

No Mercy

Mark Raider and Tyrone Beesler were two black youths gone bad. They’d been friends since they were little, so when one suggested a crime, the other would always agree. At first, they... # # #

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My Stelton

I can’t believe what is going on in my life. I’m forty, pregnant and left my husband for another man. Don’t get me wrong I’m enjoying all the sex we’re having. I love waking... #

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A collage professer pt 2

The next day after class my student came up to me and smiled and waited for evry one to leave and he asked me if I could meet him later ,I was reluctant at first but I enjoyed our encounter... # #

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Summer with my uncle pt2

We laid there after having sex I loved how my uncle made me feel,as we rested we chatted he asked me if I wanted to become his sex slave and let him use me as he wished for himself... # # #

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Please Don’t Do This

Well it’s been three months. I have a little baby bump showing and the doctor said everything is fine. Stelton and I are having sex everyday so that keeps me happy. I’m in a good... #

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Prison Life III

Mark Steaver drove north through Washington State. It had been six weeks since he’d been released from prison, the infamous Folsom prison in California. On his first day free, he’d... # # #

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It’s Over

It’s a Saturday morning and Stelton just gave me my morning fuck. My cell rings and it’s Rocky. He asks Carol where are you. I tell him I’ll come over and we need to talk. I ask... #

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It Finally Happened

Most of you have read my stories. Some were fact and some were fiction. This is a true story. I can’t believe that forty, I’m pregnant. The worse part it isn’t Rocky’s. You... # #

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My Bangladesh neighbors

I live in a nice upscale area and it’s all townhouses. I have an end unit and have lived here 12 years. The unit next to me was bought by a couple with two small children from... # #

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My vacation in rio pt3

I woke up next to my black lover the next morning and he was already awake ,I smiled and he kissed me as he ran his hand oer my stomach and caressed my pussyi felt his hard dick brush... # #

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My vacation in rio pt 2

The next morning after the guys left I showered and cleaned up ,then I put on a short black dress with thigh highs and panties with no bra and I went out soon I was in a bar having... #

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Opportunity In The Night

Marcus Risen was a young black man, trying to survive in the city’s ghetto district. Life was hard. He worked for Darnel, one of the guys who ran the different “businesses” in... # # #

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Michael Fairbanks was fifty years old, black, and until a few months ago, he’d been living on meager incomes. That is, until one day the Mega Millions hit for him, and suddenly he... # # #

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