Cat: Interracial

Teachers aide

I started working as a teachera aid at an inner city high school I m twenty eight blonde with 32 dd tits and an athletic body. One day I was helping a student after school he was seventeen... # # # #

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Chuck old husband

True story,. My wife and I were in bed one night we just got done having sex. We were talking about stuff as I was rubbing her Creampied pussy I just gave her. She thought I was just... # #

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Craving bbc

Now Since I was living and dressing as Paula full time 24 7 and my wife and I had a very open relationship. We just got done taking a long bubble bath and got dressed for bed. After... # # #

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Coming home from a trip

I was at the airport trying to catch my flight home on a thursday from a bussines trip, when my flight was cancelled and I couldn t get a flight out till sunday due to booking, I m... # #

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My mother and me pt2

The next morning I went to the stall and undressed and my buddy came in and git ready and I sucked his dick and we fucked for abit,he smiled and said they both enjoyed last nite and... # #

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My mother and me on the farm pt 1

I m 19 a 5’6brunette with 34d tits ,it was early summer on the farm and my dad had hired two young black men to help us they were both lean and well built ,one morning after breakfest... # #

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Loving threesome pt2

Me and the girls were fucking at Laura’s parents house. We were visiting for a couple days and we got so horny we couldn’t wait any longer. Samantha was licking my balls... # #

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While I was at the beach

I was vacationing for a week at the beach, I m 19 bruneete with 34dd tits,I waslaying on the beach late one morning in my sexy bikini when I decided I had enough sun,so I got up and... # #

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Loving threesome

When I was 13 I was staying over at a friends. Her name was laura she was white and a lesbian and 13 too. I always thought she was beautiful. She had beautiful white eyes a nice butt... # # # #

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