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Author: Jacob

My adopted sister

My adopted sister Pari was 4 when I first met her. She was adopted from India. She was gorgeous, medium dark skin with long black hair, thin body. I was 5 and she looked up to me as... # # # #

1457 words | 4 |4.62

3 Wicked Witches

The perfect person to fulfill all their kinky crazy desires. When they realized he wasn’t afraid but was a freak they knew he would be the one! # # #

1111 words | 0 |3.73

Jacob fucks Sarada

Jacob and Melvin planned to fuck Sarada at any cost. So one night both went to her house when her husband was not there. Sarada was surprised to see them at that time Jacob pushed her... #

735 words | 5 |4.55