Cat: Incest

Slumber Party

Mark Catrell was a divorced man with a fourteen-year-old problem on his hands. His wife had dropped her off on this night, of all nights. He had a date with this gorgeous supermarket... # # # #

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I let my brother pee on me

I was sitting on the toilet having a pee when my brother walked in and saw me there. Hey I yelled get out I am going t the bathroom. He just stood and looked down between my legs for... # # #

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Cousins George and Mark and I our first homosexual go rounds and exploring each others bodies. # # # #

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Motherly Surprise

The morning sun’s rays beamed brightly into Hunter’s bedroom. For the young boy, he had the fortunate day ahead as there is no school due to a teacher’s workday, so... # #

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Sleepy sister

I’ve always thought of my sister in ways I never should. She’s only two years younger than me, but she’s so much more developed than me. I’m 15 and she’s 13. She’s got beautiful... # # #

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Clean your room

Mom got angry with my sister for not cleaning her room so she dragged her in to my room and forced me to fuck her up the ass as punishment. # # # #

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48 States and still running

We all got up about noonish we are all hungry, Lily looks at the time and goes I have to go, I was expected home hours ago, I tell her just tell the Parents you lost track of time as... # # # #

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Little woman

I’d spent the afternoon getting her drunk with Malibu milkshakes. I was waiting until she was blackout drunk so I could fuck her silly. After a full bottle and 5 hours she was... # # #

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I fucked my 13 Year old cousin

My cousins were coming over from Los Angeles. We live an hour apart and I always see them. Usually twice or three times a month. I was 13 at the time. My cousin Felix was 15, and my... # #

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48 states we run

next morning im up and driving as we only have a limited number of hours each day to get to the next location to stop for the night before we are forced off by night fall, we are running... # # # #

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