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1559 Words this is how it starts, she wanted to take pictures, and they all want to touch me, her uncel to her more boys and girls and a lot more touching
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Small dick

605 Words I am from India living in Jaipur .I am 19 years old student.once my parents went on Tour and I was alone in my house .I have a dog in my mausi came to meet my family...
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father in law

885 Words I am married for three years .it was my late marriage because of studies .I got married at the age of 38 husband is 42 years .e We had sex daily .for three years .now i am...
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572 Words 👤 12 years ago during hurricane Katrina,my stepdaughter and family had come up to the house to get away from the wife is a few years older than me.we were unable to have...
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Late night intruder

629 Words 👤 I’m Sharon I’m a 42 yr old widowed housewife. My husband died last year at the deer hunting camp, leaving me to finish raising my two teenage kids. After going through a...
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