Cat: Incest

My sister Mary

My parents had Mary when I was 26, and they had me when they were 19. They’re constantly busy now so I don’t know why they had a kid. I’m always her babysitter. I’m 38 now and... # # # #

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Daddies little angel

This is the story of the special relationship with my adopted daughter. I am 42 and had been single for a while, I had tried online dating but was disillusioned with it and the effort... # #

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caught my mama and uncle fucking

My mom is 5’6 black female DD tits and bubble butt. My uncle is 6’2 and black male One day I was on my mama phone and saw a text from my uncle that said last night was fun. I was... # #

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My mom thought I was dad

My mom has some dementia and when I visit her she thinks I am dad. Dad died a few years ago. The older I get, the more I do look like him. # #

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I remember the days of my youth living at my dad and stepmom’s lake house. I have a stepsister, Ming, who is almost the same age. She is about six months older than me. She was slowly... # # # #

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On a vacation with mom

This was years ago. Mom and I went on a summer vacation alone, since my dad was too busy with work. I was 18 then and a virgin, never even kissed a girl. I was short, skinny, shy and... #

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Baby girl

I am only a young preteen but I have spied on my brother jerking his cock off many times and seen his cum shoot way out into the air. At first I was surprised and not sure what was... # # #

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