Cat: Incest

My brothers bully

When I was 15 my younger brother had a bully. He beat the shit out of my brother more than once. He was my age so I tried talking to him. He pushed my up against the lockers, ran his... # # #

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My uncle molested me

Little sarah looked down only with a cups and a bubble but with a soft hairless body she pouted as her dad hugged her “uncle lester is gonna take care of you i love you”... # #

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Grandpa takes my virginity

In my last story I have told you about a brief summary of my childhood, about being molested by my grandfather. I don’t remember exactly when or how it all began, but lets talk about... # # #

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Daddy and dogs

Home alone at last. I smiled and sat on my bed, crossing my legs as I started to look for a porno to watch. I stopped when I saw a beastiality one, I tapped on it and my jaw dropped... # #

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pedo uncle

Brianna groaned as her uncle called her she was trapped in a cabin with him until quarantine was lifted as always she got up and jogged downstairs sitting in uncle’s lap trying... # #

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It feels good

Growing up incest was a common thing in my household and town (im not gonna say) but if was okay to walk around naked infront of my cousins and uncles and if my dad needed somebody... # #

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