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Mom missing dad 2

We were laying under blankets I kissed mom on forehead. She pulls against me and looks up I kiss her she responded with running her hand down my stomach and takes hold of my already... # # #

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Dream came true

I was 28 years old tall.good with my family .I have one elder sister married. No kids she is beautiful .good breasts ..which can arouse any one .I usually get erection... #

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Mom missing dad 1

Mom is 50 dad passed away of cancer 3 years prior and mom was haveIng a real hard time dealing with it. I have2 brothers and a sister. I am the middle child. Mom is averaging she is... # # #

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A Pregnant Chuch

Our family last name is Cummings, a prefect name for a family in this town we just moved to. My name is John my wife Ashly, and our children Amber 14, Jonn Jr. 13 his twin sister Jenny,... # # # #

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I fucked Mom

I was 18 just out of high school it was summer of 2018. Mom had a dentist appointment to get her wisdom teeth pulled. Mom is 38 very attractive curvy just alittle chubby but has nice... # # #

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Moms gambling addiction.

My mom linda is 42,5/7,135 lbs.waivy strawberry blonde hair great ass,just a fucking 18 and have a few months left of high dad works 2nd shift so that leaves just... #

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More about me and my cousin

I felt my body get cold as the blankets moved from off of my lower half, I only sleep in panties and a thin shirt I layed there for a few seconds with my eyes shut before I felt two... # #

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3 girls 1 cock

Teaching my 3 daughters about sex has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. And most exhausting. # # #

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