Cat: Incest

Party of five

I’ve always enjoyed the sight of my wife sucking my cock. She always likes to put her ass in the air and sometimes brings her feet up. She’s amazing. She knows exactly how... # #

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My mom is my slut

James was 12 and his mom was 26 she had him really young her parents forced her to have a husband and baby. Her role was never above any boys in the house that’s what her dad and... # #

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Wicked Sister

I walked in on my brother, “Mom!” But he let go of his boner, and covered it up. #Groomed. I told you it took a long time. 😉 # # #

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Grandpa’s fetish 2

I fell asleep with my grandfather sucking my tits. A few hours later I woke to him mounting me again. I knew he was determined to get me pregnant. It only took him 20 minutes to cum... # #

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Fucking our whore mother

Dad had a surprise waiting for us after school. Turns out our mother had been sleeping around, she is a whore, so we treated her like one. # # #

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