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Sex in need

559 Words In last story I told you how I got fucked by my brother. He fucked me for three years .then I got married .I was happy as my huby was tall and hand some .thinking he might have a big...
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My french mother

1684 Words never been with anyone so sensual in my life she taught me how to make love to a girl and not just fuck her
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Sleeping sex

508 Words I meena 45 years old mother of one young son 22 years well built .he works in city zoo .and stay there .he got job recently .he has one room flat on rent..I was worried about him .how...
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Through hell and back

3679 Words πŸ‘€ I reached over and put my hand on his shoulder, he never stopped me, I ran it down his body slowly and he never stopped me, in that moment we both knew what we wanted
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My guilty pleasure part 2

1745 Words So previously I wrote about how everything started and how I found about the connection between my daughter and Bruce, now I’ll continue writing right from where I ended last...
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Sex experiences

851 Words I was 17 years old boy and student of 12 class..I used to read sex stories book given by my. Friends .stories regarding sex with sisters .brothers . dogs etc. I used to get erectiion...
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1559 Words this is how it starts, she wanted to take pictures, and they all want to touch me, her uncel to her more boys and girls and a lot more touching
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