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father in law

I am married for three years .it was my late marriage because of studies .I got married at the age of 38 husband is 42 years .e We had sex daily .for three years .now i am...
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12 years ago during hurricane Katrina,my stepdaughter and family had come up to the house to get away from the wife is a few years older than me.we were unable to have... πŸ‘€
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Late night intruder

I’m Sharon I’m a 42 yr old widowed housewife. My husband died last year at the deer hunting camp, leaving me to finish raising my two teenage kids. After going through a... πŸ‘€
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Fun with sister

It was about me and my sister we used to live in small town .I was 17 years and my sister was 15 years at that time .we both were studying. And used to go to cock was ready...
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family in family

I am living in small village.we have small house.we have five members in family .in village we have one room and kitchen out side .in summer we sleep out side and on roof .but in winter...
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mother spoils me

I was 17 years of boy mom is 43 years y dad is shopkeeper.he goes to shop morning and comes ate night.As I was in 12 class and preparing for medical center wa in another...
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sex with my brother

I am sweety 17 years old average built .I story is about one year old. My bother is three years older than me .I never had sex before .but I knew about it . my friends used to share...
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she received what she deserved

my sister in law had a decent and firm figure . She was 5’2 with b cup tits and a handful of ass . Nothing great by any standard. I ‘ d say she was a 7 / 10 on her best... πŸ‘€
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