Cat: Incest

she received what she deserved

my sister in law had a decent and firm figure . She was 5’2 with b cup tits and a handful of ass . Nothing great by any standard. I ‘ d say she was a 7 / 10 on her best... #

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Happy Birthday Baby Boy

My parents split up shortly after my 15th birthday. I was the youngest of 4, and the last fledgling in the nest, at the end of a long marriage that began in high school. Y’all... #

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A good son

I was always a Mommas boy, I guess. My mom would take along with her every where. I was 16 and started to notice she had alot of male stranger friends. Mostly meeting in a quiet country... #

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Cindy Gets Fucked

Cindy gets fucked young by her cousins, then her brother and his friends I wrote this story and have copied it from a site where I had posted it last year. ***************************... # #

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my sister the masseuse

My 25 year old sister works as a masseuse at one of the big saunas in town , she’s a real looker , with a body to die for , long dark hair big tits and legs right up to her arse... #

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Watching mother fucking

I was so little boy that I could not tell my age because I am not sure what is the youngest I could talk about, But I was abused by my stepsister at very tender age, I have had a problem... #

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Hooked on watching

I think I’m hooked on spying on people having sex, because I always seem to be at the right time right place to witness the most intimate and wild sex between whoever. I was in... #

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Queen of Ass

The Mexican queen i am makes me a horny girl on the inside. Im young at 19, and am the most attractive girl anyone could feast their eyes on. Ass, body type, you name it. I never chose... # #

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Open Mom’s House

I am a middle aged man who is still somewhat attractive, with salt n pepper hair, goatee, tattoos and stocky build. I’ve been told by my two ex-wives and countless lovers (men... #

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