Cat: Incest

I drug raped my cousin

When I was 12yo my 15yo cousin rejected my advances, all I wanted to do was fuck him, but he said no. So I drugged and raped him instead. # # #

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I never got the big deal with the beach. The water is gross, there’s nothing to play with, and the waves are so loud that you can’t hear anything. # # #

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Mama’s Boy

Now that I’m in my 20s, I’m just now figuring out who the hell I am and why I act the way I do. I have a fetish for blondes with nice milk-filled jugs. I’ve been with... # #

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daddys favorite

My mother and father had 6 kids being the 6th and being born with 5 brothers. The oldest is Kevin he’s 22 with my triplet nephews who are 3 the second oldest is Jaylen he’s... # # #

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My little cousin

When I was 19, my little cousin was barely 10. She and I were very close and I always took her with me to the mall and stuff. One day in the summer, my uncle dropped her off at my house... # #

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my little come pipe

Having a secret sexual relationship with my nephew has been the greatest experience of my life. # #

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Handy Randi

When I got older, and passed my driving test, I got the old car. I guess I should be disappointed, but in some ways it was my first love. # # #

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My first hand job

My first hand job and first ejaculation was traumatic and scary. My sister did it but didn’t know what she was doing. # #

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