Cat: Incest

I came in my sisters pussy

Me and my sister we’re skipping school like normal and I was just chilling In my room when I heard the jerkmate ad loud asf come from my sisters room I assume she thought nobody heard... # #

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Cousin and me tag team my sister

So this happened about a week and a half ago I was sleeping over at my cousins for a couple days. You know make money buy weed, smoke it Repeat Normal 15 year old shenanigans. Anyway... # # #

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My Wacky Aunt Zavi

My aunt Zavi came to live with us, and considered me a proxy son. I tried to convert her mental state into an opportunity. #

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My Insane Granny

After reading stories of granny and grandson, I decided to tell my story. Its @ 50 % true story almost. #

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