Cat: Incest

Dawn panty raid

My little sister loves playing with my cock and even enjoys the taste of my spunk, I hope tonight it finally the night I get to fuck her. # # #

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Taking my daughters virginity

My daughter recently turned 13 and I’ve noticed that she’s worn more revealing clothes than normal. Every time I point out how much skin she’s showing, the next day she wears... # #

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Games with Emma

My little sister I were always close ever since she was little, but once I turned 14 everything changed. She was only eight at the time, but she was still attached at my hip, following... # # #

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Out of control incest

It started with just me and my mom, now there are more than 30 of us living on the farm and they’re all technically my kids. Thank god for Tom. # # #

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David and Sue’s free spirit

My name is David and I was her only son , and 23 years old with a 55 year old natural birth mother Sue . I am blond blue eyed , tall skinny 135 pounds , and have a large 8 inch cock... #

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Lil Sis curiosity led to sex

This story is fictional non of the content ever happened if you are uncomfortable with this genre or with the characters ages don’t bother to read. And sorry if my english is... # # #

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