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Little sister lust pt.2

After that night there was almost nothing stopping me she loved it. i know she loved it. i came so hard in her tight hole i almost melted and i wanted seconds. the next few nights i... # # # #

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Teach me, daddy

I became obsessed with my daughter, one day she caught me jerking off in her room, and after an long argument, I finally got to fuck her. # # #

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Daddy’s Asian fuckdoll 3

The study is filled with the raw fucking my daddy is giving me, the smell of sex permeate the air. I am lying on the armchair with my legs spread wide open hanging hanging over the... # #

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The Peeper Part 2

Read “The Peeper” to understand the story. Starting from where I left off. “Yeah baby. You know I love you right?”, she nodded with my dick in her mouth. I stroked... # # # #

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The Peeper

I was 15 and my step sister was 11. I was taking a shower and noticed the curtain under the sink move. I got out and toweled off. Put the towel around me and tucked it in place. I turned... # # # #

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Me and my cousin

I remember falling asleep on the couch while watching tv, I felt cold fingers run over my shirts because I’m a light sleeper, I opened my eyes to my older cousin he looked at... # #

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Daughter Fucks Daddy Pt.3

I watched as Honey unzipped his jeans, she pulled down his jeans and boxers to reveal his cock. She instantly started rubbin it. “Daddy I love your cocks, it’s way longer... # #

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Daughter Fucks Daddy Pt.2

From then on, Lillian would come back to school (she started in-person in march) and lock herself in her bedroom. We would listen to her moan, she really didn’t pay attention... # #

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Party time 3

My mum stopped sucking my cock only to replaced by Alice.. They had different techniques but they where both amazing.. The cock in my mouth had gotten harder and was rigid.. It filled... # # # #

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Daughter Fucks Daddy Pt.1

Hi. I’m Lillian. I am 33 years old and I’m bisexual. I have blue yeyes, blonde hair that’s an inch below my shoulders, 34D sized breasts, a nice thick ass, and a pussy... # #

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We Are Cousins! Part 3-A

This is going to be a two-parter. I was going to make it all one but the story was going to be super long. So I thought I would divide it. The Sunday after Katie left for LSU to visit... # # # #

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My little sister pregnant

My parents had to go out of town for a couple of weeks.leaving me to baby sit my 13yr sister Samantha, found some Ambien slipped to her and fucked her # # #

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