Cat: Incest

Christmas cock from my molester

When I was 10, my uncle moved in with us. Within the first week he molested me. I loved hanging out with him. We were in his bed watching a movie. I was snuggling him when he put his... # # #

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Camping with my brother

When I was 12 I went camping with my oldest brother who was 20 we went to this remote spot by a lake and it was cool it was cold at night but he insisted I get naked so we can be warmer... # #

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My 3 sisters and me part two

The nexted day I woke up it started with breakfast and talking about the day we had planned me and my sister went up stairs I got shaved waxed my sissy cock was not very hard but I... # # #

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I’m my dads favorite

My and my mom are in my life and I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters Joshua Lilly Jacob and rose and recently my mom and dad split up and while everybody picked my mom I picked my mom I... # # #

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Santa and I

When I was 17 my family and I spent Christmas at my grandpa’s house, where on Christmas morning he would dress up like Santa to make my little siblings and cousins happy. My mom made... #

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