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Dungeons and Daddies: Chapter 1: Best Friends Share Everything

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My best friend has always shared everything, even young girls he’s slept with. But when his daughter comes of age, will he share her with me as well?

—– Chapter 1: Best Friends Share Everything —–

My name is Danny and I’ve been friends with Josh since we were kids. Our whole lives we have shared almost everything. When we were in high school we even shared girlfriends. The first time he fucked a girl we were both 14 in 9th grade and she was only 11 in 6th grade. He told her he would tell her parents if she didn’t also fuck his best friend, me. That’s how we both lost our virginity to a pretty blonde grade-schooler, Victoria, in the same week. Over the years we ended up swapping nights with each other’s girlfriends, but eventually he got Victoria pregnant when she was 15. Josh and I were high school seniors and Victoria’s parents pressured him into marrying her to avoid a scandal.

Because Victoria had been sexually broken by a family friend before she was a pre-teen, she was Josh’s little pregnant slut and who craved sex would do anything he told her. Right after high school, while Victoria was in her third trimester, Josh was hired by his father’s business and had to leave for long weekend trips about two or three times a month. Josh asked me to take care of his 15-year-old pregnant wife while he was gone and to sleep with her at night to make sure she was sexually satisfied.

Victoria had long blonde hair and small boobs that grew quite nicely as her pregnancy progressed. She was about 5’6″ and had a nice gap between her thighs. Her eyes were always so big, and she had the cutest little nose. At the time Victoria was so horny and would beg me to fuck her almost as soon as I arrived at her and Josh’s house. I think it might have even been my cock in her that induced labor. Josh was gone for the weekend and Victoria wasn’t due until Wednesday, but I plowed his teenage wife so hard the first night. She woke up a couple of hours later and was going into labor. Josh rushed home from his trip and met us at the hospital. I wasn’t in the delivery room but I did get to be the first person to hold their little baby girl Emily. I didn’t know at the time, but I was going to one day be the first person to fuck Emily.


I didn’t have sex with Victoria very much for the next year and a half, although she did sometimes let me suck her milky titties. She didn’t really want to at first, but Josh reminded her that I was his best friend and that we share everything. Then Victoria got pregnant again when she was 16, and we started fucking again when Josh was away on business trips. Victoria was still breastfeeding Emily and the first time I was over there to keep her bed warm she took off all her clothes and got into bed with Emily, who was suckling one of her titties. I asked her if she was sure and she told me she was so horny and wanted to fuck while breastfeeding. She said it was fine and that she and Josh did it all the time.

So there I was, in my best friend’s bed with his pregnant 16-year-old wife, fucking her underage pussy and sucking the milk from one of her titties while her daughter Emily sucked milk from the other titty. I came so hard that night.

Victoria had their second daughter, Charlotte, who ended up also being a little blonde cutie. For the next several years Josh was pretty busy with work and taking care of his daughters, but he always made time for his best friend. I was over there at least once a week and watched Emily and Charlotte get older.


Yes, Josh and I really did share everything, which is why when Josh started grooming his firstborn daughter, Emily, it was no surprise that he wanted to share her with me.

I won’t go into all of the details about the years leading up, but when Emily turned 11 and started having her period, Josh asked me to take her virginity. I was used to getting blowjobs from Emily sometimes when I would hang out over at their place, but I was quite surprised when Josh told me what he wanted me to do, and that it was his wife Victoria’s idea.

Josh told me Victoria had been routinely sexually pleasured by a family friend when she was young, which is why she slept with him when she was a child, and also why she was horny all the time. She thought this was a good experience for a young girl, to be sexually open and not repressed like so many other young girls. Apparently, Victoria and Josh had been grooming Emily for the experience, and since I was practically family they knew she would have a safe first time with me.


The night of Emily’s deflowering Josh and Victoria had me over for dinner. They dress Emily up in a little white see-through babydoll dress and matching heels, like it was her wedding night or something. To my surprise, their 8-year-old daughter Charlotte was wearing a similar outfit. I remember at the time thinking I hope I’ll be the one to deflower Charlotte as well when her time comes. Dinner conversation was normal. Nobody really talked too much about what was about to happen; that had already been discussed a few days before. But after dinner Josh was taking some dishes to the kitchen and Victoria, who was now 29-years-old and as gorgeous as ever, came up to me and whispered in my ear, “Take care of my baby just like you took care of me when Josh was gone.”

Dinner was late in the evening so Josh took Charlotte to her room to have their special nightly daddy-daughter love time and Victoria told Emily to take me to her room and “to do just like what Mommy and Daddy taught” her.

Emily’s room was the typical pre-teen girl’s bedroom, except for a queen sized bed instead of something smaller. I had been in this room many times over the years, sometimes to get serviced by Emily orally, but tonight it looked different somehow.

Without saying a word, Emily crawled onto her bed and laid on her back with her knees bent. She parted her legs and pulled up the bottom of her pantyless babydoll dress, revealing her nearly smooth pink little cunny. I could see just the faintest velvety light brown hair growing on her mound. As I approached the young girl, who was looking expectantly at me from on the bed, I could see between her young pussy lips her glistening gaping hole.

“Can you lick me first?” she asked sweetly. Remember, I watched this child grow up. I was the first non-family member to hold her as a baby and she had given me many blowjobs before. But this was the first time I had full access to Emily’s beautiful body.

“Of course, angel,” I said, then sat at the foot of her bed. I was about to lean down and take a dip in her little snatch when there was a soft knock at her bedroom door.

“Sorry to interrupt,” Victoria said gently, as she slowly slipped through the doorway. She had changed into a sheer white babydoll dress with no panties, just like her daughters Emily and Charlotte were wearing. If I wasn’t about to fuck Emily, who looked just like her mother at the age of 11, I most certainly would have wanted to fuck Victoria right then and there.

“It’s okay,” I replied with a smile.

“I just wanted to say goodnight to Emily.” She sat next to her on the bed.

Emily continued to lie there with her legs spread open.

“I’m helping Daddy with Charlotte’s training tonight, okay? But if you need me after you become a woman, you can come into our room, Sweetheart. Tonight is a very special night for you and I’m so proud of you.”

“Thanks, Mom,” she replied with a smirk.

Victoria leaned over Emily and French kissed her daughter. At the same time her hand found Emily’s pre-teen snatch where her fingers swirled her little button for a moment. Then she broke off the kiss and brought her damp fingers up to my lips. She slowly pressed her three middle fingers into my mouth and I tasted little Emily’s secretions for the first time.

“Enjoy my daughter, Danny,” Victoria said to me with lust in her voice. I followed her with my eyes as she walked toward the door, then she crossed one foot over the over and bent over to pick something up, presenting her two smooth, hairless holes to me to view. At this point I was rock hard and knew I would soon be sliding my shaft into Victoria’s little girl.

I looked back at Emily on the bed and I could tell she was already turned on. One of her hands was caressing her inner thighs while the other was squeezing her tiny titties.

“You look so scrummy, Emily. Are you ready?”

“Uh huh,” she breathed.

I lowered my face between her legs and could smell a warm, sweet, slightly tangy aroma. I inspected her little hole and could see clearly that her hymen was still intact. The pressure in my pants was too much for me so I quickly slid off my jeans and hunched over her 11-year-old cunny. She looked at me with her adorable tween eyes as I placed my whole mouth over her opening. I am used to seeing her look up at me with my member in her mouth, but this time I was the one servicing her as she looked down at me.

“Gaaa” she moaned as my tongue licked up and down her slit. Her nectar flowed freely onto my tongue. I flicked and rang her little bell several times.

“Uhhh” she moaned again, grabbing my hair with her delicate fingers.

I hummed and slurped up her juices. She tasted like sex and innocence with a hint of floral, most likely from the fabric softener in her panties she had on earlier that day.

“Oh Danny,” she whimpered softly as my licking continued.

I grabbed her knees and spread her legs farther apart, opening her slit to me even more. My tongue probed her hole deeply and realized I was licking her hymen. It was mostly smooth, slightly bumpy, with a very very small irregular hole near the center, just slightly larger than the hole of a pushpin. I pressed my tongue hard against the tiny hole, wondering if I could break her hymen this way. But it was too strong. I was going to need the full force of my shaft to split little Emily open.

I resumed my task of licking her clit, then pushed her legs back and swiped my tongue down her slit to her soft taint, then down even further to her asshole. With my nose buried in her cunt I licked her rim around and around in a stimulating swirl.

Her breath quickened, with more moans, louder and louder. For a moment I was surprised she was moaning so loudly, then I realized Josh and Victoria probably encouraged it. I wondered if they were listening from the other room. She bucked her hips upward, grinding her crotch into my face, and I returned my mouth to her clit and started sucking on it. She moan again, this time louder, harder, and longer, with her back arched upward. Then she collapsed, her breaths still heavy.

I looked up at her. “Are you ready for me to go inside of you with my penis?”

“You mean fuck me?” she corrected. “I’m not allowed to say that at school but I can here.”

“Oh okay. Yes, are you ready to fuck, Emily?”

“Yes, Danny. I’ve wanted you to fuck me ever since I was a little girl,” the 11-year-old revealed.

“Oh, how long has that been?” I asked with a slight smile. She caught on.

“Like since I was 7 or 8. I’m not a little girl anymore you know.”

“Yes, I know, you’re a BIG girl,” I reassured her while crawling on top of her and stopping once we were face to face. “Are you ready for me to make you a real woman now?”

“Yes, please,” she practically begged.

I reach toward the floor to get a condom out of my pants.

“What are you doing?”

“Have to get protection.”

“A condom?”


“Okay,” she replied. “Well, actually, mommy says my first time needs to be without a condom so it’s special.”

“Really? She said that?”


“But what about getting you pregnant? Are you sure?”

“I take birth control pills, Danny. I told you I’m not a kid.”

I kissed her full on the mouth and we made out for several minutes as my hands explored her young body. This wasn’t the first time we made out. In fact, she would sometimes sit on my lap on the couch and make out with me to practice while Victoria gave her pointers. But tonight it was extra special, as I would be taking her virginity in a few moments.

I slid further up her body until her face was against my chest, with my cock lined up with her tiny hole as I laid between her open legs. In that moment I thought about how hot it would look to watch my full-sized adult male body overpowering the body of a small young girl. That’s when I remembered Josh had a baby camera still hanging from the wall opposite Emily’s bed and he was recording, and probably watching right now, me penetrate his baby girl for the first time. This made the moment all the more erotic and I could no longer wait to be inside this blonde pre-teen goddess.

I intertwined my fingers with Emily’s and slowly pushed my member into her slit. It was warm and dripping wet, but I quickly reached her hymen.

“Uh,” she said with slight discomfort.

“Are you ready?”

She took a deep breath. “Yes.”

I pulled back slightly then thrust forward, hitting her hymen. She let out a gasp. I did it again: another gasp. I was barely getting the tip in with each thrust but her hole was so tight even that felt so incredible.

“You’re doing great,” I praised, and began thrusting harder, each time battering her maiden wall with my ram.

“Ouch!” she cried out in pain.

I continued to pound: her tiny pussy being ravaged by my cock. She groaned and gasped each time and I thought about stopping. Then just before I did, with one of the thrusts I could feel my cock partially ripping through her hymen.

“Ahhh! Stop!” she cried out in agony.

But I was already cocked and ready for my next thrust and plowed into her immediately after her cry for help. Her hymen split open completely and I was now fully inside of my best friend’s pre-teen daughter.

I considered stopping but the hard part was over so I pressed on, hoping it would start to feel good for her. But also, I didn’t know how I was going to stop because this 11-year-old’s pussy was the most incredible thing I had ever felt in my life.

Lucky for me I didn’t have to stop fucking her tight cunny.

“Keep going!” she cried out, her sharp gasps slowly fading to warm moans.

I looked down and could see some of her virginal blood on my cock as it started to mix with her creamy pussy juices.

I continued to pump her little cunt, enjoying the sweet whimpers and moans of a sixth grader. I wanted to slow down in order to make the experience last longer, because I was edging hard from the moment I fully entered the child, but decided for her first time I should make it shorter so she would have time to heal.

“Here it comes, Emily,” I announced, just before euphoria hit me and I pumped ribbons of adult cum into her extremely underage vagina. And with my final orgasmic lurches I slid as deep into her passage as I could, hitting her cervix with the head of my cock. Her innocent voice moaning was angelic as I poured the final drops of my seed into her womb.


“How was that?” I asked, pulling slowly out of Emily.

“Good,” she replied with a nod and a smile. “It hurt really bad at first but after you broke my hymen it felt really good.”

“That makes me happy,” I told her, scooting back down to eye level with her where I could kiss her some more. “Did you want to go see your parents now?”

“No, Mommy and Daddy said when I’ve had my first time I’m a woman now and I can fuck anyone as much as I want.”

“They’re right,” I agreed.

“Do you want to spend the night with me and fuck me some more?”

“I would love to, yes, but don’t you want some time to rest and recover?”

“It doesn’t really hurt anymore. You can watch some TikToks with me and then we can fuck again.”

“That sounds amazing,” I replied eagerly.

She crawled under her covers and I joined her. Later that night we fucked again. It was slow and beautiful the second time and it lasted a lot longer. We got to explore each other’s bodies completely and I found out how much she loves to have her budding nipples sucked on.

Sometime in the middle of the night I heard her bedroom door open and Victoria came into the room. She didn’t say a word to me but she put her head under the covers and started sucking on my cock, licking it clean of her daughter’s juices and my jizz. Then she left quietly.

The next morning Emily woke me up early and we fucked a third time. She was on top of me this time and I watched her barely developed titties bounce as she impaled herself on my stiff rod.

After my morning copulation with the little blonde cumslut, we joined her parents and sister in the kitchen. They were already making breakfast and Emily and Charlotte started giggling and talking to each other. Josh came up to me and did what he often did after he knew I had just fucked a girl.

“Did you hit that sweet ass,” he asked with a smile and a fist extended.

“You know it,” I said, bumping his fist with mine.

“You guys!” Victoria jokingly admonished. “Come and get your eggs!”

We talked more about last night and I found out that they had indeed been recording our time together, and they sent me a copy of my first time defiling their daughter.

I also found out that Emily had lied to me. She wasn’t on the pill and several weeks later her parents found out she was pregnant. They discussed what to do and came to the decision to have her keep the baby.


Flash forward 2 years later. I’m in the living room at Josh’s house, playing Dungeon’s and Daddies — the name we came up with for our version of D&D — with Josh and three of our buddies. My 1-year-old daughter is in the playroom with her grandma Victoria. Brad rolls a successful Nature check and the D&D party arrives at the first destination of the campaign: “The Farmer’s Daughter,” the tavern and brothel where the heroic group will be resting for the night. Everyone puts down their backpacks and equipment and finds a spot around a large table in the middle of the tavern.

“Oh barkeep,” Josh announces. “Send in the lovely barmaids if you please!”

After a moment, into the living room walks my future bride Emily, and four other gorgeous girls aged 11-14, each one carrying drinks for the daddies in the tavern, and each one wearing the sluttiest cosplay outfits you ever did see. This was going to be one wild night.

—– End of Chapter 1 —–

HEY GUYS! The next chapter will focus on the fun Danny and his friends have playing D&D with their little girls. If you enjoyed this chapter, please let me know in the comments!

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