Cat: Pregnancy

Going through puberty

Going through puberty for a boy is a confusing time. This is just a quick story of my experience with it. I was 14 and horny all the time. I didn’t really understand if you can relate.... # # # # #

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Mom said no part3

Dad soon came out of shower and mom got up and went to bed with him it was getting late. She looks back at me as she was walking down hall give me a You better stop look. I go to bed... # # # #

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Mom said no part2

It was afternoon mom had drifted off to sleep after sex and was sleeping peacefully in my arms. I didn’t want to move and wake her so I lay still admiring her naked body. Her little... # # #

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Fucked my sister

I was 15 my sister was 18. It was 10 years ago today. We were home alone our parents was on a get away weekend. My sister had broken up with her boyfriend. And was doing nothing all... # # # #

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Creampie For My Pregnant Wife

I looked at Grace, my beautiful wife, like a hungry animal. She’s almost three months pregnant now and it’s been equally as long since the last orgy we attended. Our friend... # #

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Two crazy teens

Novel ai, don’t ask why it changed his name. Will/Dylan M16 6 in dick 5,11. Grace 5,5 F17, large boobs. # # #

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Family Sex Affair

FaDILy Sex Affair I am Honey 40 Yrs. Now, My husband David 41 yrs.My son Paul only 22 Yrs. And daughter Smita only sweet 18 yrs.Paul and David are looking alike and I and my daughter... # # # #

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