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Being a trophy wife and years later a fuck toy for Black boys

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The story about how I married my rich and horny boss and years later got into fucking with young black boys.

I am a 40 YO white woman who is strongly hooked on being fucked by young black boys. I can’t get enough. Some have big cocks, but most don’t. I can’t give you a reason, but it is one of the strongest drives in my life.

I was 22 when I married my boss. Frank was a successful business man with plenty of money. He was 15 years older than me. I was the youngest in the secretarial pool, of 5 older women. One day, not long after I started, he called me into his office. I had not been in there more than a few minutes, when he told me how attractive he thought I was, and that he hired me because he was looking for a SEXretary, who would take DICKtation any time he was in the mood.

I objected to the way he was talking to me. He said that I was free to quit. He said that if I complained, he would deny it, and he was important enough that no-one would believe me, or care if they did.

It was not long before he had my blouse open and was man-handling my firm 32-C breasts. It wasn’t long after that I was bent over his desk with my skirt pulled up and my panties on the floor, as he pistoned his hard cock in and out of my quickly wettening pussy.

I was not a virgin, but I also was not a slut. I had several boyfriends over the years and had sex with all of them, at least a few times. My last relationship lasted over a year and we were the most sexually active. He wasn’t huge, but he got really hard, with a curve that touched the right places, and he lasted a long time. He was always good for seconds and sometimes thirds. He was the first one that got me to give him oral sex. He loved to have me suck his cock as much as he liked to fuck my pussy. I came to enjoy doing it.

When I left the office, the others looked at me, with knowing looks. If might have partly because Frank had brought me to a loud orgasm when he filled me with a big load of his warm wet cum. I knew I had to make a doctor’s appointment to get birth control pills. It was obvious that my boss had no intention of wearing condoms.

During the next month, I was called into Frank’s office almost every day for an hour long ‘lunch’ or other times to take dick-tation. The others knew what was going on but did not harass me about it. Cum became my daily diet for lunch. I was sitting in a puddle of cum all afternoon, at my desk.

One day, Frank told me that he was going to a big meeting in Spain. Then he handed me an airplane ticket to go with him.

While we were there, I sat next to him at the meetings and took a few notes. Most of the other men also had young, attractive secretaries or wives with them. One dark Middle Eastern man had a very young blond on either side of him. In the evenings, Frank dressed me up very attractively and showed me off, on his arm, to the other people there. Then we went back to our room and fucked and sucked till early morning.

After we returned, Frank called me to his office and invited me to his home for dinner on Friday night. The home was spectacular and in a very upscale neighborhood. It must have been over 3000 square feet, and it had a large swimming pool and a six car garage. I asked him how big the lot was, and he said two acres. The dinner was a very good cut of steak, served rare, and all the other parts that make a meal special. It was surved by a young, attractive black girl named Karen who was the maid. She wore a black and white maid’s uniform. The skirt part was very short and the top had a neckline that went down till it showed her naval and was wide enough to start to show the edges of the nipples on her large breasts. I doubted that she was any older that eighteen, if that.

After dinner, we sat, sharing a bottle of expensive wine. “Sally, you have not been with the company very long, but you have shown loyalty and have been very co-operative with me. I very much enjoy the private time that we spend together. Most of the other business men that I associate with have young, attractive trophy wives. I do not, which makes me a little bit of a social outcast in the group. I would like you to marry me. You will not need to work. You will live in this nice home, attend social events with me, wear nice clothes and we will travel. You will have a very enjoyable life style. You will have to sign a pre-nup that my lawyers will draw up. Will you be my wife?” He handed me a ring that must have had a diamond over a carat.

“I’m going to go to the room to think.” When I entered the room, there were two really nice, new outfits laid out on the bed. I tried them both on and looked at the ring. About a half hour later, wearing one of the new outfits, I went to the living room to show Frank how it looked. If fit perfectly.

When I walked in, I saw that Frank was sitting on the couch, with his pants around his ankles. Karen’s uniform was on the floor and she, completely naked, was on his lap, bouncing up and down on his cock. They spotted me, but nothing changed. Karen kept fucking herself on Frank’s erection. Karen smiled at me and Frank said, “Would you like to join us, Sally? Karen will be happy to eat you out till you have a good orgasm.”

“No thanks.”

“OK, maybe next time.”

Just then, Frank groaned and stiffened up as he shot his seed into the maid’s cunt.”

I stood there for a minute, thinking about the decision I had made. “I just came in to tell you that I will accept your proposal. I will marry you.”

“Wonderful. I’ll make the arrangements.”

While he was saying this, Karen was sucking his cum covered cock clean.

I went back to the bedroom. Several minutes later, Frank came in. He undressed, got on the bed between my legs, and slipped his hard-again cock into me. Because he had recently come, he lasted longer than usual and brought me to two strong orgasms.

Over the next several years, I lived a good life. Frank treated me well. It turned out that Karen was not quite sixteen when I first came to the house. Eventually, she would sometimes join us in the bed. I got to the point where we would go 69, for Frank’s pleasure. Then he would fuck both of us, going back and forth from one to the other till one of us finally received his ‘present’. It was not long before Frank started us swinging with the other older business men who were part of his circle. I think it was because he liked getting to fuck a variety of sexy younger women. I was routinely fucked by his group of other business executives, as he completed million dollar deals. The men enjoyed sitting around and watching the girls go down on each other. I never really liked doing it, but I became proficient at eating pussy.

Now back to the current time. It was a warm, sunny day and I decided to go out to the pool and getting some sun and do some skinny dipping. After about twenty minutes, the gate opened. I had forgotten that this was the day that the pool was to be cleaned.

I watched a young black boy walked in, carrying his pool cleaning equipment. He saw me, naked, in the pool and froze in his tracks. He was only wearing a pair of shorts. As I looked at him, I could clearly see a bulge growing in his shorts.

I motioned to him to come over to me, and he slowly walked to where I was. I hopped up and sat on the side of the pool, reached for his shorts and dropped them to the pool deck. His dark black prick sprang out. He was not huge. He was probably about the same size as Frank. I promptly put one hand around the base and my lips over the head. He did not say a word. I stroked his shaft and sucked hard on the head while licking the underside with my tongue. It was less than two minutes before he filled my mouth with his seed. I quickly swallowed all of it. I was delighted when he did not go soft.

I rolled over and got on my hands and knees. “Go ahead, fuck me hard and fast and deep. Give it to me good. What is your name and how old are you?”

As he moved between my spread legs, he told me than his name was Ron and that he was fifteen. I asked him if he was a virgin, and he said no. He took his erection in his hand, moved forward and found my fuck hole. With one firm push, he was balls deep in my pussy. Ron held my hips and enthusiastically slammed his prick in and out of my soaking wet fuck tunnel. This time he lasted close to ten minutes giving me another load. I had two small orgasms and one huge one. I spun around and sucked him clean of out juices.

“Thank you Mam.”

“No, thank you Ron. That was great.”

For the next couple of months, Ron came over twice a week so we could screw out brains out. It was so much better than sex with the older men. A few days ago, Ron asked me if he could bring someone else. I smiled and said OK.

Today, he showed up with an even younger black boy. It turned out that it was his twelve-year-old virgin brother, Nick. Before we were done, they each had a turn at my pussy and my mouth. I have no intention of stopping. I am going to suggest that Ron bring more of his friends. I hope he brings one with a really big cock. I dream about what it will be like, servicing a black guy with at least ten inches.

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