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First time with a white girl

619 Words Back in college I used to be the “massage guy” people would come to me for massages. I had a friend with two white roommates and I gave a room full of women all massages. I tend...
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1559 Words this is how it starts, she wanted to take pictures, and they all want to touch me, her uncel to her more boys and girls and a lot more touching
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1140 Words 👤 Part time model caught in an apocalyptic heatwave, trapped in an apartment block. The heat and strangeness overtakes the residents, turning them into sex crazed freaks
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Josie Jo gets doubled

859 Words 👤 Disabled husband taking wife out to a dance club letting his middle aged sexy wife enjoy herself in the company of strangers where they meet another married couple who have desires
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First Live Sex Show

541 Words 👤 The first live sex shows I ever did was for my next door neighbour, I came home from work one day a saw home from my bedroom window watching a live sex show online with you know what...
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