Our yearly trips

My husband and I travel a lot and once a year around the holidays we like to go somewhere in the middle of nowhere Asia and buy a brother and/or sister for the night. Not hard to find... # #

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My brothers bully

When I was 15 my younger brother had a bully. He beat the shit out of my brother more than once. He was my age so I tried talking to him. He pushed my up against the lockers, ran his... # # #

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Me and my Friend

I am female, 14, and this is a story about one night my friend slept over at my house. Me and my friend spent the night doing regular teenage girl things. Playing games, doing each... # # #

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My uncle molested me

Little sarah looked down only with a cups and a bubble but with a soft hairless body she pouted as her dad hugged her “uncle lester is gonna take care of you i love you”... # #

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What I did while pregnant

I grew up in a bad area. Dad was never around. Mom was an addict. I got my attention from boys. By 13 I was wearing a 30 C and had a bubble butt. Being Colombian I had nice long long... # #

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Grandpa takes my virginity

In my last story I have told you about a brief summary of my childhood, about being molested by my grandfather. I don’t remember exactly when or how it all began, but lets talk about... # # #

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Did porn before I was 18…

I don’t want to say my exact age when I did this. Let’s just say I developed very early and pulled off looking 18 with a bit of makeup on. My parents divorced and I basically had... # # #

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Daddy and dogs

Home alone at last. I smiled and sat on my bed, crossing my legs as I started to look for a porno to watch. I stopped when I saw a beastiality one, I tapped on it and my jaw dropped... # #

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Is it wrong or is it me

I love to sniff girls ladys panties but my 14 year old sisters are the ones I have my best time with. My 32 olld ants are stronger smells amazing. #

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