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Ronnie and me

Hi all my name is Grace and I am a 70 year old mother and grandmother,I have never been a looker but I have this body that gets me noticed men seem to like it a lot, so I have always... # # #

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Halloween Mix-Up

As it happened Halloween fell on a Saturday this particular year which made for many neighborhood Halloween parties. Jim Adams was both proud and anxious. His daughter Shelly had just... # # # #

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The group slut

Stacy here my boy friend loves it when i dress slutty when we go out. You know short mini skirts real short cutoffs. And especially when i don’t wear panties. He loves it when... # # #

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The Devotee’s Awakening

Rebecca sat in the dimly lit chamber, the flickering light casting eerie shadows on her face. The sound of the temple goers echoed through the corridor outside. Her heart beat faster... # #

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I love my stepdad pt 1

I am a thirteen yr old girl with a great body for my age ,my mom recently married a guy and we were living in a wonderful home with a swimming pool and a privacy fence and all . My... #

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Sally 6

The rest of the school day passed as normal, I did notice a few strange glances from teachers and older boys at me but that was it. Steve was waiting in his car as he said he would... #

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Sally adv 5

We all got dressed and went off to attend what ever duties we had to do mine, was English with the rest of my class, As I entered the room my teacher just nodded at me and said take... # #

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My Two Cousins Fucked Me

When I was 7, my cousins Terry and Larry were at our house because, their mom and dad was playing cards with my mom and dad in the kitchen. They always played cards on the weekend.They... # # # #

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Preteen girl talk – part one

Ten year olds Tessa and Sarah chat about wanting to fuck a man’s cock – one man is listening and is more than ready to help with his readied pedo cock #

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Me n my dog

I’m 16, trans ftm but I still have the body of a girl and I like to let my dog lick my little pussy. Every time I’m home alone all I can think about is his tongue on me.... # # #

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