Mia Moore

My mom is a basic bitch from a long line of basic bitches, and my father? He was right out of a romance story. # # #

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I am addicted to fucking my dog

I’m a 15-year-old male and I have been addicted to developing my asshole for public use for about 3 years now. I realized I was gay back then and got into watching porn to fap and... # # #

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Biker Boy

My first boyfriend was a “Biker,” but in Elementary school, that ment BMX. He couldn’t get a motorcycle, nor even a moped, but he had a bicycle. # #

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Party of five

I’ve always enjoyed the sight of my wife sucking my cock. She always likes to put her ass in the air and sometimes brings her feet up. She’s amazing. She knows exactly how... # #

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I thought the smokers looked “Cool,” and the first pick-up line I thought of was “Can I have a cigarette?” #Long #Boring #Pros # # #

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She’s a nymphomaniac

My step-daughter is addicted to sex and she doesn’t seem to care how, when or where she gets her fix. Not that I’m complaining. # #

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