Park rape

Left alone I as a young girl, I found a playground at a park, but not everyone was nice, I soon found out the hard way. # #

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My rape Story

My name is Luna, I am 19 y/o and I am bisexual. This story is about the first time I was raped about a year ago. # # #

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Fake pin, real rape

On the evening of December 28, Jessica H., 21, and Jamison H., 24, attended a Christmas party at the skating rink in Cordova, Tennessee. #

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The cop’s wife

On the morning of May 10, at about 3:15 A.M., wife and husband were awakened by the bark of their dog. The husband looked up and saw a person advancing toward their bed, who asked for... #

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A Whore at 50 (Part two)

It’s not easy when your 50 ( only looking early 40’s) lol, and there is only a certain group of people that want an older whore, but if you can find #

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Judy’s kidnapping

On June 5, about 3 p.m., Judy N. was driving eastbound in her car on highway 50, a freeway in Sacramento. Pedro A., driving his brown car, came into her lane from the right and bumped... #

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Raped Again

A second rape often follows the first, but it may be a few years before it happens again. #

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Damsel in Distress

Our self-sacrificing heroine alway does her best to do the right thing, especially for the men and boys who help her out of her troubles. # # #

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Caught at home

Late last year I was raped in my home, this is an account of what happened that day. I am now pregnant as a result. #

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