How dare she

A girl humiliated my son in front of his entire school, so I gave her what she deserved, and my son got what he wanted from her. # # # #

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Raped and Kidnapped

Hey My name is Naomi I am 17 at the time and this happen to to me 3 weeks ago when I was out with some friends to celebrate one of there birthdays. Background: I met this guy when I... # # # #

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Schools not out for summer 2

I woke up the next morning, sore stomach and my balls hurt too, I dragged myself out of bed, I heard mom call out time to get up your leaving today for summer school, mom came to my... # # #

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After my divorce pt 1

I was finally divorced after mariage that didn t work, I m thirty with 32dd tits and a very fit body from working out. I got the house in the settlement and I decided to go out one... #

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the massager

what she thought was her guy friend turned into something special.. # #

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My cousins daughter part 2

So here is the second part, read the first part to get caught up. So, I knew that she was very very tight in both her ass, and her pussy, so I wanted to make it as pleasurable for her... # #

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Uncle David Part 2: Backside

David was sleeping in his room. Molly came in and laid next to him. She carefully reached in his underwear. Looking for that thing that brought her so much excitement the night before.... # # #

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The Beginning

At 13, I was 4’9”, cute, with a tiny butt, & b cups. Parents went out of town for a few days, but I stayed home, cuz I had volleyball practice & a game. They asked Brad... # #

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Uncle David Part 1

David, who was 15, was sitting on the couch watching his step niece play on the floor. He was in charge of her tonight. Molly, who was 9, adored David. He was her big hero. David now... # # #

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Wholesome Incest Part 2

It was a warm, summer morning, around 70 degrees. Rachel picked out a cute pair of skirt and a shirt with a cupcake on it. She did her normal get-ready for school routine and when finished,... # #

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