My friends were forced to rape me

This is a true story. Happened to 2 years ago and would have ruined my life if my parents didn’t move. It’s a pretty long story so I’ll try not to leave anything out.... # # #

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Cheating wife PT5

My mind was in turmoil right now. My intention at the start was to confront my wife about fucking her son and here I am sitting with my young daughter who is asking if we can have sex.... # # #

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Sex maniac

My new girlfriends daughter is a sex maniac, and I can’t get enough of her now. I like fucking her more than fucking her mom now. # # #

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I was watching TV when I noticed all the neighborhood kids outside playing when I noticed they weren’t playing with one girl she looked like maybe 5″2 maybe blonde hair... #

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Sister marries pussy

It all started when I was around 16 and my sister was 14 I looked at her in a total different way she was hot I had girlfriends and had sex with two girls but the one girl I wanted... #

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My daughter Jerry

This is a story that happened when my daughter was 17 now since my daughter was 12 I was infatuated with her beautiful maturing body in her ass was be # #

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Forceful lesbian

VERY rapey. About cute little Lena getting raped as I watched and had an intense orgasm. She’s so cute and sexy. Idk if I should protect her or fUCK # # #

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Daughter misunderstood love PT3

So Abbie seemed content with the kissing and touching for a few days and then said she had seen me sucking Amy’s ( my gf ) boobs and if I loved her I would do it to her. No problem... # # #

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Daddy’s rapetoy

Me and my daddy were on our way to California, for a father daughter vacation. I’m 12, and my daddy is 47. We were stuck in a traffic jam so we just started talking for a bit.... # # # #

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Goldie Locks 2

Well it had been few days since I fuck that hot little ass across the street. Her name is Dani and she’s 10. Her mom called and ask to babysit again. #

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