12 year old girl forced me

So I am hailey , 25 years old currently working at 9-5 job. I started doing this job 1 year ago when I just graduated from college . Since i hit puberty everything changed for me ,... # # # #

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Cumming with and on my boss

I do a bunch of work over at my boss’s from the bars place, She is about 46 47 I think a small fire cracker of a lady five foot nothing blond cute great ass, she’s mom takes care... #

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Sudden Urge

Before anything else, I am Mark and I am 33 years old. My wife and I got married 13 years now. We’re blessed with a beautiful daughter and she happens to be our only child. Her... # # #

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Fuckin the pooch 2

Hunter and I sat at my little kitchen table,both at a loss for words.He had not even started cleaning the bathroom’s and I think tomorrow would be better for everyone.”Where did... # # # #

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I fuck my little sister

So when I was 18 I met my little sister who was 14 at the time and I noticed she was extremely hot and had a very fat ass but I ignored it until we went to her friends house that night,... # #

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Me And My Milf Aunt Part 3

So after we came back from that trip . Me and aunt Helen started having sex once or twice a week when no one is at their home . Intimacy between us kept growing . We started doing cosplay.... # # # #

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Never say never #3

With both of us in the bathroom,I never noticed how small it was until now.The tub took up half the bathroom.Tyler started the water and sat on the tub edge undressing.I. Pulled off... # # # #

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Fuckin the pooch

A couple of months ago we had some new neighbors move in two doors down from me. I had to walk down to the store to get a couple things. As I walked by the house with the moving van... # # #

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Kris Pt 2

Kris sneaks off for some more kissing fun. Will she get more? To thank you all for the positive response I did an all nighter + for the Kris story. # #

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Lilly and Mr Norman

Hi, My name is Lilly and this is my life. I am bubbly girl that is full of life. I live in a strict home but that doesn’t stop me from experiencing the world. I always find a... # # #

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my sisters cunt

My sister was 15 years older then me and had been married with 2 children when her husband took off with another girl. It broke her heat and she had to move back into my parents house... # #

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Mandy part 6

Then I had an interview for a waitress job at a pub restaurant. It was just for December but it got me out the house. I liked the work and although it was minimum wage the tips boosted... #

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My lil cousin sister

So my name is Devin and I am 17 year old . And I have 4 cousins on my mom side , and 2 cousins on my dad side . My cousins from my dad side are boy (Kevin) and girl (Betty). Both of... # # # #

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Mandy part 5

I was getting nasty texts from Liam so I turned my phone off. Mum made up the bed in the spare room. Then I helped her prepare the evening meal. She had a part time job at the local... #

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Kris Pt 1

I’m Male 26. Kris is Female 12 and my first young lover. This is hopefully the start of a series. I write in depth Erotica as time allows. # #

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Never say never #2

“Are those your clothes?”I asked”I won’t be needing clothes tonight.”Tyler shared with a big grin on his face.I didn’t know how to respond so I didn’t say anything and... # # # #

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