Bad idea

My three dogs ruined me!! I was 17 when this happened I’m now 19 and I still do beastlality it’s very enjoyable # # #

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My big brother timothy

Hi their,my name is Lisa,I’m 20 years old and still live at home with my mom Janice,my dad left us for a much younger women and moved out of state,my older brother timothy is... #

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Dirt roads

This happened years ago ; Before internet and stuff like that , I was 17 years old , about 5 ft and 115 lbs . I liked to ride bikes on my country roads . On this one particular day... #

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Call me “daddy”

My name is Carissa M. and I’m a white woman with long straight brown hair and brown eyes. I’m not very tall and my hips are a little curvy but I’m not fat. I want... # #

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Mom catches dad and daughter

I am a very attractive 43 year old strawberry blonde,I work in a very successful law firm.i am married to my husband John,we have a 24 year old daughter Michelle,she is 5/5 120 pounds,strawberry... # #

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Little sister’s curiosity

I was around seventeen when my little sister turned eleven. I didn’t mind spending time with her. She always had such a vivid imagination and I couldn’t help but be jealous of it.... # #

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Mom and son caught part 2

Hey readers it’s bill,hopefully you read my first story so you understand the situation.this next encounter happened on Valentine’s day morning after I left for work.im... #

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Had no idea I was getting raped

I think I was about 8 or 9 when this happened. It was a normal school day and it was a sports evening so I had to stay at school until like 5PM. My brothers friends brothers were about... # # #

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Mom and son caught, but do they know it

This happened back in early feb.i was looking for a site to post my story and came across sex stories 69.i am a married man,age 52,my wife Kathy is 42,she has brown wavy hair,about... #

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Oh, yes, I’m a Christian

Carole Rosa, the complainant was a married woman, 24 years of age, who lived in the Rock Island area about 6 years. She lived with her husband and 21-month-old daughter. She has a Bachelor... # #

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Teen Modelling

In our very early teens my twin sister and I modelled from the age of 6 to 13 and it was shortly after 13 that we decided to walk away. # # #

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So, after school, Kelsey came over to my house, we finished our homework, and then we’re texting, checking our messages when mom came in, and said: “It’s a nice day,... # # #

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My Tranny GF

I found out real soon that this transsexual was the right person for me. #

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