What a great game to play

We invented a game called the “Spunk-HER” challenge and it was the most fun we’d had in ages, until we got caught. # #

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Monster maker

My auntie drugged and abused me when I was a kid, she was a monster, I hated her, but I became her. # # #

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Dad made it real

After fantasising for so long and wishing I could do it for real, my dad was the one who took my virginity. I’ve never been so excited or happy. # # #

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Wrong place at the wrong time

17 year old Josh and 16 year old Ashley was out on there first date after finding each other after school started . The two young kids went out for a fast food dinner then to see a... # # #

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Fun on the farm

When I was 13-14, I would spend a week or two each summer hanging out with my cousin Richie on my uncle’s farm. # #

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