Rape true story

This is my true story about the night I raped my bosses mother #

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Though I like incest BUT fucking /raping sisters of 12/13 years ..means that you are a pedophile #

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Kindergarten Caught

I didn’t know what she was doing in kindergarten, but there was this girl underneath the wheelchair ramp. “Lookit!”  This boy pointed her out on recess, so we all... # # #

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Me Reeta 35 years married lady living in Patna .married to a business man .for the 10 years .my hight 5.5 good boobs slim body… #

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Had sex with sister

I am 20 and she is 24 she is married, I went to her house to drop off some food she said the door was unlocked so just go in and place it their I was running a little late from traffic... #

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My evil life

I was born when my father was about 50 and at that time my mom was just 20. At that time she wasn’t my dad’s legal wife. But after he was aware that I’m his first... # #

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My desire 2

As you know my sister got married and living with her husband .. her husband is working as engineer in govt of u p . she is staying in Lucknow ..i got job in Delhi .and staying alone... #

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My desire

My desire was to have sex with my sister before she has with others. #

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