Trish comes for a late night visit

When our mother got home she asked Trish how she was feeling and if she felt up to going to school tomorrow. She said that she was better because she had napped most of the day. I threw... # #

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How can she be so good

My niece got in to a fight so I took her back to my house to clean her up. Then she shocked with what she did to me. She’s only 11. # #

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Going hands free

Bella, my good special dog, helped me go hands free. I was tired of jerking myself off all the time and needed some other way of getting off. # # #

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Raping my little sister

My friend and I took advantage of my little sister and her friend and had mind blowing sex with them all night and made them our cum sluts # # # #

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Bus Driver

My Name is Lin and I was almost 14 years old when I had this experience. We went on a School trip to some historical place and the trip was one night and two days since the place was... # # # #

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Me and my cousin

When i was around 8-10 me and my cousin (both m)used to spend a lot of time together as we only lived around the road from each other so naturally as young boys we were curious about... # # # #

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After school sex <3

A couple years ago when I was 12 my brother was babysitting me and would invite his friends over to help him with IT stuff since he was looking for a job. On one particular day he invited... # #

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I’m despicable

I’m a big perv who has done nasty things to my cousin and she has no idea. No sex, just creepiness and confessing. # # #

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my teasing stepmom

My dad remarried when I was 15. My stepmom Crystal was 36 and a knockout. Light brown skin, dark hair and eyes. 5’4. When I was 16 she had her boobs done and they are perfect.... # # #

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