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Good kids

1012 Words 👤 Im lucky that I get to have a brother who fucks me so much and that he gets how I want our dad. We believe in being patient because its already paying off with a hot secretary.
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Virgin with experience

212 Words 👤 I’m a 12 year old girl and I’m sex crazed? I masturbated. I want a sugar daddy with doc pics! And I think about rape and it makes me horny. I have a lot of experience for a Virgin
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no regrets part8

752 Words 👤 I had been away 11 months but returned home for christmas leave I had spoken to sis many times on the phone but last time I spoke she said with a quiver in her voice that she had started...
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no regrets part7

559 Words 👤 its now the mid 70’s both my older brother and both older sisters had jobs and left home and I was soon leaving to join the defence force I never tried to fuck my older sister...
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no regrets part6

707 Words 👤 It now the early 70’s im 14 years old and my sis is 9 or 10 I stopped going to my sisters room as every time I got up my younger brother kept waking up and asking where I was...
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no regrets part5

992 Words 👤 I had been ill with the flu and just got over it so hadn’t gone into my sisters room for over a week It was saturday morning and decided to go to the beach early I asked mum and...
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I’ve turned my wife into a whore

495 Words 👤 Patie was just a simple Mississippi housewife when we married 26yrs ago after having breast enlargement and introduced to Kush marijuana and Xanax and porn Patie is a whore..
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Two girls a boy and his dogs

2218 Words 👤 this is the true story of me my sister and her girlfriend, when I was young she took photos of me fucking my dog and from then on I was forced to do any kinky thing she wanted.
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