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Playmates part 1

It all started when I was 10 years old with my playmate named Leon. He was also 10 and a few months ahead of me. Growing up in a conservative family, I could say that I am naive when... # # #

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Femboy uses broom as a dildo

I used ai to make this 💀💀 Rick was femboy who had been feeling a strong desire to experiment with his sexuality. He had heard about dildos and the pleasure they could bring, but... # #

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Cousin stories

When i was 13 i was still a virgin and only watches porn sometimes i wud watch it with my cousins one time and we were outside and during puberty i wud get random hard ons and when... # # # #

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Saving Grace Part 6

Part 6 ( Parts 1-5 for full confession) I must remind you, I was dating Jess, yet her daughter Grace was my secret girlfriend, we had been secret lovers for about two and half years... # # #

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In the Dark

Urban fantasy erotic romance, with a few sex scenes. In confined dark places, you can meet people from other worlds… The ending is rather sad. # # #

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Me, my roommate and her kids

The day the new girl in the apartment above me moved in I knew I had to have her. Her name is Lori and she’s currently going through a messy divorce. She has two kids, Julia and Anna,... # # #

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I like sex

As an 11 year old girl, there’s nothing in the world I like more than sex. Sex is wonderful thing and everyone should be doing it. # # # #

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My story

I dedicate this to the only one who might understand me my Daughter TARA, I made a promise to TARA that I would not leave because people was putting me down because my grammar wasn’t... # # #

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Carjacked part1

My wife 41 and myself 45 were traveling home from a business trip and hit Memphis at dusk. She needed a pee stop and I stopped at a convenient store. We went in and she used the ladies... # # # #

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