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Little Sister’s Awakening pt5

(This is a redo for the hecklers on the last version of this chapter.) Chapter 5 >> ………… Tuesday I wake up relatively rested and I have the most comfortable feeling ever.... # # #

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YMCA a year later

Last year I found out that I’m a cocksucking cumloving slut for old guys at the YMCA I’m 15 now. This is the rest of my story and how much has changed # # # #

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1st time..

First time having anal sex and it was at work with my boss #

412 words | 1 |4.50

10yr lilly wants me to play her way !!!

Lilly is a tall thin girl who has been staying with me an my son over the summer months ! She comes outta of a broken home an has never been shown any kind of love or affection !!!... #

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I was on my way home pt 2

The next morning I went to meet my lover I was wearing shorts and a top only, after I ade it o where we were going to meet he came and he had a friend with him I didn t mind ,as I got... # #

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A Tale From The Far East Part 2

“My Dearest Richard, I’m writing you from the harbor in Perth, Australia. The children and I have been at sea for four months now and they grow restless to see you, as do... #

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Claire’s Mum Jenny

I was very worried when 12 yo Claire’s Mom phoned and wanted to talk to me face to face. Shit, I could be in deep trouble here. #

2139 words | 3 |4.82

Serving my Uncle (Part 2)

After he put my sister to bed, he came walking into the living room while I was enjoying the Nintendo, he asked me if I was alright or if I had any questions about what had happed in... # # # #

716 words | 4 |3.78

I was on my way home

I m a fourteen yr old girl with nice perky tits for my age and a firm body, it was hot summer day I was wearing shorts and a small halter top , I was walking home fro being at my friends... #

363 words | 2 |3.11

Mother’s Day’s

You say “Hey I’m Amber, I turned 40 last January, I’m a mother of a beautiful daughter Amy, she is 17 and a handsome son Alma 14, I live in west California with my husband,... # # # #

2342 words | 4 |4.39

my life in nappys part 4

after a few visists to mummy linda i meet her friend aunty babs who wants a baby to change and have wet fun with an older plump woman looking sex #

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The New Girl-22

Thank you for all your messages and encouragement, Please read the previous part here (/2024/05/the-new-girl-21/ ). Now let’s continue We were seated on a L-shaped sofa around the... # # #

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XXX Video Store in Minnesota

There is a video store in St.Cloud Mn .. no doors but L- Shaped so a little privacy unless you’re like me. I’m a cocksucking cumloving slut for strangers I go there every Saturday... # # #

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Boy next door part 3

When I got home from Rose’s I thought about what had just happened,I knew it was the hairy sticking out of my knickers he liked I just knew it before he had even told me, I had... #

1609 words | 9 |4.29