The prison whore

I’m telling the true story of how I was raped an broke to the sissy I am now at 17 it’s been 44yrs ago an still love it # #

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Jenny and Jimmy Part 3

Part 3: “This has to be one of the dumbest idea ever!”, Jenny said “No it is not! You two will love it!”, I said. “Ok let me slam something the size of your dick up your butt!”,... # # # #

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Stranger in male toilet 2

As I write at the end of the first story I went and other times but never saw him again, but this doesn’t mean I hadn’t my lucky moments. Many nights I was rubbing my pussy... # #

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a pub meeting

a few drinks in a pub and a meeting with two older men who i thought had an idea to fuck me. I ..and am 64 years now and in fair trim not a lot of hair now and none around the working... # #

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Kahli files

Kahli is a well trained girlfriend there is nothing she won’t do for her lover request for more stories #

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Seduced by the FamilY Doctor

This is a fantasy we would like to make happen if anyone is a Doctor It all started when Nikki expressed her fantasy of people in authority seducing her or just “taking” her sexually.... #

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My little niece

I am 24 years old. I recently found a new apartment in the same neighborhood as my big sister. It wasn’t on purpose, it just so happen to work out like that. I love my sister. We’ve... # #

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Betrothed To A Pervert

***Epilogue*** It all happened so fast. The Subaru came roaring down the hill. The ball was kicked, but missed the goal entirely and strolled into the street. A little girl named Priya... # # #

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Nero I love you

My dog Nero had taken my virginity (see my story – how I lost my virginity) while I was passed out and now was the next day. I woke up in the morning in pain and for a moment... # # #

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My naughty little cousin blowjob

Beach was the best place to put her stroking me, it was so hot looking at her wearing only the lower part of her swimsuit, her cute flat chest, and playing with my cock I had the best... #

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The girl I’ll never forget

We were sitting at the long table, awaiting the speaker to offer grace. A young woman, looking to be about 25 to 30 years old, came to our table and asked if all the seats were taken.... #

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Jenny and Jimmy

I was 13 and my twin step sisters Jenny and Jamie were 11. The twins always had each other and were always together but somehow or another I got included in on there adventures. They... # # # #

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