Babysitter revenge

We had a babysitter that I thought was great! The kids loved her and she was a joy to have around. I came home and my husband was there before me. I didn’t think how weird that was.... # # #

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Uncle’s talk

When I was 11 I went with my family on a vacation to my uncle’s house. He had horses and he had a German Shepard. I had the guest room in the barn house and I liked it because I was... # # #

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raping lori

I was at the store getting a few things I paid for my items and was on my way out when I ran into 2 of my friends little sisters we chatted about different things and Roxanne pipes... # # #

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raping emma

I was traveling and ended up in new Zealand when I came across a small town I got a room outside of town and went for a walk just as school was letting out when this young beautiful... # # #

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Gloryhole surprise pt3

You fucked bonnie I blurted out a bit to loud, shhhhh shut up dad snarled back at me, when why how, my mouth couldn’t keep up with my head, shes fucking 10 how is that even possible... # # #

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raping robin

It was Friday night we were all partying and having a good time a friend of mine had met this girl robin she was pretty about 5.4 long brown hair blue eyes perky 32b breasts small waist... # # #

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How I masturbate

writing random stuff about how I masturbate because I’m horny and bored #Fisting #Gaping #

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raping girls at a party

I was at the mall I was watching these cute girls as they got their food tight shirts no bras showed their smooth bellies and tight midriff tiny little asses I guessed between 11 and... # # #

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