After dad

Well I told of what happened with my young years with my dad . Now I really thought when I left things would be different but I found the wrong guy #

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I’m a young nympho

I’am a young nymho teenager who discovered sex with her brother 3 years ago and has since become addicted #

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I fucked my mom three times

Mom was passed out drunk and I couldn’t control my urges. I fucked her 3 times but now I’m scared my baby sister is actually mine. It’s complicated. # # #

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The dog is a rapist

I’m 12 and my neighbours dog keeps raping me and I swear its possessed or something. Its too weird and I’m sick of it. # # #

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I lick my cousin and she take me a blowjob

I think I was about 7, it was in 2011 I still remember the year. It was back in my country and we visited our cousins for a few days. I was still a kid exploring the world and there... #

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