Wife’s past part 4 & 5

We both fell asleep it was Saturday morning nothing on schedule. We woke about 10 and get up . Her son was already Eating a bowl a cereal. Her mom called. She wanted to come get Billy.... # # # #

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Mom was a flirt part 1

I was 16 mom was 38 at time. She was 5 foot tall Nice tight body. She had a perfect bottom and she knew it. She treated dad like shit. She bitched at him all the time. When other people... # # #

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My brother

Why is it little brothers always try to peek at their own sisters? My brother is 11 and he won’t stop. I caught him lots I have to stuff toilet paper in keyhole in bathroom cause... # # #

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The Twins #10: Decisions

Erin is narrating: We fell asleep on the couch after the movie. I was a little hung over from the drinks we had. We both fell asleep on Luke’s chest as we usually do after our... # # #

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Cum inside my drunk mom’s mouth

My mother and i were alone for a while and after my dad and her got divorced, she’s been a bit of an alcoholic. It would be bare able, but since I don’t live with my dad occasionally,... # # # #

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Addicted to Cum

I’m 17 and I’m addicted to eating cum. I just love the texture and feel of it. I don’t care who’s dick it comes off. I just need it all the time. # # #

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Baby sitting

I thought I’d share a story from when I was around 12 (f) So it started off as a normal day it was me mom and my brother. My mom was a Nurse so she would often have to work night... # #

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Wife’s past part 3

So the next morning I was still Jonny my wife laid curled up next to me. I look at her naked body as she slept. Her lips were still red and puffy. I saw some bruises on her inner thighs.... # # #

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Wife’s past part 2

So a few weeks went by after Mindy confession to me about her dad. We talked about it she was so relieved I was not mad and that she finally had that secret off her chest. She told... # # #

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Wife’s past part 1

So my wife confessed to me after we were married about having a short affair with her dad. So it sounded crazy at first. But what brought it up was we were married about 4 years she... # # # #

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The Twins 8: Luke and Erin

When I turned 18 I went off to college. It was then that I started realizing my feelings for Erin. I slept with both the twins but that was more of horny teenager wanting to stick his... # #

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1st time we watched

This is a true story and it happened 4 weeks ago My name is Harry and my wife’s name is Jenny .We have been married for just over 25years. For a long time i have been asking Jen... # # #

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Wife passed out

So my wife and I went out for drinks. She got pretty loaded and I only had a few when we got home my son had friends over and they were playing video games. My wife had on a short skirt... # # # #

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My first blow jobs

I had a lots of girlfriend, three wife’s and kids, but… I always wish to know how is it to feel dick inside me. I was offered for blow jobs, but I always refuse, because... #

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Mom only needed laid

I was abuse by my mom when I was in my early teens Mom and dad got divorced when I was 12. Mom became very abusive to me. She would keep me grounded for the least things. She would... # # # #

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Slut Wife him cuckold

I love fucking strangers. My husband is wuss, and a previous simp so I know he is not gonna leave me. (Else I will take his house and everything 😉 ) #

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