The story of how I became a fag

I AM A FAGGOT? …a closet faggot, but a to-the-bone wannabe cock lover can’t get it out of my mind. Above all I have been in my life thus far, this has been the constant.... # #

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Horny at Night

One night after everyone was in bed, I was sitting downstairs on the couch playing on my phone. My dog bear walked into the room and walked over to me before sniffing at my crotch.... # #

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How I fucked my older sisters bf

My story starts late one night I was awake watching porn with the volume off ( also I’m 12 and he is 21) when my older sisters Bf walks past me with his shirt off he looks at me and... # #

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Workout sex

My daughter has been exercising every day for months on her exercise bike, she looked so sexy in her shorts. We had sex on the bike one morning. # # #

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Becoming Stepbrother’s Slave 1

My name is Missy i am a 20 year old girl living with my Father(Mike 40) his wife (Emily 36) and Emily’s son ( Alex 14).I personally don’t like my stepfamily but have to... # #

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fun at school camp

im 13 and my classmate is about the same. it was the first night at school camp and a group of us were playing cards in my friends tent (lets call him J) after 20 minutes or so everyone... # # #

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Red Room

It’s hard, but finally you open your eyes. A rush of panic crashes like a wave. Where are you? You don’t know this place, that much is for sure. # #

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