Fucking my lil cousin

6 years ago when I was 20 I was asked by my uncles if I could do them the favor of babysitting my 13 year old cousin, Tiffany, since they were gonna be gone for a week in Europe so... # # # #

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Girl next-door part two

I met Cindy on her way to school, I said that my wife would not be home for at least another two weeks and then I would love to get her in my bed. Cindy was chewing some gum and she... #

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A rainy afternoon

In the summertime I like to wear shorts since I always go commando, my cock and nuts sometimes slipped out the edge of the shorts and sometimes I pull them out and let them hang because... #

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She didn’t expect me

Olivia-a 14 year old with tight pussy and a great figure- doesn’t expect what Justin- a 25 year old with a 13″ sick and muscular- does to her #rape # # # #

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My 1st Blowjob…

I was around 11 and when I’d get home from school I’d be alone for a couple of hours. There was a guy who lived near us that was 21 and had a cool car he’d take me... # # #

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Our Little Secret

What can I say, he was a charmer. All I intended was to have a couple of drinks at my local bar after a long day at the office. I sat down in my usual spot and waited for a bartender... #

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The Office

My office – a fantasy about meeting my best friends wife in my office, for lunch… #

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