Cat: Cheating

caught my mama and uncle fucking

My mom is 5’6 black female DD tits and bubble butt. My uncle is 6’2 and black male One day I was on my mama phone and saw a text from my uncle that said last night was fun. I was... # #

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Swapping tents

Two men on camping trips with their wives plan to fuck each other’s wife without their knowledge. Fiction, cheating, swap, oral, photo. # #

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Everyone has a price

I want to welcome all those who are reading this story. My name is Anna and I am currently nineteen years old. I am a journalism student, which is probably why I decided to capture... # #

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Seduced by the FamilY Doctor

This is a fantasy we would like to make happen if anyone is a Doctor It all started when Nikki expressed her fantasy of people in authority seducing her or just “taking” her sexually.... #

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My Daddy!

The camera was on, I was in my robe. I had recently turned 18 and was so excited to be doing webcam. I was always sex hungry. My mother was at the nail salon and my dad was accompanying... # # #

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