Cat: Cheating

I cheated on my husband

When I was 23 my parents married to a business man and we were leading a happy family I love trucking a lot because of my marriage I lost my freedom and 1year complete I was bored in... #

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Fucking strangers

Before my husband and I had kids and were married, we went on a long road trip before the wedding. We had to stay at a rest stop overnight. Around 3 AM I had to go pee. I walked across... #

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Vacation Day 3

So after two days seeing my uncle and sucking him yesterday I was disappointed he was going for a bike ride this morning. But I still got a show # # #

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Married man first gay experience

I realized after years of marriage I wanted no needed sex with another man before I exploded this is my fantasy one day I write about the real thing. # #

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