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Cat: Cheating

Work Wife Returns part 2

It was about a week later when Nicole and I had the opportunity to continue to explore or new found interest in BDSM. I was going down the elevator at work when Nicole got in. Seeing... # #

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Work wire returns

After I left the company (please read the Minnesota Goodbye) I decided I had, had enough of work wives. Call me soft but the reality of leaving Claudia like that really hurt for a long... # #

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A Tale From The Far East Part 2

“My Dearest Richard, I’m writing you from the harbor in Perth, Australia. The children and I have been at sea for four months now and they grow restless to see you, as do... #

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Claire’s Mum Jenny

I was very worried when 12 yo Claire’s Mom phoned and wanted to talk to me face to face. Shit, I could be in deep trouble here. #

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New milf girlfriend

Im having an affair with my business partner of ten years. She has a family. Her husband and her are not divorced, but they don’t live as though they’re married. And she... # # #

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My wife is pregnant and doesn’t want to fuck. Good thing I have a 10 year old daughter. # #

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The New Girl-19

Thank you for all your messages and encouragement, Please read the previous part here ( /2024/04/the-new-girl-18/). Now let’s continue Luckily I had kept two spare sets of clothes... # # #

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My mother inlaw is a tease

I’m 26 and married to my wife 1 year now, my mother inlaw is 58 she is average build with medium breasts and hairy pussy, I once see her going from the bathroom to her room with... # #

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