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Cat: Cheating

Hot neighbour mom and daughter

My attractive, slim dark haired 39 yr old neighbour Sarah and her very pretty, very slim blond 18 yr old daughter Chloe got locked out if their house and asked me if they could hang... # #

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Back To The Beach

I’m home alone once again. When I want to do something, I usually get into trouble. Today I want to be around people so I won’t be by our pool. I know what I’m doing today. I’m... # # # #

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I went too far 2

So after Tom took me. Idk how else to describe it. He left to get his date and my husband got home and got cleaned up. I was feeling so guilty. I knew I couldn’t tell him. Tom came... #

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I went to far

Just a quick story about a year ago my husband was late coming home from work. We were supposed to go out with his friend and his gf On a double date. It got delayed cause my husband... #

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The Casino

It’s a Saturday night and Rocky is going out with the boys. I don’t want to stay home, so I think I’ll go to the casino. Rocky doesn’t like to gamble so I go myself. I’m taking... # #

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My son’s best friend

This is a fantasy of mine, I had numerous requests for stories or follow up. I will give a follow up of when I wrestled so the next day ,weeks &months # #

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Fucking my favorite lecturer

It was now 5.30 pm, Lily walked through the first floor of the lecturers building. Lily was looking for Dave, he was one of her favorite lecturers. He was kind, funny and understanding,... #

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Mother and daughter part 2

Part 2 Cindy came in the door and said hi to both her mom and I. Lorraine excused herself saying she was ” going to take a nap” which probably meant she was going to masturbate.... # #

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Mother and daughter part 1

True story and please feel free to comment. And I apologize if it’s long and winded lol Summer of 80. I was 22. I was dating Cindy, a hairdresser, 23. I used to stop by her salon... # #

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Mom’s fault

Mom married my step dad when I was young. I only rent him as my dad . My real dad I never met. I rent dad and mom fighting a lot when I was younger. Now that I am older. I realize most... # # # #

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