Cat: Cheating

What to do? Not sure what is right?

I know that that this is not the place to ask for help but what do I do ? My girl of 3 years is so cute, super in shape small little thing . Love her to death . But she cheated on me... #

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Beverly Lust

I’m just gonna keep the names the same, while I tell my side of the story… The “Cheating” was all in my head, but a big part of the fantasy for me. # # #

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Party girl Jasmine

Jasmine was so excited for this night. At 15, she couldn’t believe she was dating one of the senior varsity basketball players. They had been dating for 3 months now, and she... # # #

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Me Reeta 35 years married lady living in Patna .married to a business man .for the 10 years .my hight 5.5 good boobs slim body… #

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I was not sexualy satisfied after 6 years of marriage as my husband has tiny cock # #

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