Cat: Cheating

Married man first gay experience

I realized after years of marriage I wanted no needed sex with another man before I exploded this is my fantasy one day I write about the real thing. # #

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Family secrets

I spent a weekend in my cousin Linda’s home in Floridad. She was living with her live in boy friend and had plans to marry him. The night a got there we celebrated with wine and... # #

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I love sex with married men 2

He is a former co worker. He is married to a woman. A couple years younger than me, 6 ft tall husky full head of curly white hair vivid blue eyes and 8 in cut thick cock very masculine.... # #

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My dad’s girlfriend

Rosie was 5’4 with a nice hourglass plump little butt and small c cup boobs and curly light brown hair she never got along with any of her dad’s girlfriends But yesterday... # #

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