Cat: Cheating

My step son has a crush on me

On the night of my birthday I drank to much and ended up have sex with my stepson. I was pissed at his dad and not thinking to good I guess but really enjoyed the sex and only had orgasms... # # #

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My goal was to fuck my step dad

I was 15 when I started wanting to fuck my stepdad. I decided I was going to when I told my mom and Stepdad that the boys at school started calling me bubbles because I had a bubble... # # #

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my teasing stepmom

My dad remarried when I was 15. My stepmom Crystal was 36 and a knockout. Light brown skin, dark hair and eyes. 5’4. When I was 16 she had her boobs done and they are perfect.... # # #

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His loss is my gain

My nephew was stupid, he had an amazing beautiful girl and he threw it away. He missed out on something incredible, she’s mine now, all mine. # # #

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Meet the cast

This happened back a few years ago, Let me start by saying I never looked at my daughter sexualy before, been happily married for 20 years. We only have one child she is 5’2″... # # #

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