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Maggie In Ohio 2

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I looked up at him and said no charge.

Bill told me that’s good because he wouldn’t be able to afford a blowjob like that.
I stood up with his cock still in my hand, i told him that I wanted to feel his monster inside me. Bill got dressed and we slowly walked back to camp once there I sat on Allan’s lap he went to kiss me but I acted like I didn’t notice it turning my head.

Now Allan is going to be finishing this part

After Maggie turned away from my kiss, I knew what happened on the dark path to the rest rooms. Maggie whispered in my ear that I was right about my friends going to be hard to get rid of. I asked her if she was planning on making it 2 this weekend?. She smiled and told me if an opportunity came up. We drank a little more before going to bed. That’s when Maggie told me all that happened on the trail while giving me a blowjob. After swallowing my nut, she also told me that Bill had to leave the next day for a family get together that he’d forgotten about. So we decided to see if Mark would want to call it to and do a over nighter at our place, with a cook out in comfort.
After Bill left I asked Mark about our idea. Her was onboard with it but told me he wanted to drop his stuff off and grab a change of clothes to sleep in. I laughed telling him he didn’t need his jammies. After getting back home I took a quick shower and left for the store to get some steaks and more beer. While I was gone I gave Mark a call filling him in and told him id be back in about 15 to 20 minutes and to meet me at home.

The next part will be Maggie telling it

I got out of a relaxing shower just chilling in my robe. Just got me a cup of coffee. As I was setting down I heard some one knock at the door. Thinking Allen either forgot his key or his hands were full. Not thinking about what I had on, opening the door to see Mark. There I was in just a robe at the door. I knew Allen was responsible for this surprise early visit. Mark came in and had coffee with me. The robe I had on was short with no buttons only tied at my belly. So I guess the opportunity is rising. As well as Mark’s cock. I decided to bring up the conversion of being single and and which lead to sex or the lack of. By now his cock was very visible in his shorts.so I made a move that caused my robe to come open. As I tied it back up I was apologizing. He laughed and told me it was okay but he may need privacy in our bathroom. Still nervously laughing. So taking the opportunity and chance asking him if it was because of me. Mark blushed. Then I got a little more bold and told him he didn’t need to go anywhere and after all we are adults. He just sat looking at me. Then I moved a bit making the robe open a little, but this time I did not close it this time. Mark was massaging his cock through his shorts now. I slowly pulled my robe open more and more. Every time he got bolder I revealed more to him. Once he was stroking his cock I asked if that was really satisfying. Them he actually took his cock out to continue. I told him that’s not what I meant and that I didn’t mind at all though, then told him that I was asking about his hand over pussy or a good blowjob. He stuttered no to me. Then I asked if I had made him want to do that. He just continued stroking his cock looking into my eyes. Almost as if asking me to take over. I stood up and my robe was completely opened now. Slowly I went to my hands and knees dropping the robe to the floor and crawled to him. Mark did not take his eyes off me and parted his legs. Wasn’t what I had planned but I crawled between them, my face now within a inch of his huge shaved balls. I was so close that when I spoke to tell him that they looked full and ready to be emptied, my lips brushed his balls. Then I extended my tongue to lightly lick them asking if this would help, he moaned a yes to me. Then telling him if that will help? will this? As I licked up the shaft of his cock from his balls to the tip several times. Again he moaned yeeess. Then I told him if this helps too, then this may take care of your problems. Then taking the head between my lips and ever so slowly inch by inch all 8 of them into my mouth and throat then back up as slow. He moaned o god yeeSSS. So I continued and about 5 minutes later his cock swelled he began to shake and twitched. Then moaned the words that he was going to cum. I kept the same speed,he started to slightly pump up and down a little faster than I was moving. Then he began to pump 7 huge blast of thick salty cum into my mouth. I looked. at him. To tell him no charge for him either. Mark got a puzzled look and in a questing tone just said for me either?

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    What a fun story. Fun couple. Fun friends. Fun wife.