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Rain, changing clothes and my 14 year old sister

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So,the story starts off when my sister came from school and she was all wet due to rain…

Warning: Don’t read this story if you don’t like a story with grammatical mistakes,english isn’t my mother tongue so i am not so good with it!

I was 17,my Sis was 14.
One day,I had didn’t went to college because my teacher died due to an accident,but my sister went to her school because it was her revision test and she doesn’t wanna miss it.

So,it as 5pm here in my area and the thunderous rain has started about 2 hours ago. She comes at about 5 10 pm from her school daily but she was late that day,she used her bag like an umbrella but it didn’t work at all.

Meanwhile aur relatives(uncle,aunt and 2 kids) were here and they were sitting in the drawing room. My sister came all wet and the first thing mom told her was to change clothes and dry herself. We have 3 room,and a kitchen. One was the room with uncle and aunt,the other was their kids playing some board games and the other room was my room where I was studying.

Eventhough my mom told my sister to change clothes and dry herself,my sister as always was very shy she hesitated to remove her clothes at first but mom her to remove it because she may catch a cold and she may get breathing problems if she catches a cold.

Mom was stripping my sister in my room but then my aunt called her and she had to go,so she told my sis to dry herself while being naked and change into fresh clothes.

My sis was trying to be extra-smart,she told me “Bro, don’t tell to mom please,I will just change my clothes without drying myself with a dryer,I am ashamed of being naked in front of you”
I immediately refused the offer and started telling her”Look,you may catch a cold if you don’t dry yourself completely, plus your exams are starting too in a week”

So,she told me not look and stripped naked and was drying herself and my irresistable urge came out and I looked at her tiny tits and pussy 🐈
I didn’t get the whole satisfaction while only seeing her pussing and extra small tits,I went nearer to her and grabbed her tits with my right hand and pussy with my left hand.
She was was very shy and became red at the moment and started crying, I saw her cute little face and stopped doing these stuff and told her to dry herself quickly.
But she didn’t have her clothes in my room,I gave her my small sleeveless T-Shirt that doesn’t fit me anymore and gave her my night pant(which doesn’t fit me anymore too)

She looked very hot,sexy and cute in my clothes,i kissed her on her cheek.
She told me she will tell all these things to my mother,and now I was afraid of her,but I gave her a offer,I told her”Mom and Dad are going to a wedding next week and live atleast 2-3 days there ,we will be alone at that time,I may get naked and you can touch my 21th finger 😁

She happily agreed and then we watched some porn on her tablet.


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  • Reply Destro I’m coming for you ID:22lqx5rhriq

    Destro you tiny dick fucker don’t quit your day job bud. This story is equivalent to my taco shits it’s that bad.

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg20dr

    Stop using excuses for PPW. If you can write in ENGLISH, then you understand proper english grammar. There are also apps out on the web that help with grammar or try getting some who better understands English to proof read the story. Also leave the emojis out

  • Reply Anonymous ID:3yvnnkcd4r

    The reward for her not telling on you wasn’t realistic, I recommend either money or letting her use your computer or game console or maybe be her personal driver etc etc.

  • Reply Allie V ID:22lqx5rhriq

    Is the sister a retard or something I don’t understand why a 14 year old needs help changing

    • Andy swift ID:7pqkuwnvqkl

      How old are you any Way lol