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shemale/Tgirl or male strip clubs for my wife

219 Words My wife has wanted me to take her to a strip club and i am currently looking for a venue where they go the extra mile in terms of providing service to female customers. I have a fantasy...
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Wife and another man fantasy

202 Words I have had a fantasy about my wife and other men in a threesome and gangbangs. I have a thing for sucking cock and that is as far as it goes. Whenever we have sex I constantly think...
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How I found out I was a cuckold husband

664 Words This this is how I found out I liked it when my wife was getting fucked by our neighbor! He had came over one night and my wife Renee was getting in the bubble bath so she ask me to...
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My wife gang banged

284 Words πŸ‘€ Tammy and I have been married for over ten years and she reluctantly agreed within a couple of years to become a shared.
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I’ve turned my wife into a whore

495 Words πŸ‘€ Patie was just a simple Mississippi housewife when we married 26yrs ago after having breast enlargement and introduced to Kush marijuana and Xanax and porn Patie is a whore..
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Four Hours with Him

3969 Words πŸ‘€ My wife and I share a close friendship with an old friend of mine. But is it more for her? What do you think? Is it more or is it all in my mind?
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She said She Dreamed It

1430 Words πŸ‘€ My wife has a dream that involves my best friend who travels a lot for his job and is very independent, confident, intelligent, and interesting in a kind of rough unkept way.
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Josie Jo gets doubled

859 Words πŸ‘€ Disabled husband taking wife out to a dance club letting his middle aged sexy wife enjoy herself in the company of strangers where they meet another married couple who have desires
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