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old memory

I was studying in college my age was 20 years .average day I was travelling in train.I met a guy who was 35 years old.we had formal talk and he told me about himself and I...
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Sharing is Caring

At 17 my girlfriend was a whirlwind of unadulterated sexual energy. I fucked her on our first date and that should have been my immediate hint. I was 26 and had dated quite a few πŸ‘€
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Candice trading girlfriend

Hi everyone, my name is Candice and if you’ve seen my videos on pornhub, where my boyfriend Fredrick and his buddies fuck me, then you know who I am. I’m a single 20 year old πŸ‘€
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Cheating Betty

They fuck almost every day and she spends lots of time with him in our bedroom. I love it and hate it because she’s cheating after we’ve agreed to stop the lifestyle, anyway,... πŸ‘€
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Creamy surprise for husband

My name is Kassandra I’m a 46 yr old housewife from Pike county Mississippi. Last night me and my husband Bob went to the casino the Pearl River resort in Philadelphia Mississippi.... πŸ‘€
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Everyone is fucking Kathy

Cheating cuckoldry has become a big part of our lives, where my husband records my cheating without me knowing, and me trying to cheat on him as much as possible. Hi i’m Kathy... πŸ‘€
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