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a true story that was the forerunner to everything we have written #

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Married 45 yo wife

Our friend’s wife had left him and needed a shoulder to cry on. And that happened to be my wife. He would call round most days for tea and sympathy . I would be at work and when... # # #

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Wet slut

I’m so wet between my legs I can’t stop rubbing my clit and fucking my wet hole with a dildo while I fantasize # # #

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My wife’s boyfriend and his sons

My wife Linda came home after a long weekend away with her boyfriend Jim and told me about their hot sex as I ate her cum filled shaven little pussy She likes to spread her legs wide... # # #

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It is Christmas 1963 and i have just turned sixteen, We went to stay with friends for Christmas Day but came home for Boxing Day. mum and dad had some friends coming around for drinks... # #

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Shy prude wife

A friend of ours was feeling low after his wife left him. While I out to work he would call round for a chat with my wife. She became a shoulder to cry on. Well she must have given... # # #

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Casey (13) who is not excited about staying after school in a kid’s daycare facility just down the way from his school. He walks with his friend’s to their buses and waves goodbye... # # #

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