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Biology 101

Let start with some background information about me and my friend and family. My name os John, 15 years old, male athletic and tested as a genius level of intelligence. My sport in... # # # #

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Wife gets fucked 4 (True)

So after Mike married her affair with him didn’t stop but was not as nearly as often They would go weeks without hooking up. And Mike got to point he told me he decided to stop Which... # # #

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First wife fun

So my first wife was raised in foster homes. She had a rough life. Told how she was molested by her brothers and her dad at different time’s growing up. He dads encounter drove me... # # # #

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Wife gets fucked (true story)

So this is a short but true story So my wife and I been married for a couple years. We had no kids yet and I wanted to share her some with friends. But anytime I brought up anything... # # #

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Cheating wife

I knew my wife looked at men. I knew she was a flirt. And men flirted with her. I mean she is 5’1” tall. Weighing about 110. She has narrow hips and 36c. Some men like big asses... # #

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Ex wife (true story)

Oh if I knew then what I know now. Hind sight is alway 20/20 I was 21 my wife was 20. We were struggling I worked overtime all the time. My wife was a cute petite 5 foot babe. She had... # # # #

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