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My husband is not a real man (PART 1)

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My maid and husband now control me and my husband.

Hi I’m Shristi, 30 years old. And I’m married to my husband Pramod (33yrs) for less than a year now. I’m a secretary in a company and he is a software engineer. We rent an independent house in Bangalore.

Since we both have jobs it is hard to do house hold chores as well. So we hired a maid to help me with it. Aapti is around 33 years old, she leaves near of house only and is married to Karan(45yrs). He supplies milk packs locally. Both are from schedule caste and very dark skin color. But since she was the only one available at that time and does the job nice, I hired her.

Aapti is very frank and comfortable in our house. She talks a lot and always lifts her saree till her knees while working. She does not care even if I can see her panties when she sometime sits or get up from ground. She is a little chubby. around 70kg for a 5’4″ woman. Which huge tits, barely kept inside her thin cotton cloth blouse.

Well, it’s not that I’m very slim or like a model, but still I can say we are very very different. I’m 5’6″ very fair, almost pink at some places 😉 and smell amazing. 34DD breast and a curvy ass. A little stomach is there but nothing that I would loose my hourglass figure. I have a cut face and an amazing smile.

Well, enough of that. The story began when one day I was having a quarel with my husband about the night before. Well, you see, Pramod like to fuck me just in missionary position and that too for like 3 mins. He never fucks me in kitchen or any place exciting. And he thinks I’m horny and I have a slut inside me. I mean it is true, but if I cannot ask him to fuck me, who can I ask.

Aapti happen to come home early that day and heard us discussing our “Sex life”.

When my husband left for office and I too was putting my makeup on near my dresser. She came in to sweep the floor. I was in just my blouse and petticoat.

“All men are like that, they just want what they want and then just leave us hanging” She said.
“So true, right.. I cannot believe that I.. I have to ask him to fuck me… Can you believe it?” Still putting on my lashed.
“Madam, I know how you feel, my husband was also like this initially. But now he makes me always happy.” she said.
“Wai.. what changed” I asked
“Well, he saw me with another man. ” She smiled and evil smile.
“Get out, you are kidding….” I said with skepticism.
“No madam, I’m telling you the truth, some men like it. And to tell you the truth I also like to see him fuck other women” She laughed. She was telling the truth.
“Aapti di, you are too much, don’t put such ideas in my brain… now go away. Do your job, I have to leave for office.” I said focusing back on my makeup.
“As you wish madam, in the mean time let me know if you need any assistance under you saree” she said nudging my back and smiling. “I’m very good at that too”
“Are you kidding?” I turned around. I was horny… and needed some assistance… So I just started thinking.
“What kind of assistance” I smiled and closed the makeup kit.
She took that as a sign that I’m in and she just went down on the ground and sat there. She spread my legs and lifted my petticoat. All the while looking me in the eyes. Then she slowly rubbed my thighs with both hands and reached for my marron lacy panties. She used her thumb to rub the clit from top of the panties.

Ummm.. I was feeling it. I tilted my head back. Yes, finally.
Then she slowly removed my panties, I cooperated my lifting my ass off the chair. Then she inserted her whole face inside my crotch. Uaaaghh… what a sensation. Pramod never goes down on me. I was holding her head down, not knowingly, just an instinct. She was good. She was licking my clit, then inserting her tongue in my already wet, clean shaved, pink pussy.

“Madam, you pussy is so beautiful, all clean shaved and smells so good. I can eat it all day” She said. I pushed her head back. I was loving the lick more than her word praising my gentiles. Then she got in the flow. He was using both hand and her mouth to play me my clit and my pussy.

Uggghhhh… Ufffff.., Ughhh…. Ummm,…. It was so good. I closed , my eyes and was rattling on my seat like a fish. She was holding me down. Ummm…. she kept fucking me with her mouth. I was so busy orgasming, that I didn’t even realize when her finger was in my asshole. I didn’t say anything. I liked it. Pramod would never fuck my asshole. He was a nerd.

I was cumming. I was cumming… I even squirted on her a little. She laughed and closed my legs laughing and with shyness.

“If you liked this, then you will defiantly like my husbands 9 inch cock.” She said as she stood up, licking her fingers which were inside my pussy.
“What? what do you mean?” I asked trying to fix my clothes.
“Well, as I said, nobody has to know and my husband can satisfy you. ” She said
“How did you even think I will let that low class man to fuck me. Are you out of your mind.” I said angrily. “You are a woman and I let you use fingers that is different. But him… never.” I said putting my saree.
“Now go away” I said.
“Well, no problem, Let me know if you want me to finger you again” She said.
“I will let you know” I said without looking at her.

And I did let her know. For next one week she finger/mouth fucked my 9 times.

Continue in part two… how she will be used and abused by the filthy couple.


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