Cat: Lesbian

My dad’s girlfriend

Rosie was 5’4 with a nice hourglass plump little butt and small c cup boobs and curly light brown hair she never got along with any of her dad’s girlfriends But yesterday... # #

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My slutty sister

My sister (Stephanie) was a beautiful girl, aged 17 was in the school cheerleading team. And she also wanted to date the hottest boy at school but she couldn’t. Stephanie had... # # #

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Lesbian sex triangle

As I got to my girlfriends house she opened the door and I was greeted by the site of her in a tight tube top and a mini skirt and I was reminded that she doesn’t wear underwear... # #

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A Leg Between my Thighs pt 1

Drunk at a junior party, Sam and Ash fix their broken friendship in a peculiar way. (These stories are based off dreams that I dreams) # #

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My first sleep over

When I turned 12 my parents finally let me go to a sleep over at my best friend Anna’s house. Anna was the same age as me and had a 17 year old sister. She and her sister with both... # # #

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Little sister’s curiosity

I was around seventeen when my little sister turned eleven. I didn’t mind spending time with her. She always had such a vivid imagination and I couldn’t help but be jealous of it.... # #

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