Cat: Lesbian

My sister Mary

My parents had Mary when I was 26, and they had me when they were 19. They’re constantly busy now so I don’t know why they had a kid. I’m always her babysitter. I’m 38 now and... # # # #

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Love eating pussy

From a young age i was being touched, started when I was four and didn’t stop until last year, I loved it tough, I love being fu ked open against my will it turns me on and makes... # # # #

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Forceful lesbian

VERY rapey. About cute little Lena getting raped as I watched and had an intense orgasm. She’s so cute and sexy. Idk if I should protect her or fUCK # # #

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Megan 3

3: My First Golden-Lesbian Mom, if you haven’t had sex with a dog you should, but makes sure you keep your shirt on or put something on his feet, my nipple hurt for a week. I, almost,... # # #

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Hi, I’m P 18y F, and I have a bf, 17y M. We met not long ago a couple of our age, both 18, because we have friends in common. Turns out, we are going on a trip in about a week... # # #

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Lunch time

I was on the ground behind the couch in the living room, pulled my shorts and panties aside and used treats to get the doggy closer to me. He appreciated the treats but once he smelt... # # #

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