Cat: Lesbian

Sub training day

While you are having a shower I want you to shave your pussy bald.. I don’t want a hair any where.. Beth Allways allowed it to grow natural and being a curly haired red head she... # # # #

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Lesson continue

Beth was placed between jenna out stretched legs.. The tall slim lady took her hand and placed it on jenna long clit.. You know what to do in sure you have played with your own many... # # #

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My Ex-uncle Jim 2: Susan

Read my first post for more of the background who everyone is. So Jim’s birthday was coming up last year. We had been dating for a few months and he moved in. I wanted to do something... # #

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Eating my cousin

I remember when I was 10 we had a party for my cousin it was her 12 birthday after cake and presents the adults partied and me and her went to her room we would kiss and make out in... # # #

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12 year old girl forced me

So I am hailey , 25 years old currently working at 9-5 job. I started doing this job 1 year ago when I just graduated from college . Since i hit puberty everything changed for me ,... # # # #

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My lil cousin

Hi! this is the story how i wanted to fuck my cousin! ) So my little cousin, let’s call her emily. She kinda turns me on. She’s young but knows how to twerk and stuff and she twerks... # # # #

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Big sis teaches me

I was just 10 and was about to find out my pussy could make me feel good. I had watched my big sister masturbating in her room many times and wondered why she looked like she was in... # # #

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sex with my sister 3

it’s been a long time since i updated this, me and my daughter have been together for about 2 months now and i’ve only gotten closer with her, my husband leaves for work early so... # # #

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