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Sister taught me doggy love

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TRUE STORY of how my lesbian sister introduced me to zoo

(I’m 16 now and my sister is 18) My sister is two years older than me. When I was 7 and she was 9, our parents would leave us at home during the afternoons after school alone until they finished work fairly late at night — they were nurses.

I remember I was in the living room watching something on TV when my sister appeared with a DVD in her hand. She asked me if I wanted to see something exciting and I immediately said yes. She put the DVD in the TV and it started to play a home movie.

My sister was in it, being recorded by an older man it sounded like as he encouraged her to open her legs for his big dog. He praised her and said dirty things that I didn’t really understand, but it made my little 7 year old pussy wet either way. I watched as my sister opened her legs and let his dog sniff at her tight pussy before it licked one big lick up her little slit and she moaned. The sound of her moan sent tingles to my innocent princess part.

My sister told me to keep watching the screen while she walked through the house looking for something. She eventually came back with our family dog (which was a big dog as well) and I knew what she was going to do then.
I didn’t even have time to object or resist before he was licking my little cunt and clitty.. I was in bliss immediately, pussy tingling so so nicely that I couldn’t control the moans that escaped my lips as our dog’s tongue slid across my kid clit.

My sister watched it happen, talking dirty to her own 7 year old sister the entire time before I had my very first orgasm. After that my sister made me let the dog lick my pussy every chance we had alone, which was a lot, so I usually came at least 3 times a day from being licked by doggy tongue.

In the end I didn’t have to be forced anymore, I started to beg my sister to make the dog lick me and to stay and watch and talk dirty because it made my little pussy tingle so much better.

One day she introduced me to doggy dick. It hurt the first time so much, but by the third time it started to feel really good. My sister kept telling me I was a dirty little girl for wanting our doggy’s dick in my little cunt. (I’m fairly certain my sister was talking to much older men, considering how well she knew how to dirty talk at only 9)..

I made our dog lick and fuck me everyday for almost four years before he died. I haven’t had doggy dick since then, but I have been licked a couple times by my friend’s dog. My only regret is not somehow recording the fun I had with dogs as it’s the only thing that has made my pussy actually throb, especially because I was so young. I love thinking about girls the same age I was letting their doggy’s lick their pussies and it gets me sooo wet and horny. I wish I could watch videos of them doing it.


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    [email protected] Perfect story. I’m glad that you taught your sister how to have sex with dogs is fantastic to see. I enjoy it so much.

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    You dirty dirty girl. I like it.