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Good Selective Kids

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Nobody has met Patty’s boyfriend until now. No wonder. She’s a secretary for our church, and her boyfriend is her father. They’ve been fucking since she was a teen. Lucky!

I was very jealous of Patty because she’s beautiful and my brother wants to fuck her. Who doesn’t? But then I started liking her, too, and I’ve had a lot of fun licking her pussy as my bro does me from behind. I didn’t know how this would work out with her boyfriend because she said he lived in a different town, and I thought he’s in his 20’s, like her. She knows how much I want my dad, how sad I am that I will probably never have him, so she hasn’t wanted to mention how good she has it. WITH HER DAD. At the same time, she said that he has encouraged her to get more experience, that he’s not the only cock on this earth. She admitted she’s attached to her father more than she probably should be, and he’s glad that at least she’s involved with me. Sort of. I lick her and finger her as much as possible. I even put my finger in her in the church women’s restroom as we kiss. She knew I was coming for holiday volunterring, so she wore garter belts with stockings under her very plain dress. No underwear, a coreset. and a very lacey bra she took off for me. She even let me take a pic without her face in it. as she sat straddling the toilet so that I had photo and finger access. Dad is so nice and clueless, when Patty said her father was in town for a visit, he invited the man to have lunch with us at our house before he went back to his office. My bro and I had no idea that this man in his late 40’s or early 50’s was having sex with her. I had just taken porn of his daughter, gone crazy for the lingerie, and had he seen it, too? They acted totally normal, like my bro and me, during lunch. So when Dad got in his car, I thought my bro and I were expected to direct him to the few tourist places because Dad gave Patty the rest of the day off. Instead, her father asked if he could have a talk with us. He seemed very polite, but he also laughed a lot. He is also a good looking guy. He reminds me of an actor, Alan Alda, from that old tv show MASH, except the dark hair has some strands of gray. I almost passed out when he said he knew about us. He knew I was fingering and licking his daughter. He knew my bro was slamming me from behind while I was doing it, too, and that he no doubt wants to do the same to his little girl. My throat went dry. I didn’t say anything. No one did. He was sitting next to Patty on the couch as he just talked to us like it was a regular type of conversation. My brother didn’t say anything, either. I was afraid he was going to turn us in to someone. But then I also noticed, as he continued about how precious his daughter is, how his hand very slowly started creeping up the inside of her knee and up to her dress. My jaw dropped. He caressed the lace on her thigh high stockings and she closed her eyes as they both readjusted themselves a little so that he could put his fingers where mine had been a couple of hours before. Her breathing quickened. He unzipped his pants and took out his cock. That guy was READY. So was she.( Remembering this is making me so wet right now, I want to go back and relive these moments). My bro’s pants were bulging, and I was sopping wet. So this man lifted his daughter’s dress more so that she could get up and sit down backwards on his throbbing cock. They were so smooth. It was a lot like a porn movie, only they acted like this is something they did like brushing their teeth or watching tv together. Not a big deal. Once she had him completely inside her cunt, they barely moved. He was just so thick, and I could see veins pulsing. Then her dad said not to call him Mr. ______________, to use his first name (changed), Ted. Ted explained, while sometimes kissing Patty’s neck and shoulders, that her own mother had been fine with fucking other people. In fact, at that moment, Patty’s mother was probably fucking someone else in their inner circle, possibly the pool boy, and that it’s healthy. But Patty needs to try other people and branch out. Would my bro and I be willing for my bro to fuck her while he (Ted) fucked ME???? He was saying that I am still pretty young and that I have to be careful. I shouldn’t just fuck any cock out there. He used the word selective. I have to be selective. He said that being 14 would make a lot of people want me already, and that being pretty with an athletic body but larger chest would be a lot of men’s fantasy. My bro agreed. Ted and Patty had talked about this. She was willing to let my bro fuck her if I was comfortable with it. She was ok with her daddy’s cock inside me, too, as long as I don’t fuck just anyone who comes along. As long as I am selective. My bro and I agreed. So we didn’t waste time. Patty and I kissed eachother, too, because this was new for both of us. She slowly sat up from her dad’s cock and I knew I would get to settle down in the same position. After making sure we had towels nearby and Kleenex, I let Ted finger me inside my panties and I did put my mouth around him. I tasted her on him, and it excited me. I laid back on the same coffee table that my bro took my little cousin’s virginity on, and I splayed my legs out after taking my panties off. As he used his tongue to explore every part of my cunt and outer pussy, my bro was finally getting to have Patty. She straddled his face as he laid on his back on the floor, turned towards his cock so that she could suck on him, too. The next time I saw them, she was sitting at the edge of the couch, legs spread, as my bro knelt in front of her, grabbing her round ass and plunging into her. I sat on Ted, facing him, and he was actually very careful with me. I told him I need it a little harder, so he pounded me from behind and I thought he was going to break me apart, but I also liked it. Neither of them could hold out much longer, with my bro cumming first in Patty and then Ted in me. I could feel him drilling me, pumping me full of his cum. Then he took out this plastic little ball that had a string attached to it. He immediately put it my cunt and said that Patty or any one I choose could lick his cum out of me if I let them pull the string. Patty actually laughed. “Dad, you know I want to lap you up from her aching little twat this very second! Why would she wait?” I was stunned. I had heard about those little plastic balls from a girl at the school I’m going to attend. I asked Ted where he got that plastic ball because I knew someone else with one, a girl who goes to ____________________. Causally, like anyone would think nothing about it, he said he’s on their board. He’s on their board. A lot of highly successful women graduate from that school, so I was shocked to learn that Patty went there. She definitely took part in their daddy-daughter activities. Her mother had encouraged it, and her own mother was fucking her older brother, too. It really was a family thing. Her brother did go on and get married, though, and her mother still fucks a lot of his friends. Ted seemed proud of this and wanted Patty to enjoy herself more. I didn’t want to be snooty, but I didn’t know how a church secretary, who doesn’t have much salary, could have come from such a school. I learned a lot about Patty and her family that day. She is in Mensa and has a high end porn site where she sells lots of sex-related services under a different name. She’s also a recruiter for the school. That school is providing a lot of different types of educations for different types of girls, it seems. I can’t wait to go there now, though I know it will complicate things even more. I also sucked my bro’s cum out of Patty, though we agreed the plastic ball would be handy for us, too. When my little cousin and I use it after being with my bro, we can have the other suck it out later. My bro is getting all of his dreams to come true, finally having Patty after taking our little cousin’s cherry. I’m happy for him, but I have to admit it REALLY makes me want my own daddy that much more. I know I’ll fuck Ted, and I agree about the selective thing. Not every cock that comes along. At the same time, being more selective means my dad is still #1 choice. At this point it looks like I should still let my bro shove his cock up my ass while Ted is in my pussy. I have to admit I’m getting even wetter as I write this. After Ted and Patty left, my bro and I took a shower together and had another fuck before we helped with holiday volunteering at the church. We arranged boxes of food for the less fortunate and mopped up the back rooms behind the youth center. We weren’t using words that would give away everything, but we discussed out new friend. I said I’d like for our new friend and he to take part in what we discussed about earlier, both of them at the same time, and after turning off the alarm he pulled me to the bathroom. I pulled of my jeans and fresh (now wet) panties and sat up on the sink counter top of the bathroom. I spread my legs and he took out his cock again. Ready, tightly stretched and purple as ever. We’ve never had sex at the church before. We agreed we’d always do it at home. We can’t get caught. It would destroy our father. But we just couldn’t help ourselves and it was even more exciting. This has been a fucking great Christmas and looks like a great year to come. My cousin is staying over tomorrow, and all thirteen years of her are ready for another fucking from my bro. He’s drinking energy drinks.

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