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My sex like started when I was 12

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After watching many times, Dad shared his date with me. Then I found a way to take sexual advantage of Mom.

Mom and Dad divorced two years ago when I was twelve. Mom had primary custody, but I stayed with Dad on the weekends. Mom was pretty strict with me, but Dad was the opposite. He let me stay up as late as I wanted. He didn’t even care if I came into the room while he was watching porn and drinking beers. I even got an occasional sip of his beer.

One night he went out at about nine and came home about eleven. He had a woman with him. They walked past me and went to his bedroom. I stayed up and for an hour I listened to them having sex. Then they came out of his room, and she left. Dad looked at me and smiled.

From then on, it was pretty normal for him to bring women home and fuck them while I was watching TV in the living room. After several times, I went to his bedroom door and pushed it open enough that I could watch. She was moaning and wiggling around as he fucked his cock into all three of her holes. It was my first-time watching sex live. Before, I had only seen it on the porn videos that Dad watched. I jerked off while Dad fucked her. I actually shot my cum on the outside of Dad’s bedroom door and had to clean it off before Dad could see it.

Maybe he had seen me. From then on, he left his door open while he had sex with his ‘dates’. I started standing clearly in the doorway as I watched. I jerked off and would run to the bathroom just before I came.

We would do normal Dad – Son things during the day, like going fishing or to the zoo.

There were only a couple times that Dad brought the same woman home. It went like this for almost every weekend for nearly four months. Then one night he brought home a girl who was younger than usual. He must not have picked her up at a bar because she did not look old enough to be in a bar and she was not acting like she was drunk. She was several years older than me and several years younger than him. When they came in, she made a fuss over me, saying things like how I was cute and running her hand thru my hair.

Dad took her to his bedroom, and I followed as far as the doorway, like I did every time now. She was pretty hot in bed. I watched her suck him and then ride him. When he came, she quickly and willingly sucked him again. Then I saw her lean down and whisper something in his ear. Dad motioned for me to come to him. “Donna said she wants you to fuck her.”

I didn’t have to be told twice. In less well than a minute, I was fully naked and climbing onto the bed. Dad moved to the far edge, so we had lots of room. She grabbed me and pulled me between her legs. I was only about five inches, but I was rock hard. My cock slid into her cum filled pussy and she wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me deep into her cunt. I started fucking her as fast as I could.

I lasted less than a minute, before I added my seed to Dad’s. “Your dad said he was pretty sure you were a virgin. Were you?” I nodded my head yes. “I’m glad I was your first.” Then she gave me a long deep kiss. Dad was hard again. I got off the bed and he had another go at her before she left.

After the divorce, I had never seen Mom with another man, but that Friday night, Mom came home late. I was still up. I saw her with a man as she came in the house. She kissed him and he left. Mom stumbled into the house. She bumped into an end table and knocked over the lamp. Mom was really drunk. I had never seen her any more than slightly tipsy. She managed to stagger to her bedroom.

After about a half hour, I opened her door, slightly, and looked in. Mom was on her bed, on her back, naked, with her legs spread wide. Her hand was on her pussy, but she was either sleeping or passed out. I watched for a couple minutes, and she didn’t move. Mom still had a good body for a woman in her mid-thirties. I had never seen Mom naked before, but I had seen her in a pretty small two-piece swimsuit. Her tits still stood up on her chest. I had looked at one of her bras one time and they were 34-C’s. She still had a flat stomach. That night, her hair was very messed up.

I decided to check what condition she was in. If she woke up, I could say I was worried about her. If she didn’t, I had something else in mind. I walked over and softly called her. “Mom?” She did not react. I pushed her shoulder and called “Mom” again. Still nothing. OK, now to do what was in my mind. First I moved her hand away and took some pictures of her with my phone’s camera.

I stripped out of my clothes and got on the bed between her legs. I leaned forward and my very hard dick went between her pussy lips and found her fuck hole.

Mom’s knees pulled up and her arms went around me. I panicked and almost ran away, till I heard her say, “Oh yes David, fuck me again. I want to feel your cock pounding my cunt.” My name is Steve and Dad’s name is Rick. David must be the guy who had just brought her home, drunk.

I pushed down and my cock easily slid into my mother. She was soaking wet inside. It had to be the guy’s cum in her. I started fucking her. She moaned happily and held me tight. Maybe I lasted three minutes, but that was enough. Mom orgasmed before I did, but that made me come. I added my seed to what was already in her. I carefully got off of her and started to get off the bed. “Don’t go yet David, I need to suck you clean. I brought my cock to her mouth, and she inhaled it. Then, as I was starting to get hard again, she pass back out. I got off the bed and went to my room.

I had taken some selfies of me in her cunt and in her mouth. I sent them to my computer and saved them. I took a couple minutes to see which ones had come out best.

The next morning, she was hung over. At breakfast and all thru the day, she looked at me with a confused look. Maybe she was trying to think if what had happened was what her mind was saying had happened or not. I never said a word and acted like everything was normal.

I went to Dad’s house for the weekend but nothing more happened. I spent that next week deciding how I was going to use the pictures I took of me fucking Mom. I had not decided exactly how I was going to do it but I knew that my relationship with my mother was about to change, and in a way that I would enjoy for a long time. I hoped that she would enjoy our new life together, but I knew that I would, rather she did or not.

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