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How bestiality started with me

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This is a true story of how I started bestiality, please don’t judge me thank you, Emily.

This is my story how bestiality started with me.

It all started in the holiday season, I was only 13 at the time. Mom told me that she was going to the shopping mall with my sister, Sara and asked if I wanted to come and get granda’s and grandpa’s gifts. I told mom that I’ll go tomorrow, mom said ok then. So I had just come home from a long run so I decided to get a shower so after my shower I fell down on my bed and fell alseep naked.

After a while I woke up in pain and looked around and Duke was having his way with me, I shouted at Duke to get off me but that wasn’t going to happen as Duke was having to much fun so I started crying. After a couple of minutes or so I started to enjoy myself it kind if felt good, what was I thinking after several minutes or so Dukes cock started to pulsate then I felt this warm sensation.

Duke had cum inside of me, now remember am only 13 at this time and one thing came into my head and that was what happened if Duke got me pregnant as there was so much cum inside of me. After Duke stopped coming inside of me Dukes knot started to shrink and he finally pulled out of me so I stood up and all of Dukes cum started running down my legs just in time.

My dad came home from work and shouted up to me so I shouted down to my dad that am in the shower so I had my second shower within a couple of hours. After my shower Duke was running around like he was pleased with himself, I kicked Duke out of my room just in case he tried to do me again lol
so I sat down on the edge of my bed and thought about what had just happened Duke raped me.

Over the coming weeks both myself and Duke had sexual intercourse more than 20 times I was into bestiality in a massive way now, but it didn’t stop after a couple of weeks turns into a couple of years. Duke had turned 8 by this time and we still continued for another six months then one day I came home from school and there was mom and dad sat down on the sofa as I went in mom saidsit down, Emily.

I said what’s going on mom told me that Duke had been knocked over and Duke never made it so I just started crying like never before I run upstairs and cried myself to sleep, over the next couple of days I could come out of my room I had a couple of days of school. Duke was a real good dog he was loving, caring, and very protective over me, Duke wasn’t just my best friend he was also my Alpha.

That’s how bestiality started with me.

If you would like a part two please tell me in the comments down below thanks, Emily xo

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  • Reply Uncle Buck ID:1dp33cb2b817

    Hope to hear more.

  • Reply Donny ID:yikv25oq

    My girlfriend’s sister let their dog fuck her in front of us one time. We were 15 and she was 13. It started out a big hilarious joke when he started humping her leg and just wouldn’t stop. Then she got on all fours and let him mount her like he was fucking her for real. It was funny as shit. However, at one point she stood up, pulled her shorts and panties to her knees, and said “He’ll really do it if you let him!” and got back down. Now the dog was going for all he was worth and for a second it crossed my mind that it seemed like he was actually, really fucking her but I knew there was no way. So I leaned down and looked and yep, it was in her. I asked my girlfriend later if her sister had done that before and she just acted like it was nothing “Yeah, a couple of times.” Truth is stranger than fiction sometimes, or at least very strange, I guess.

    • Emily. ID:1fjh8ue86id

      Donny it’s nothing new, its been arouund for hundreds of years back then, it wasn’t
      Taboo then and its still as common as it was back then you just don’t hear of it as much now. I am NOT ashamed guys or girls ain’t my thing, when I want a child I’ll go to a walk in sperm bank.

  • Reply Connor H ID:8hdrzf4st5d

    I really, really enjoyed this Emily! You should message me on session!


  • Reply Horny 69 ID:1ck6yj0ut7q9

    Tell us more.

  • Reply LovesDogandHorses ID:16d4i4j9fic

    Very Hot. Would like to be raped like that too. Would like to hear more

  • Reply Tammy Moody ID:1cqkkcl18y0g

    My name is also Emily and I also enjoyed your story. I have never actually had sex with my German shepherd, but he really likes it when I jack him off. I love the feel of his pick dick in my hand when he spurts. Maybe I will try letting him fuck me sometime. I am just a little bit afraid of the knotting thing. I have been watching videos of dog sex on line and in the videos some of the women have orgasms.

    • Emily. ID:1fjh8ue86id

      Don’t be afraid Emily you will be ok, but at first for a few minutes it hurts like fuck but that soon goes and then you will start to love your dog giving you one hell of a hard fuck, there is so much cum he feel’s up your whole pussy and when he pulls out it just floods out of you, you will think will it ever stop lol xo

  • Reply doggy169 ID:3zxio156t0d


  • Reply Adom ID:6hfujdkiql

    Now I want a dog

  • Reply Gonzo ID:3tabfb9rk0c

    Way to go, I had helped a few young girls take a knott in real life and hopefully I will help a few more. After the recent BS with Maty I am trying to mend things with Kylie as I know she wants to take another knott and trusts me.

    • Brent ID:1ftmz4qd9i

      I’ve helped my cousin Kathy get knotted when she was 14 we both use to have sex all the time the first time he knotted her he dragging her around I had to hold his tail her stomach swell I could feel him swelling in side her had my hands on her stomach after he finished 10 minutes later she layed there stuffed her legs wide apart and cum driping out of her little pussy I kissed boobs and told her my turn monster 8 inches slipped straight up her tight little pussy fucked her for 10 mins then grabbed her by the waist and drove it all the way deep up held it up her till I stopped cuming

  • Reply DoggyGirrrlSex ID:1cxvqsvqb7su

    I love hearing about you cumming so much for your pup and letting him gett off as much as he can with you. Thanks for being such a loving dog owner. Its sad so many dogs never get to cum.

  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9b

    I would love to read some more of your escapades with Duke . I would even lick you clean after Duke had filled you with his dog cum

  • Reply Dmac ID:o2tk2rdm4

    Definitely a part 2. Snapchat me dmac1718, if you wanna chat

  • Reply Chuck ID:1de2bhj4wl25

    I just wish I could watch it

    • Emily. ID:1fjh8ue86id

      I bet you do, Chuck but Scooby wouldn’t like that very much you might end up being his lunch lmao.

  • Reply ddinamight ID:1ftmucew8m

    Definitely part 2 please. Sc ddinamighte2019 if you would like to chat

    • Emily. ID:1fjh8ue86id

      I am glad you enjoyed our story, thanks for the nice comment if I get 8 more comments from other people I’ll be happy to do a part two for you.