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Mum aunt all had fun I fucked them both

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I live near a park got fucked up my ass I saw my aunt naked for the first time

This happened when I was 14 we lived near a Park which had toilets and a wooden area I was playing in the park and I needed to go to the toilet.
I walked in there was a man standing by the irinal it was a long white one he was standing the end nearest the door.
I walked passed him when I stood in the middle and got my cock out started having a pee l look at the man he was looking down at my cock he smiled I turned away as I was finishing I again looked at him he looked at me then looked down to his cock i looked down and saw that he was rubbing his hard cock which was very large.
I just stood there looking my own cock had got hard while I was still holding it
The man turned to face me his cock was different to mine it had no skin over the head like mine.
He moved closer to me I did not realise that I was rubbing my cock he spoke and said you have not seen a circumsters cock before have you I just shook my head he asked me if I would like to fill it I nodded he took hold of my hand and placed it on his cock bent my fingers round it and told me to rub in up and down I did .
He took my hand of my cock placed his fingers round it and started he asked me did I like him rubbing me it felt nice I told him then it happened I came all over his hand I tried to take my hand off his cock put he had put his hand over mine and was helping me rub him he told to keep going then he come he let go of my hand I put my cock away and left.
A few weeks later I was coming home from school walking through the park Wood I saw the same man going down a path I followed him he bent down and went under some bushes I did the same I heard voices and saw another man and two boys
so I found a hiding place in the bushes and watched.
I could not hear what was being said they all dropped there trousers and underwear both men had circumsters cocks they were hard when I looked at the boys one was circumsters the other wasn’t and they were hard both men kneel down between the boys legs and took there cocks in there mouths the look on the boys faces showed they like it .After a few minutes they stop then the boys did the same to them one of the men said something and the boys stopped walked over to a tree that had come down and bent over it with there legs wide apart one of the men reached into his coat pocket took out a bottle
walked over to one of the boys opened his bum cheeks and squirted some liquid onto his arsehole then with his finger put it in his ass and worked it in and out then pushed two another finger in and worked them in and out then he handed the bottle to the other man and he did the same
They put some liquid from the bottle on there cocks .
I could not see so I moved to a better place both men was holding there cock got between the boys legs the boys put his hands on bum cheeks and pulled them open the men move forward put there cocks between the cheeks of the boys ass and pushed there in one boys said stop its hurting the man stop after a minute the boy said OK he pushed his cock all the way and they both started fucking the boys.
I moved away and headed home
and a had a wank in my bedroom I was laying on my bed with my eye closed I had not shut the door properly.
I did not hear my mum and aunt come home the next think I opened my eyes there in the door way stood my aunt Ann looking at me my hand on my cock going up and down seeing her I just come shoot on to my chest and hand
Ann smiled turned and walked away leaving me to clean myself up I went down stairs Ann was talking to my mum when she saw me she smiled and his a nice boy mum said yes he is .it was Sunday I was over the Park I saw the same man go into the toilet
I walked into the toilet the man was in the same position at the end of the urinal I went to the middle I’ve got my cock out the man came close to me smiled he put his hand on my cock I put my hand on his we both started to rub each others cocks I closed my eyes he moved my hand off his cock I opened my eyes he bent down took my cock in his mouth and sucked it I put my hands on his head I closed my eyes it felt great after a few sucks I was about to come he stopped pulled of my cock and said did you like that I opened my eyes I put my hand on my cock to rub it no .
He put he’s mouth back on my cock and sucked it I put my hands back on his head I pushed into his mouth and come I pulled out of his mouth I looked up in the door way stood my aunt Ann just smiling one hand up her skirt she said I see you have meet Steve.
I was shocked Steve stood up turned round said hi Ann how’s it going I move away putting my cock in my trousers.
Ann said see you have meet Ian my daughter boy Steve looked at me and smiled yes he taste nice and laughter
Steve said looking for some fun Ann .
Ann said yes Steve said back at yours or round Marks .
Ann said bests at Marks if he’s OK with it Steve got on he’s phone I was making my way to the door Ann said where do you think you are going and grabbed my arm Steve said all done three ok Ann said no it’s four with this one .
She held onto my arm and we walk through the wood to the car park got into Steve car me and my aunt in the back she sat very close she took my hand and put it up her skirt all the way between her legs she did not have any knickers on she looked at me said your first time filling a cunt I said yes she said have a good fill it well be better when we get to Marks.
It was so smooth and wet 10 minutes we pulled up out side a very big gate which opened and we drove in we pulled up to the house got out this man come out said hello Ann said this is Ian I’m Mark nice to meet you come on in .
We went into a large room I sat on the sofa aunt Ann sat next to me Steve walked in front of her opened his trousers got his cock out Ann opened her mouth Steve put in he put his hands on her head and started face fucking her .Mark told me to undress her I said no she my aunt Mark took off her top and pulled her skirt off he then took off her knickers and bra my aunt just let him mark told me to strip I said no Steve pulled out of my aunts mouth Ann stood up took my hand walked me into another room and strip me there was a bed in the room she got on it on her hands and knees she told me to get behind her and fuck her I was so horny I got behind her put my cock by her cunt Steve had come into the room put his hands on my bum
Pushed me forward in to Ann’s cunt then he said fuck her so I did Steve was still behind me he rubbed something on my ass then put a finger in it it felt nice then two I was moving faster Steve pulled out his fingers that slowed me down Steve whispered to Ann she put her arms round me Steve stripped off got behind me put his cock by my ass then pushed it in it hurt so bad I screamed stop he did he waited then asked if I was ok and had the pain eased yes I said then he pushed in again he did this until I got used to it then started to fuck me I started to fuck Ann again but come up her Steve was fucking me I did not go soft I stayed hard Mark came into the room lifted my head put something into my mouth gave me a drink told me to swallow the pill I did .
He told Ann that I would be hard for hours Steve come up my ass he pulled out Mark stripped got behind me and started fucking me I got hard and was fucking Ann. Mark pulled out of me told me to pull out of Ann he got hold of my cock put it by Ann ass and said push it in I did it went in easy Steve got between Ann legs and mine then put his cock in her cunt I could fill his cock as we both fuck her I came first pulled out Mark said did you like that yes I was sitting on the bed Ann got off the bed got on her knees infront of me looked into my face then put her mouth over my cock and started giving me a blow job I put my hands on her head after five minutes I said I was coming she sucked harder I came and she swallowed all of it .
We all got dressed when I got home no one was in my aunt Ann came round about 5 minutes after I got in we were talking I went to my bed room aunt Ann came up stairs went to the toilet then came in to my room closed the door I was still hard she told me to stand up she got on her knee undid my trousers pulled them down then started to give me a blow job in my own bedroom .
I was facing the door with my eyes closed then I heard mum say I wondered how long it would be
I opened my eyes to see my mum standing in the door way aunt Ann turned round she had one hand on my cock still rubbing it
I did not know what to do mum walked in closed the door said to Ann we have hour and half before John comes home John is my father.
Ann said we’ll we better hurry up why are you standing there still in your clothes Mum just laughed Ann pushed me down on the bed and took my trousers and shoes off and top when I looked at mum she had stripped off and was just look mum had no hair between her legs she got on top of me put my cock in her cunt and started fucking me Ann was sucking mums tits I only lasted for a few minutes before coming up my mum she rolled off me onto her back opened her legs and told my aunt to get between her legs and suck my come out of her cunt Ann did it Ann said Ian fuck me up my ass now I did
We suck and fucked each other until mum said John will be home soon let’s get showed and dressed We were all down stairs when my dad came in and mum was cooking dinner. My aunt left after we had dinner dad went ùp to bed as he was up early .
Mum asked me to stay up so I sat in the living room mum went up stairs she came down in her dressing gown she said dads asleep he won’t wake up fuck me up the ass I have never done it Ann has give me some lubrication she got on her hands and knee lifted her dressing gown up over her ass I got behind her lubricated her ass managed to get two fingers up her ass finger fucked her .
I ask her if she was really yes just go slow pulled my fingers out before her ass closed up I put my cock in her about 2 inches stopped so she could get used to it then I pushed more in she told me to stopped as it hurt her I did I pulled out a little waited then she said OK this time I pushed all of it in until my balls hit her ass she put her hands over her mouth to stop her crying out I did not move just waited then I asked if she was ok she turned and looked at me then said fuck me I started of slow then she said harder so that was it I was fucking her so hard she had her hand on her clit rubbing it didn’t you stop her breathing was getting faster then she said yes yes I’m coming as this I come up her ass she fell forward putting my cock out of her ass .
She said that the first time I’ve organised 14 years we got up and went up stairs she went to the toilet I went to bed
Next morning dad had gone to work
I had got ready for school went down stairs aunt Ann was in the kitchen with my mum mum was not dressed I through that was funny as she was always dressed before I come down
She was by the toaster doing breakfast aunt Ann was beside her Ann turned put her finger to her mouth fore me tobe quiet.
Annwas talking to mum about what had happened mum said that she had let me fuck her in the ass Ann put her hand up my mum nightdress Ann asked how did it fill mum was telling her all the details Ann said you left your nickers off mum parted her legs Ann said you are horny I got three fingers in your cunt already mum bent over more Ann kneel down mum opened her legs wide mum was breathing heavy she told my aunt to fist fuck her my aunt told her to stay as she was she was going to get some lubricant out of her bag mum was rubbing her clit Ann got the lubricant pulled my over to my mum made knee down put lubricant on my hand the month fist fuck her I put three fingers in first then closed my hand and put it into my mums cunt yes she cried keep going my aunt kiss my mum she turned looked at Ann then looked down to see.me fist fucking her .
She organised strongly my aunt told me to push in more I got arm in just below my elbow mum was saying no more please then she would organise again mum legs buckled under her and my aunt helped her down on to the floor I had to pull my arm out .
Ann had stripped off she told me to strip .
She layed on the floor told mum to fist fuck her mum did she got haft her arm up my aunt cunt she was organising over and over again mum told me to fuck her ass witch I did
Mum did not go to work I never went to school we all fuck unit dad was due home

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  • Reply TARAS Daddy ID:2px1mhuf4hu

    Nice story bro, what did you do run her off have.not seen her in months.

  • Reply starlord ID:y8gbxniz

    label properly next time

  • Reply Dustin L. ID:2wcg8yx6ib

    In a restroom is where I got fucked in my ass the first time. I was 13. It was at a local truck stop and my delinquent friends and I hung out there sometimes (which would seem highly unusual these days). Why the owner allowed that, I have no idea, looking back on it. Anyway, I suspected I walked in on two gay dudes in the restroom one day. I saw one guy come out of the stall but one guy was still in there, so they had been in there together. He left but when I was at the urinal the other guy was standing behind me. How this all happened, I’ve thought about it many, many times trying to figure out why I went along with it but I just don’t have an answer, But ultimately I did. I finished up and the guy said “Hey, can you do me a favor?” I automatically just said “Yeah”. He said “Come over here and grab hold of this sink for me.” which made no sense but like an idiot I did it. I could see him behind me in the mirror. He pulled my shorts down in the back. I was so shocked I didn’t do or say anything. (Pretty stupid, right?) He spit in his hand and although I couldn’t directly see it, looked like he was rubbing it on his cock. I had no idea what he was doing that for. He then said, “I don’t want you to tattle and get me and my friend in trouble, so if we do this, you’ll be in on it too.” I didn’t say anything. Then he was poking something between my butt cheeks. I know now it was his cock, of course. Then it was pressing against my butthole, then went in a little. It burned a little but not a lot. Then he gripped my hips and pushed it in further. It felt weird but still didn’t hurt a whole lot. He was looking at my face in the mirror. I know now that he was mistaking my frozen shock for permission to continue. If it had hurt more I would have said or done something but it didn’t. So, anyway, that’s how I got fucked in my ass the first time.

    • Matt ID:1ck78njowllr

      I got fucked at a truckstop like that when I was 12 we lived near the interstate and I went in when it was 1am met a big black man in the restrooms which connected to the shower area he walked in the restroom from the shower area in some cover alls I walked into him and accidentally hit his dick and he stood there I was so sorry but he started talking asking questions and shit which lead to me following him to the shower area and I went and grabbed a change of clothes he saw me come back in and I started showering alone till he stepped in with me and showed me his dick I was like wtf and he started making me touch it and eventually I sucked him off and he fucked me in the shower. I started visiting the stop at least twice a week and ended up when I was 14 sleeping with a 45yr old 5ft bbw named Cindy who showed me what pussy was she came thru town once a week and called me her boyfriend which I met her husband and eventually daughter and sons