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My hot goth stepsister

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I’m John a 21 yo and May who is 19. This happened during the first few months we met after our parents marriage, too my college holidays right now.

So When we first met, which was about 1-1.5 years ago, we didn’t exactly get along since her dad married my mom.
Let’s say the first 3 months were hectic, she would ignore me and would just be a bitch. I did feel the same but I knew if this cared on our parents would get pissed off, so I made many attempts too get her too like me. One time I went to say hello when we were having breakfast but she just stared at me and told me to shut up!!
I swear at that point I wanted to beat the shit out of her. Anyway she kept ignoring me and the longer it went on, the more she changed.

She had darker outfits; she had her hair dyed black in a nice way to be honest; and had darker lipstick, basically the starter pack for any goth person. Though it felt like she became completely different, I would sometimes hear her, and she sounded like she was crying. One night I was in my room after doing something gym exercises I heard her through the wall, I walked to her room and peeked a little. She was laying on her side and sounded like she was angry. I knocked and she quickly got up.” May, are you alright?”, I asked, she told me to go away but I insisted that I wanted to help. After pleading with her for a bit she finally said I could come in, i sat next to her and asked what’s wrong.
“ Everything, everything is wrong, why did he have to marry and forget mom!”, she exclaimed, I was frozen and a didn’t know what too say. After a long silence she then asked,” Why do you keep trying to get to know me, even though you know I hate you”. “Because, im your older brother now”, I said, she looked surprised and stared at me like she was waiting for a laugh or “ I’m just kidding”. She then stared down and said,” your so dumb” in a sort of cute way, when she lead me out which confused me since she didn’t respond to me.

The next few days we actually started talking more, she still kept the goth girl look and attitude till this day, but at least she was opening up to me. One morning though was probably the most craziest thing in my life. So since I have too wake up early on the weekends, to go to gym and get projects finished, l would shower then. I was heading to the door, while only wearing a towel, it opened and I bumped into something? While on the ground I say a person on top of me, when I looked closer it was May!!
She just showered and had a white towel around her, we both stared at each other, me looking confused and her slightly red from blushing. I was gonna speak until I saw her chest, the cleavage was showing!!! I looked away but the damage was done, I could only watch as she realised the bump under where she sat. she gasped and quickly stood up and ran too her room. I just laid there embarrassed beyond belief, thinking to myself how I could possibly fix this.

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  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg49j

    A few more details about you and may, but a good start

    • John ID:1q53beqk

      Ok, so like how we look or more about our personal lives?

  • Reply Umxlige ID:1ddj6zl7j456

    This has potential write more