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Welcome to Sallys Chapter 2 New Obsessions

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Helens wetness grows ever stronger. And all she thinks about is getting fucked

.. CHAPTER 2 ..

After the mornings events Sally called into work and said she had arranged for my self and Gail a closed court visit to familiarise us in the court room and when she got off the phone she explained to us this was normal practice and she gave us a print out with a breaf rundown of the questions management may ask about our excursion, altho they rarely asked any of the inturns about it.

That done it was still early around 10:30 Gail said she had some things to catch up on at home excused herself and departed for home. That left Sally and I alone and she asked if there was anything I wanted to know or if I had any questions about what had transpired earlier.

I thought for a while and simply asked her if she was a lesbian and because I had enjoyed our morning so much if I was indeed also a lesbian?

She chuckled “a lesbian my word no” sure I enjoy the company of girls and love eating sweet cunt and having a girl eat her cunt and sit in her face was exciting and totaly sexy it was just that sex. If it makes you feel good then embrace it.

She told me she also enjoy getting fucked and fucked hard by one two possibly even three men at the on occasion and there is really something to be said for having your clit licked by a sexy girl while a bloke is slam fucking your hole.

To the question are or are you not a lesbian is only one you yourself can answer. But I suspect that you love cock as much as I do..

It’s then I confessed that what happend this morning was the first real sex I had had and never even masturbated before.

Sally looked shocked and said if she had known she would have made sure it was just her and I in the apartment this morning and not the three of us.

To witch I replied I was glad Gail was here and admitted listening to you both got me very wet and when you both let me watch you in my room was the hornest moment of my life and even admitted to become excited and moist just thinking about it.

She then said she needed to go arrange a few things for tomorrow night and that I should relax and get some rest then went off for a shower before dressing and hedding out.

The next few days were just like any other Friday came around and I went home for the weekend but found myself getting wet and needing release but while fingering my self was a nice new talent it wasn’t quite the same as getting eaten or fingered or both by someone else.

So I decided to take a walk around town and see if I could find a nice quiet spot to relax and cool off. As I walked I got an idea one that excited me I deciced to go to my old high school sneak into my old home room and lay over my former teacher Mr Peterson’s desk and finger myself stupid while imagining him watching me stroking his cock till I came.

When I reached the school I wandered through the grounds until I was outside my old class room I was to chicken so backed out of actually going inside but instead oppted to peer through the window as I did so I let my hand fall and was tracing the outside of my pussy stopping to tickle and rub around my hole.

With out thinking about it my hand made its way under the elastic of my shorts and up inside my panties and i was away into a deep sexual dream
again contemplating getting in side some how. Just then a voice came from behind me asking are you ok. Missing school that much already.??

My god it was Mr Peterson it very man I was just fantcising about standing behind me I spun around in shock M M Mr Peterson I blurted out before relealizing my hand was still down the front of my shorts.

Our eyes met and he quickly shifted his gase down to where my hand was then back up to my eyes before returning again back to my crotch. Then he said I think you had better follow me.

We walked to the front of the building and he led me in locking the door behind us then we walked the long corridor to room 731 again he led me in again turning to lock the door. He sat at his desk and after what seemed like an hour finally spoke he said I want to know exactly what you were doing out there and exactly what you were thinking about while doing it. “And don’t lie to me eather”

I paused for a second then began well sir I just recently started spending 3 nights in the city to be closer to my new job and the woman I’m staying with isn’t shy when it comes to sex and I have learnt a lot from her just by listening to her and who ever she’s with.

Things ive never thought of then today I was bored at home and decided to come past here because I’ve been thinking about the men in my life and what they may do to me if they had the chance. So I was out side the window imagining I was sprawled across your desk rubbing my cunt while you watched and rubbed your cock and made me touch and suck on it.

Mmm well I see and whould you like to see my cock and touch it?
Oh more than anything you have no idea, with that he stood up and walked towards me I could see his cock pushing at the front of his pants he got in front of me and said if I wanted to see it I had to get it out. My heart was racing and my hand was trembling as I lowered his zipper and loosened his belt his pants dropped to the floor and his cock head was poking out from the top of his underpants.

I reached and nervously touched the tip i felt my hole clench as it twitched under my finger he then asked me “Do you want my cock do you want to feel it” I just nodded then he almost had me coming with what he said next I rub my cunt every time I think about it, he said do you want to be my whore my dirty cock whore?

Again all I could muster was a noise in the back of my throat and a nod of my head. He told me to get on my knees and open my mouth. Then for the very first time I had a cock in my mouth and I loved it I loved how wet it made me and I loved being his whore.

After sucking his cock for five minutes or so he stood me up ripped my shorts off and layed me over his desk pushed my legs wide apart and told me to pull my kickers aside and spread my cunt as I did as I was told he began licking sucking and fingering my wet cunt.

I came almost the instant his tongue touched my flaps and I ground my hips into his face he made me cum like this twice then turned me over to my knees and told me he was going to fuck my hole until I begged him to stop.

At first I had a sudden thought of the size of his meat it was larger than any thing Susan or my self had ever put in there but I soon forgot about this as he eased his cock inch by inch into my cunt he kept saying how tight I was witch is I gather a good thing because the further he went into me the better it felt.

He was soon pounding his meat inside me deeper than anything before. It wasn’t long and I was screaming for him to fuck me fuck me harder all the while he kept asking me what I was to witch I was to answer, I’m your whore, your personal cock whore. I came at least once more like this he then thrust his cock deep into my cunt and held it there I could feel every inch of it inside me it was pulsating within me.

I started to feel his cock pulsate within me then i felt his cum shooting out filling me. He grabed my hair and fucked me deep and hard he rammed his cock into me that hard I nearly passed out all the while I was screaming for him not to stop after a minute or so he finally slipped out of me and for again the first time of my life I could feel a man’s cum run from my cunt.

He kept telling me my cunt was the tightest and sweetest he had ever had… We cleaned up and he drove me home on the way there he asked if some time soon I would come to his house and surprise his wife. Of course I said yes…

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