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Honeymoon – Chapter Two

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The family fuck fest continues. MF, mf, Fm, Anal, DP, Teens (14y, 15y, 16y), unsafe, impreg, preteen (10y mentions)

An hour or so after the initial fuck fest, Hollie was allowed to go and see her mom. Entering the bedroom, she freed her mother of her bonds. Melissa immediately threw her arms round her daughter’s neck and burst into tears.

“Oh, my darling, I am so sorry you have been drawn into this awful shit! It’s all my fault, I should have been stronger. I thought he was better than all that. I have always tried to be a good mother, but I’m so weak when men come on to me! I’m so sorry they raped you baby,” Melissa cried. Hollie put an arm around her mom’s shoulders.

“It’s not your fault mom. It’s in your nature to be a dirty slut. And I’ve learnt today that I’ve inherited your filthy genes. They didn’t rape me, they fucked me and I loved it! I think I am already addicted to dirty sex, and I’m sure as fuck not going to resist daddy or the boys. They have amazing dicks, and they can have me when they want to. And without protection. Condoms are fucking banned!” Hollie told her mom with a sexy pout. Melissa shivered with naughty delight.

“Okay baby as long as you’re okay with it! I really love that you want to be a filthy slut like your mom. Let’s take a shower my love, like the boys said we should!” Melissa said.

Once they were in the shower, they gently lathered each other. Melissa could see her daughter’s swollen labia, with remnants of creamy fuck juice still oozing from her vagina.

“Is your poor little pussy sore?” asked Melissa.

“A little, mom,” she giggled. “But I’ve played enough with your vibrators to be well opened,” Hollie confessed. “But please don’t feel guilty. You can’t help your strong natural sex drive, and I seem to have it too!” she grinned. Melissa grinned back but then a pang of anxiety hit her.

“Hollie, when was your last period?” Melissa queried. Hollie thought for a few moments.

“Um, it finished like a few weeks ago,” Hollie said.

“Aw fuck. Almost exactly the same as me. We’re both fertile as we can be. We might already be pregnant! I can guarantee that they boys will not be using condoms or pulling out honey. There’s a huge chance we’ll both be pregnant before we get home,” Melissa said.

“Mom, I truly don’t fucking care. I just want dirty unprotected sex, and to hell with the consequences. I will NEVER make a guy use a rubber ever with me. Or pull out when the time comes,” she stated boldly. Melissa felt her cunt spasm in delight at her daughter’s filthy words.

“Actually mom, the risk of pregnancy just makes the sex more exciting in my mind. Don’t you think that way too? The risk of them knocking you up and you wouldn’t even know which of those fuckers did it?” Hollie taunted her mother.

“Oh, my fucking god yes. On a few occasions over the past years, I have gambled with pregnancy, and it was always massively exciting at the time. I was scared afterwards though! I didn’t want to have to feel responsible for another person,” Melissa confessed.

“But think about it mom. We could breed more dirty little sluts who love to fuck!” Hollie said with an evil grin.

“Oh, you’re so fucking dirty!” Melissa whispered as Hollie mashed her lips into hers. Mother and daughter fell into other’s arms, and they kissed passionately as their hands caressed each other. Soon they were rubbing each-others’ pussies and reached simultaneous climax moaning into each-others’ mouths.

As they came off the high, they heard cheers. Stephen and the two boys were laughing as they watched them pleasuring each other. They covered their faces in abject embarrassment.

“See boys? They are real sluts as I told you. We have just brought out what they truly are,” Stephen told his boys. He then turned to the girls in the shower.

“Come on, get out now. It’s time to get our supper! We’re fucking hungry,” he said.

Still totally nude, Melissa and Hollie prepared bacon and egg toasted sandwiches enduring continual fondling and pinching from all three men. By the time supper was done and the kitchen cleaned up, they were highly aroused again.

As they all settled into the lounge, Stephen produced some DVDs for them to watch. Not surprisingly, these were filthy porn movies and included some of the most perverted sexual acts any of them had ever seen. The girls watched in awe and lust as they watched girls get their vaginas and asses fucked and filled with sticky white goo or their faces coated in sticky white semen. Their cunts creamed at the perverted action on the screen, absently frigging their wet slots as the males jacked their stiff cocks.

After the third DVD finished, Ken looked at his brother, then at his father.

“Hey, dad. Why don’t you put one of your specials on?” he suggested. Stephen looked at his sons and then back at the girls and grinned.

“Fuck, why not?” he said with a smile. He went to the bedroom and returned with a DVD in a blank case. Inserting it in the DVD player, he pressed play and joined the women on the couch.

The girls soon realized what these ‘special’ DVDs were. They watched in awe as a very young girl dressed in a school uniform lay on a bed and splayed her legs for the camera. The girl could not have been more than 10 years old, her pussy completely and naturally bald. A man in a mask came into view and pulled up the little girl’s school blouse, exposing her flat chest and puffy nipples.

“Holy shit, this is kiddy porn! Where did you get these?” Melissa asked incredulously.

“Trade fucking secret babe. Just enjoy!” he grinned.

As the man began to molest the girl on the screen, Stephen called the two girls across to him, to sit on the floor between his outstretched legs. He pulled their heads to his crotch, so that they alternated between kissing each other and licking his balls and prick. They occasionally looked up at the screen and watched the adult man sink his huge dick into the ten-year-old’s hairless cunt and fuck her as she screamed with pleasure. She had obviously been fucked before, as his cock slid effortlessly into her slick twat.

After a while, the two boys positioned themselves, Ken behind Hollie and Marty behind Melissa. The two boys then took them doggy style as they continued to lick and suck on Stephen’s genitals. The boys switched places after a few minutes of fucking, with Ken now thrusting into Melissa and Marty into Hollie. They kept switching then every couple of minutes as the two girls continued to lick and suck on Stephen’s genitals, while slamming back to meet the thrusts of the boys and to take them ever deeper into their wombs. Both were being driven to heights of ecstasy and had lost any residual inhibitions as they screamed their pleasure and begged the boys to get them pregnant.

The hardcore mating continued until the guy on screen roared his release and filled the little girl’s immature womb with his seed. That triggered massive orgasms for the two boys who groaned as they shot their remaining semen into the girls’ fertile pussies. Shortly afterwards, Stephen came and covered both faces with his pearly white spunk. Mother and daughter turned to each other and licked each other clean and used their tongues to push the cum down each-others’ throats.

Later that night, all five were randy enough to want to fuck again. Stephen gathered them all together in the living room and addressed them.

“Right, you randy fuckers! In future we will draw straws to decide who Mel and Hollie will sleep with. One, of course, will sleep with two men. But for tonight, I will call the tune. Ken, you sleep with Hollie. I am going to teach Marty how to pleasure a woman by double penetration,” he declared.

Far from disappointed with that outcome, Ken quickly spooned up behind teenage Hollie on one bed, massaging her titties as they watched the action unfolding on the other bed. Stephen had Marty lie on his back with Melissa on top of him. His stiff cock had no problem in sliding into her still juicy hole. Stephen then picked up a tube of KY from the bed stand and started lubricating Melissa’s rectum.

Melissa had been fucked in the ass many times before and knew how to relax her muscles so that Stephen soon had two fingers sunk to the knuckles. But the idea was new to Hollie who gazed with big eyes, knowing that sooner or later she would get the same treatment. By now, Ken’s prick was intruding between her pussy lips. Stephen then rubbed a little more of the lubricant on his prick and aimed it at Melissa’s partly open rosebud. Melissa relaxed further and he slid in easily. She squealed as Stephen’s rod filled her bowels. The fullness of two wide pricks created an exquisite feeling of excitement that quickly built towards climax. Stephen and Marty in the meantime enjoyed the tighter feeling caused by two pricks rubbing against each other through the thin membrane.

Stephen rolled slightly to the side, so that all three of them lay on their sides as the pace increased. They squeezed ever tighter against her to make a true sandwich. By this time, Melissa was over the top in excitement as she urged them on.

“Squeeze me tight, Squash me. Fill me with your fuck fluid! I want to feel your baby juice running out of both my slutty holes. Yes!” she squealed. Pretty soon Stephen and Marty came simultaneously, feeling each-others’ cocks pulsing through the thin membrane. Ken on the other bed was not far behind as he groaned and filled his new stepsister with more of his potent seed.

All five were by now totally sated. Stephen turned out the lights and they all fell into instant sleep with the three pricks still buried in their respective holes.

The following morning, Hollie was the last to awaken. She felt something behind her on the bed, and turned to see Stephen spooning up against her, his hard prick pushing against her ass. Looking at the other bed she saw that it was now Ken and Marty double penetrating her mother, with Marty enjoying her pussy as Ken’s prick filled her tight anus. “I wonder if I’ll ever be able to do anal,” she mused. She soon got her answer as Stephen pulled her close to him.

“It’s about time to get you used to ass fucking too, baby girl!” Stephen murmured in her ear. She felt his fingers probing her anus and she felt a thrill of anticipation mixed with some fear run through her body. As she continued to watch her mother writhing ecstatically on the bed, Hollie felt Stephen’s fingers being replaced by the spongy head of his rigid cock. She willed herself to relax and was thrilled to feel how easily Stephen entered her back passage.

The feeling was just exquisite. One of his hands fondled her young tit, tweaking the nipple while the other hand slipped down to massage her prominent clit. This quickly took her to a wild climax as she shouted out her pleasure.

“Ahh! Yes, Yes! FUCK MY ASSHOLE! Look Mommy, I’m being fucked in my ass! It’s so good, I want two dicks next time!” Hollie squealed.

“Fuck your ass is so tight!” Stephen panted. Sweat poured off his body as he anally ravaged his new daughter.

All five of them came at much the same time and collapsed in exhaustion. When they recovered, Stephen sent the girls to make breakfast with cum running down their thighs, while the three men showered. After a leisurely breakfast, Stephen announced that they would be going down to the beach, instructing the girls to fill the coolers with beer and sandwiches.

“What are we going to wear to the beach? Our cases, remember!” Melissa reminded him. Stephen grinned at his sons.

“Go as you are!” Ken said, grinning back at his dad.

“But it’s a public beach isn’t it? Won’t there be other people around?” Melissa asked. Stephen laughed.

“It’s mainly local residents and there are no beach cops. You may get some dirty looks and some ogling from men, but you won’t be arrested for public indecency!”

“Fuck, okay then,” Melissa sighed.

Armed with towels and two cool bags with beer and sandwiches, the group set out across the beach. Two couples passed them, and the men stared while their female partners pulled them along. Stephen settled the group down just at the edge of a reef of rocks jutting out into the sea, on which several men could be seen fishing. It was obvious that any fishermen coming and going to the rocks would pass right by them and would be very aware of the girls’ nudity.

As soon as they were settled, Ken and Marty dragged Melissa and Hollie down into the surf where they splashed around. If the fishermen had not seen them earlier, they had now! Afterwards they lay in the sun to warm up, and quenched their thirst with the first of many beers of the day. The boys offered to rub some sunblock on the girls, and soon Marty was boldly massaging Melissa’s tits, thighs and ass in full view of passers-by while Ken did the same with Hollie.

“I’m getting horny” announced Marty. His trunks fastened at the front with a Velcro strip which he yanked open to free his blood-engorged penis. Ignoring Melissa’s squeals of protest, he rolled her on to her back and lay on top of her. Within seconds he was stuffing her wet vagina with his turgid rod. Ken quickly copied his brother by rolling on to Hollie.

“Get off! We can’t have sex in the open! People can see us!” Melissa wailed.

Stephen sat watching them with a smile, sipping a beer and making no attempt to intervene. Truth be known, the thought of being seen having hardcore sex in a public place with teenagers embarrassed Melissa, but it also aroused her in a strange way. The situation had the same effect on Hollie, who had also already downed three beers by then and was quite giggly.

It was Hollie who first saw the two fishermen with binoculars aimed at them.

“Looks like we have an audience, boys. Let’s give them a fucking hardcore sex show!” she squealed, wrapping her legs around Ken’s ass.

Seeing her daughter’s uninhibited performance triggered something in Melissa as well. As arousal outweighed embarrassment she thrust back more enthusiastically. The exhibitionistic excitement and the stimulation of all her sensitive sex parts drove these thoughts away as she climaxed there out in the open. She wrapped her legs tight round Marty’s thrusting ass and pulled him ever tighter into her. At that moment she felt intense love and lust for Marty, the youngest of their little group and encouraged him to ejaculate inside her.

“Do it, my baby boy! If I’m not pregnant yet then your sperm might have a chance. Squirt it in deep baby!” she cooed.

“Aah FUCK! Cumming” Marty roared as he came, thick squirts of his milky white spunk splattering into Melissa’s vagina. His teenage sperm swam as quickly as they could, free of the ejaculatory fluid and through her reproductive system. It was a disappointing journey for them, as Melissa was already pregnant from the wild fuck fest the previous day.

That lewd scenario was to repeat itself a few more times before they left the beach. Ken and Marty fucked each girl twice while Stephen just watched with a smile, saving his energy for the night. On the last occasion, a group of three fishermen passed by within a few yards and stopped for a while to watch, rubbing their crotches.

As the mating couples finally rolled apart, Hollie and Melissa lay on their backs spread-eagled to show their bald, spread open and swollen slots leaking sticky baby batter. As they lay on the beach recovering, One of Marty’s teenage sperm cells penetrated one of Hollie’s young eggs, released from her ovary that morning. She had got her wish and fallen pregnant with Marty’s child.

When they got back to the cottage, Stephen stripped nude and had the two girls shower with him. Afterwards he ordered them to lick and suck his cock and balls, before throwing Hollie on her back and penetrating her slick cunt. As he fucked her he had Melissa kneel behind him to continue licking his balls and ass-cheeks. It didn’t take long for Hollie to cum on his dick, and that triggered Stephen’s orgasm.

“Ah Cumming inside!” he yelled.

“Nice and deep daddy! Fertilize me!” Hollie wailed.

“YESS! Impregnate her you dirty bastard!” Melissa squealed as he inseminated her little girl.

Later that night it was Hollie’s turn to experience double penetration, first with Ken and Stephen, and then the next morning with Ken and Marty. Through both experiences, Hollie uninhibitedly screamed her pleasure, urging both partners to get deeper and deeper, and to fill her with cum. By the end of the night both her holes were soaked with sticky semen. She splayed herself out on the cum stained sheets and smiled deliriously at her mom.

“God, I’m so pleased you married Stephen!”, she said. “Now we can both have as much hardcore bareback sex as we need when we want! And I want it all the time. I think I’m a born slut just like you,” she told her mother. “Do you think they’ll share us with their friends?”

“Haha, let’s wait and see!” Melissa grinned.

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