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Little Anal Alice (Walking the Dog)

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Alice and her dad take the dog for a walk…

Alice is a normal 12 year old girl, but she suffers from hyper-sexuality disorder. She is obsessed with sex, especially anal. Since telling her daddy her secret, they have been playing naughty games whenever they can.

Today, they were walking their dog in the forest. The sun was shining brightly through the trees, casting dappled shadows on the forest floor. Alice skipped along beside her father, her bottom wiggling with each step in her little pink skirt. As always, she wore no knickers. She could feel her Daddy’s gaze on her, and she knew he was imagining how her little butt would look stuffed full of his big, hard cock.

They walked deeper into the forest, following a winding path. “Hey, Alice,” her daddy said, “why don’t you run ahead for a bit and see if you can find a nice spot for our game?” Alice smiled eagerly and raced ahead, her long blonde hair streaming out behind her. She soon found herself at the edge of a small clearing, filled with tall, wildflowers. The scent of honey and sweet nectar filled the air.

Perfect, she thought. She crouched down among the flowers, her bottom wiggling enticingly as she pulled up her skirt and hiked up her pink t-shirt. This was just the kind of game her daddy liked to play. Suddenly, she felt a warm, wet tongue lapping at her bare belly. Looking down, she saw her dog, a big, furry golden retriever, licking her eagerly. Alice giggled and scratched the dog behind the ears, feeling a surge of pleasure as its tongue found its way between her legs.

“Hey, Daddy!” she called, “come and see this! My dog’s being so cute!” Her daddy came walking over, a big grin on his face. “Oh, isn’t he just the sweetest thing?” he said, bending down to scratch the dog’s ears. As he did so, he couldn’t help but take in the sight of his little girl’s exposed, preteen pussy. It was already wet with excitement, and the dog was lapping eagerly at her folds.

Alice felt a mixture of excitement and anticipation as she looked up at her daddy. She could tell that he was getting turned on by their naughty little game, and she knew that this would only make things better. “Daddy,” she whispered, “can I show you something?” Her daddy raised an eyebrow, his gaze never leaving her crotch. “Oh?” he said, his voice low and husky. “What do you have in mind, sweetheart?”

Alice swallowed hard and then slowly, deliberately, spread her legs wider apart. She could feel the dog’s tongue lapping at her sensitive flesh as she did so, and it only made her wetter. Her daddy took a step closer. “You’re such a dirty girl,” he murmured, his voice thick with desire. “Always wanting to play with your little friend here.” And with that, he reached down and roughly pushed the dog away, forcing it to lie down on its side.

His hand found its way between Alice’s legs, and she gasped as his fingers traced circles around her clit. “You like that, don’t you?” he growled. She nodded frantically, unable to speak. “You know what would feel even better, sweetheart?” he asked, and before she could answer, he pushed her head down towards the dog. “Suck on it,” he commanded.

Alice’s cheeks flushed with shame and excitement as she lowered her head towards the dog’s cock that was partially unsheathed. She hesitated for a moment, the fur tickling her nose, but then she took a deep breath and pressed her lips around the animal’s swollen pink member . Her tongue darted out, tasting the salty dog cock.

“That’s it, baby,” her daddy encouraged, his hand still massaging her clit. “Just like that.” Alice moaned around the dog’s cock, feeling a wave of pleasure wash over her as she sucked and licked. The dog let out a low growl, its hips thrusting forward into her mouth, it’s cock growing.

She could feel her daddy’s hand moving faster, his fingers digging deeper into her soaked folds. “That’s it, Alice,” he whispered, his voice rough with desire. “Make him feel good.” The taste of dog cock was odd but also arousing, and she found herself getting more and more into it. She began to bob her head up and down, taking more of the dog’s length into her mouth.

Her daddy pulls her onto all fours, as she gags and slobbers on the dogs ugly pole. Her daddy groans, his own cock pressing against her back entrance as he thrusts his hips forward. “Oh fuck, Alice,” he gasped, as he enters her ass. “You’re such a good girl.”

Alice let out a yelp as her daddy’s cock filled up her well used rear hole. The feeling of being taken so roughly, from both ends, was overwhelming. She moaned and cried out, her body shaking with pleasure as she continued to suck hungrily on the dog’s cock.

Her daddy began to pound into her, his hips slapping against her ass cheeks with each thrust. His hands found their way to her mouth, and he roughly forced her to take more of the dog’s cock. “Suck it, Alice,” he growled, “suck it all.”

Alice did as she was told, taking the dog’s entire length into her mouth as she deepthroated the animal. The taste was salty and musky, and it only made her more aroused. She could feel the dog’s cock pressing against the back of her throat, and she knew that she was making him feel incredible. As she continued to pleasure the dog, her daddy’s pace quickened, his thrusts becoming more and more brutal.

His hips slapped against her ass, causing her to cry out in pleasure. His hands gripped her hair, pulling her head back and forth over the dog’s cock, as if he were trying to force her to take even more. The sensation of being used and dominated by both her daddy and the dog was overwhelming, but in the best possible way. She could feel herself getting closer and closer to the edge, her body shuddering with anticipation.

“That’s it, Alice,” her daddy groaned, his voice hoarse from exertion. “Take it all.” And with that, he thrust his hips forward, driving even deeper inside her ass. The sensation was intense, almost painful, but she welcomed it.

As she continued to suck on the dog’s cock, her other hand reached back to stroke her daddy’s balls. The feeling of being taken from both ends, of being used as a toy for their pleasure, was the most erotic thing she’d ever experienced. She could feel herself getting closer and closer to orgasm, her body tense and ready to explode.

Daddy grabs her hair, pulling her mouth off the dog’s cock, as he pulls is fat cock from her ass, with a wet pop.

“Suck on daddy’s big cock, taste your ass, Alice,” he commands, as he positions his cock at her lips.

Alice opens her mouth eagerly, taking her daddy’s cock between her lips. She bobs her head up and down, sucking and licking as she takes him deep into her throat. Her other hand reaches back, spreading her ass cheeks as she presents herself to the dog, who’s already starting to mount her. She moans around her daddy’s cock, feeling the wet heat of the dog’s cock thrusting against her ass and pussy.The dog’s wildly thrusting cock finds her gaping little ring, and pushes inside.

“Yes!” she cries out, her body shuddering with pleasure. The feeling of being taken from behind, of being used and dominated in every way possible, is more than she can bear. She bites down a little on her daddy’s cock, the taste of her ass on his skin. Her hips push back, trying to meet the dog’s frantic thrusts with her own, as if she’s trying to take every inch of him inside her.

Her daddy’s hands grip her head, holding her steady as he fucks her face and the dog hammers into her ass. She can feel the warmth and wetness of her own arousal trickling down her legs.

Her orgasm takes her by surprise, the sensation like a thousand tiny explosions going off inside her body. She moans and shudders, her hips bucking wildly as she tries to meet the relentless thrusts of her two partners. Her ass clenches tight around the dog’s cock, her pussy pulsates as she cums.

Daddy’s cock feels impossibly huge in her mouth, his hand roughly gripping her hair as he fucks her face. He groans loudly, his hips stuttering as he comes, filling her mouth with his warm, salty cum. She swallows hungrily, unable to believe how much he’s given her.

As she’s still catching her breath, the dog’s hips buck violently, and she feels the massive knot at the base of his cock pressing against her little ring. It feels like it’s too big, that there’s no way it could possibly fit inside her. But then he thrusts forward, pushing deeper, forcing his knot into her anus. There’s a moment of intense pressure, and then it slides inside, stretching her wider than she ever thought possible.

She moans in ecstasy as she feels the dog’s knot filling her up, his cock swollen and pulsing inside her ass. What feels like pints off dog cum, being pumped into her bowels. Her pussy is still throbbing from her earlier orgasm, and now the combination of the dog’s rough thrusting, him cumming and the pressure of his knot inside her ass sends wave after wave of pleasure coursing through her body.

Daddy pulls out of her mouth, wiping his cock on her hair as he watches the two of them. He smiles proudly at the sight of his little girl being used so well, her body covered in the fluids of their passion.

The dog growls, his hips bucking as he tries to pull his cock free of Alice’s ass, but it’s no use. The knot keeps him firmly lodged inside her.

Daddy watches with a mix of amusement and arousal as the two of them are trapped together, their bodies still joined ass to ass. “Well, well, well,” he chuckles, “looks like you two are going to be stuck together for a while.”

Alice whimpers, her body still quivering from the intense pleasure of being used so thoroughly. She tries to move away from the dog, but his knot inside her holds her in place. The knot throbs against her sensitive ring, sending waves of pleasure through her.

Daddy watches with a lusty gleam in his eye as the dog finally manages to pull free with a pop, leaving Alice’s ass gaping and oozing dog cum.

Alice screams in pleasure and pain as she’s left empty and aching. She glances up at daddy, her eyes filled with need and longing. He nods, understanding her unspoken request. “Stay down there, and hold your cheeks open for daddy ,” he says with a knowing grin.

As she obediently lowers her head back to the ground, presenting her ass to him. He pushes two fingers deep into her gaping ass, barely stretching her. She moans loudly, her body arching.

“That’s it, baby,” he whispers, sliding in another finger. “You like that, don’t you?” He starts to move his fingers in and out of her, finding a rhythm that matches the ache in her empty core. “You’re such a dirty little whore, aren’t you?” He thrusts his fingers deeper, gripping her ass roughly as he finger fucks her.

Her ass stretches to accommodate his fingers, but he doesn’t stop. He keeps pushing, stretching her wider, deeper. Her body trembles with the effort, her muscles tense and release in time with his brutal thrusts. She whimpers and moans, her hips bucking helplessly against his assault.

Her orgasm builds, swelling in her core, spreading through her body like wildfire. “Daddy…” she whispers, her voice breaking. “Daddy, I’m gonna…”

He hears her, and smiles darkly. With one swift motion, he thrusts his fingers deep inside her, knuckles pushing against her not so tight little ring. The sensation is too much, her body explodes around his fist in a massive orgasm.

“Yes, baby, cum for daddy,” he groans, his voice rough with desire as he feels her contract around his hand. Her muscles quiver and relax, her body shuddering with the force of her release.

He pulls his fingers free, watching as they come away coated in dog cum and ass juices. “You’re such a filthy little whore,” he whispers, his voice laced with lust. “But I think you’ve had enough for today.”

He stands, towering over her as she lies on the ground, her body still trembling from the intensity of her orgasm. Her skirt hitched up to show her slick pussy and ruined leaking ass hole, mud on her knees and face, and cum all over her. “But don’t worry, baby. Your daddy’s not done with you. Tomorrow, I think we’ll have some more fun with your holes.

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