Update on having the time of my life with young couple

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Not long ago I mentioned how a young couple became sexual friends with me , I’m in my 60s
But I am often told I don’t look anything like , my age at all I train really hard I still do circuit training and teach boxing I was marine for 21 years ,
However my wife is no longer here and I lived alone for last 16 years , I got friendly with a young couple aged 25/26 via a contact magazine,

Margie his partner told me she felt a little sorry for me not having a woman too care for me
As she thought I was cool for my age and pretty handsome lol I might point out I don’t but, hey who am I to argue , anyway we exchanged short videos via WhatsApp she would pose for me as I got myself off , he enjoying turning me on with his gorgeous sexy young girlfriend she kinda got off on the fact I hadn’t had a regular woman for a long time , she teased me wearing sexy gear for me to jerk off while she encouraged me , it was extremely erotic he would bang her as she chatted to me on the lap top , she would compliment me on me shooting big loads as I had always been capable of really big cum loads ,

Well after a few weeks of digital sex they made a decision to meet up and I screwed her 3 times in one afternoon , with him doing her twice , She was over the moon with the sex she. Certainly wasn’t slow in asking what she wanted during our session, twice a week , then she would come around to my house alone , she would dress up sometimes like a real slut high leather boots shirt skirt , and at times high heels bare tanned lovely Shapley legs with a tartan mini skirt she drained me I fucked her really hard as she was very petite and loved being treated like a sex doll I enjoyed hearing her high pitched screech and her saying oh god oh god fuck me fuck me fill it up ,and she was just 25 years old I’m 65 remember, Her boyfriend didn’t have much experience and didn’t spend to long pleasing her , so with me being older and experienced she spent more and more time at my house ,

And so this brings me too this new chapter a week ago, she was round my house we had just been watching porn and she arrived with the tartan shirt mini skirt barely covering her arse even better she had white fishnet stockings on ,
I sat on the settee as she straddled me , I came up deep inside her then we decided I would now now lick her pussy out , she lay on the carpet legs wide in the air still wearing her high heels I started licking her all around her pussy , she was going wild I did it for near in 20 minuets I was very good at it she said , and she would shudder at times and really come out with stuff like lick me clean lick it yiu dirty old man lick my young virgin pussy , obviously she wasn’t , So on this day , she was enjoying my licking her out , when suddenly George my mate from around the corner is simply stood watching

Margie suddenly realised George is stood watching just smiling he says hello love I’m George ,I won’t ask who you are as I’m sure that’s your business and btw what’s your name again ? I stand up with my dick hanging down she says Margie ? He then says right Margie you look like some porn star and a really sexy good looking one at that , he turns and says to me is she a regular? I realise he means on the game , Margie answers no I’m certainly not , I just like paul fucking me , so George laughed and said jeez paul how the f… have you got her ? I just said she likes me banging her now and again , then I couldn’t believe it George says

Can I join in paul looking at her , and she then says laughing can you last as long as paul ? No he says probably not , but I can try ?
I say oh ok well if Margie is ok with it then so am I , Margie then says two old men fucking me oh boy come on then you first George he bends down pulling a very large cock out and slides it up her , she waves me over and jerks me then says put it in side pointed to her mouth , we both came on her me in her mouth and George all over her face and hair , she said wait till I tell him her husband I had two old mens cocks me and George both done her again ,

She ended up pregnant and we don’t know if it was George or her boyfriends or me !
Hope you enjoyed hearing about us

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