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A hole in time

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I thought I’d try a little Science Fiction to give my stories a bit of a fresh angle.

Suspend your disbelief for a few moments and allow me to share a theme that has been in my head for a very long time.

The universe is a lot stranger than it would seem at first glance. We know that there are many more dimensions than those we perceive, and it is some of those hidden dimensions that I have been able to exploit for my own sick purpose.

Imagine you could open a door in space time enabling you to slip out of this current reality and into another of your own choosing. That is what I have leaned how to do.

I’ll save the account of how I discovered this ability, and learned how to manipulate it, for another time. For now accept that I can open a doorway and step through to a place outside of my time and then step out to another time and place. Whilst I am through the doorway, no time passes in my own reality.

Have you ever seen someone on TV, or met someone who is old now but was beautiful when they were younger? Ever had the notion that you wish you had met them in their youth and been able to fuck them? Well I can have and now I can do something about it.

Let me share one the experiences I was able to have with someone I think you will be familiar with.

I saw “Interview with Dracula” for the first time around 2012 and was really attracted to Karen Downs who was 11 or 12 yo when she made that movie. I fantasised about what it would be like to fuck her at that age. Once I discovered my ability, I decided I would find out.

I opened the doorway and stepped through. When I stepped back out I was in Point Pleasant, New Jersey in 1991. I had visited the same place and time on 30 occasions, becoming familiar with where Karen lived and her exact movements for a two day period. This way I knew the exact point to snatch her and return her so I would not be observed.

It was late fall in ‘91 and Karen was dressed in sneakers, tight blue jeans, a pink turtle neck jumper and a waterproof hooded winter jacket. She was walking along Ocean Road towards me. As she passed me I grabbed her from behind, opened the door and pushed her in. It took a fraction of a second to remove her from the street and into a room outside of time.

The doorway closed behind me and I was alone with 11 yo Karen in a room with no doors or windows, just a bed. She absolutely freaked out, screaming, shouting and crying at me, calling me names that a sweet 11 yo girl shouldn’t know. Her beautiful face was bright red and was becoming streaked with tears.

I let her go ballistic for as long as she wanted. I let her punch and drum her fists against me, knowing she would have to calm down eventually and we literally had all the time in the world. I sat on the bed and waited. Eventually she began to plead with me to let her go.

I told her she could leave at any time she wanted, but of course she couldn’t because she needed me to open a door back to Point Pleasant.

Finally she asked me what I wanted. I told her I wanted to see her without her Jacket. Just take it off and that would be a start. She had stopped actually crying and stared at me defiantly. After a few moments she unzipped her Jacket and threw it to the ground. “There, happy now” she said, “now let me go.”

It wasn’t going to be that easy, she looked lovely in that pink jumper, her mousey hair hanging loosely past her shoulders and framing that pretty face.

“Well done Karen”, I said, “Now take off that jumper”. She froze, a look of panic and shock on her face.
“How do you know my name” she demanded.
“Never mind that, take off your jumper” I ordered.

“No, I won’t” she barked folding her arms in front, glaring at me.

“You won’t get out of here unless you do as you are told. I can step out of here and leave you alone indefinitely”. I said calmly.

She started crying again. “Why are you doing this” she whined. I said nothing.

“Please don’t do this, I’m only 11 years old. I’m a little girl. She pleaded.

“Come on Karen, if you want to be an actress you need to learn to take direction” I said smirking.

Her mouth dropped open and I could see the questions forming in her mind. It was written all over her face, but she didn’t voice them.

I stood up in front of her and took her jumper in my hands, pulling it up over her head. I put it on the floor next to her jacket.

She was wearing a white bra-type top with light blue piping. Her breasts were barely there, just a gently swell but her nipples pushed the soft cotton fabric into sexy little peaks. Her skin was soft, white and perfect. She adopted a defiant stance with her hands on her hips and her lips pinched together forming part of the scowl on her face.

“Off with the bra” I ordered, taking one finger, placing it under the fabric of her bra between her boobies and I flicked the garment up her chest exposing her little girl titties, which were a perfect example of “puffies”. Sexy as hell.

Now she covered her chest with her arms. I pulled her arms to her sides and lifted the bra off her body. My hands roamed over her torso taking in every curve on her delicate white skin. Her pink nipples poked proud of her titties, hard and firm under my exploring digits. Karen tried to pull away to evade my groping, but this just heightened my excitement. I felt like a large predator playing with its prey.

I pointed to her sneakers and said “Off”. She kicked them off without unfastening the laces.

Now my blood was rushing through my body, heart beating fast and cock hardening in anticipation.

She looked stunning standing there, naked from the waist up with her blue jeans hugging her bubble butt in the most delightful way. At the front, they disappeared between her legs giving the merest hint of what lay beneath.

Karen looked terrified now.

I unbuttoned her jeans and pulled the zipper down, her hands fighting me all the way to no avail. I pulled the jeans to her knees, moving her hands away as she tried to pull them back up. Her little green Disney panties clung to her body like a cotton second skin. The crevices between her butt cheeks and pussy lips traced by her pretty little girly panties so inviting.

I made her step out of the jeans, noticing her matching green Disney socks.

I couldn’t believe it, I had Karen Downs , who I had seen as an older woman in numerous movies, standing in front of me as an 11 year old in her little girl panties and socks.

I went behind her and took hold of those delicate little knickers and started their journey down her legs. She held onto them for grim life, but I was took strong. As she nearly doubled over trying to keep her modesty, I wrestled them from her fingers, pushing her onto the bed and wrenching the panties off her body.

She curled in a ball, pulling her knees to her chest, crying and shaking.

In doing so, her little pussy lips were exposed from the rear. I rubbed a finger over her pussy and up over her bottom crevice. She jerked her body straight and clamped her legs together. She buried her face into the pillow, lying on her tummy as rigid as a statue.

I looked at her lovely little bubble butt, all pert and naked, and salivated.

I pulled off my clothes, cock so hard I thought it might burst a blood vessel. I climbed onto the bed and straddled her prone body.

She yelped as my burning manhood touched the soft skin of her bottom. The pleasure was exquisite. Her buttocks were cooling my raging cock and balls in the most satisfying way. I pressed between her cheeks despite her clenching to try to prevent me. Her glute muscles were strong and tight providing the resistance my dick needed to trigger the pleasure response. I could thrust hard and in the battle between her butt and my erection, there was only ever going to be one winner.

I grabbed her arms and spun her on to her back, forcing my knee between her legs and holding her firmly against the mattress.

A bit more of a fight and I wormed my way between her legs until I could push them apart and get a look at her vagina.

Karen realised that there was no resisting, and when I released her arms she wrapped them around there chest again. I wasn’t bothered, it was her little naked pussy I was interested in. The object of my lust lay in front of me, lips a little flushed and the embodiment of everything you could hope for in an 11 yo cunt. Tight, hairless and flawless, just asking to be fondled and explored.

I ran my hands over her inner thighs whilst holding her legs apart with my body. My fingers came into contact with her prepubescent labia, soft, firm and smooth. I spread her labia as she struggled to shut her legs, one of my fingers brushing her clitoris. She flinched and yelped.

I traced the path of her slit with my finger, pressing over her clit, down over her vaginal entrance, over the smooth skin between her cunt hole and asshole, before pushing one finger into her poop shoot. She resisted my probing valiantly, twisting, bucking and squirming away from my invading finger. Inevitably my digit forced her sphincter open allowing entry of one then two fingers.

She screamed as I stretched her tiny butthole wider and wider. Once I was satisfied it was opened up sufficiently, I pushed her legs up along my chest and pushed my cock into her hot little asshole.
The scream she gave when my member buried itself as far as my balls caused damage to her vocal cords causing her voice to become hoarse.

I still had work to do to loosen up her back passage to allow in / out action, but it wasn’t long until my dick slid smoothly inside her rectum. Her face was nearly purple as she thrashed her head from side to side. I pulled her to the edge of the bed and flipped her onto her face, with her legs dangling over the edge. This gave me much better access to her asshole allowing me to push back into her and slap her bottom at the same time.

I pounded that little bottom like she was a cheap whore, showing no mercy.

When my climax approached, I didn’t resist it and pumped sperm deep into Karen’s bowels, pulsing against her ass walls, peristalsis powering the stream of jizz out of the eye of my snake.

When I pulled out she squealed like a stuck pig, her asshole gaping and my cum running out over her tight pussy lips. There was no blood or shit in evidence and my cock seemed to be coated with my own cum and nothing more.

She stayed where she was, sobbing , bare arse staring back at me.

This is when I exploited another property of the inter-dimensional door. I could choose a time far into the future where I knew there were no longer humans populating the earth, step outside and then back in. This performed a body reset on me. My balls were replenished and my cock and senses were returned to a pre-orgasmic state.

Karen had not moved and she jumped when I lifted her had put her on her back in the middle of the bed. Her eyes popped when she saw my cock, large, hard and clean. She may have thought her ordeal was over, but I wanted her cherry and I was going to get it.

Intellectually I knew I had fucked her ass, but my cock reacted as if it had not touched her yet. The expectation of entering her little bitch hole was immense, causing my heart to pound, shaking my chest.

I held her legs apart and lay down with my dick along her little pussy slit which was slick with jizz that had leaked out of her butt. I slid my dick back and forth between her labia, gasping at the feel of her smooth genitals against my thick veiny member.

Karen was how still and almost catatonic. She was no longer crying, she just had a blank expression on her face.

This changed when I took the head of my cock and moved it in circles around her pussy opening, picking up more lubricating cum which eased my way into her little hole.

Her pussy stretched much easier than her asshole had. Karen still didn’t react until I pushed pasted her hymen, when she sprung to life again, screaming and thrashing.

I pushed until my cock bottomed out inside her, grabbing her face in both hands and holding her head still whilst I kissed her lips. As I thrust into her virgin hole, I slobbered over her tits, licking her whole chest with the flat of my tongue, before taking her nipples, one by one into my mouth. They tasted salty with her tears and perspiration.

I lifted her arms above her head and licked her smooth naked armpits. She was ready grossed out by that.

She resisted me by trying to push my head away and when that failed, she was punching the side and back of my head. The blows were of no consequence to me, I barely felt them, such was the intense pleasure I was getting at the thought and action of fucking the pussy of this beautiful pure little person.

Many minutes of fucking passed in many different positions. By the time I was ready to cum, Karen was exhausted and had stopped fighting. She looked like a rag doll being humped. When my climax arrived it was intense. Karen realised my seed was being pumped into her reproductive tract and began blubbing about being impregnated and not wanting a baby.

I enjoyed the pulsing of my cock as it remained gripped hard in her little tight passage. When my orgasm was over, I eased out of her, virgin blood coating my member and her lower regions.

“Get dressed” I told her as I dressed myself. She struggled into a seated position and painfully shuffled to the edge of the bed leaving a trail behind her on the bedsheet. She retrieved her panties and bra, putting them on before dragging on her jeans and pulling her pink jumper over her head. She pushed her feet into her sneakers and donned her jacket.

I opened the door and let her step out.

She resumed her walk along Ocean Road without missing a step. Gone was the pain, blood, and memories of the attack. Because no time had passed for Karen in her own timeline, the incident had not happened for her.

I stood on the street watching her walk along without a care. She looked back with a puzzled look on her face as I vanished back behind the door.

Of course I remembered every second of my time with her and, if I wanted, I could go back and repeat the whole attack again as many times as I wanted. However, there was the whole of history to explore and many famous bodies to experience, why would I go back.

Word from the Author:

Obviously this is complete fiction, fantasy. I genuinely mean no disrespect or harm to the real Karen. If you believe the multiverse theory, then the Karen I encountered, were the story true, would be a Karen from a different parallel universe and not the one that exists in our reality. Anyway, it’s a story and I hope no one takes offence.

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    That’s different. I think I know who the actress is that you are referring to. She has the same initials as Karen Downs, right? I’m picturing her face and body when reading what you did to her in your story. Nice.