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Getting fucked by my bsfs dog at 13 <3

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My best friend helped me fuck her dog and gave me some encouragement~

Hii~ Me and my bsf, were going to call her Lily (fake name ovi) are really close. We have experimented on eachother before just to see what we like, mostly normal stuff like making out and flashing our boobs, things like that. Its never been a big deal, shes bi and im pretty confidently straight. Obviously we love eachother, just not in a relationship type way yk.

anyway, I’m about 5’4 with dark black hair, c-cup tits and an hourglass body, I have pretty thick thighs and a fatass that gets a guys head turning iykyk lol. Lily is about 5’6 with lighter brown curly hair, she has about d-cup tits and she’s a lil bigger than me. She has a nice ass and thighs aswell, obviously as I said before, she’s thicker than me. We’re both 13, her dogs name is Jack (fake name also bc wtvr), he’s a bullmasiff, aaaand now that that’s all done, we can start the actual story for you pervs πŸ˜‰

I was over at lily’s house for a sleep over, we mostly stayed hanging out in her room on our phones and stuff. It was later at night and we started talking about sex. I’ve told her almost everything, the sex toys I’ve bought, the boys I’ve let grope me, etc. She’s really fun to talk to and has her own stories too. Jack was in her room with us on lily’s bed. I really love dogs (in both ways lol) so I had been petting him the whole time. Lily spoke up while I was rubbing Jack’s belly.

“But hey…can I tell you a secret??”
“Yeah, what’s up?”

She proceeds to tell me all about how she had taught Jack to mount her and breed her. My jaw dropped at this. Now, I’ve always kept my interest in zoophilia compressed deep down, my own dog is fixed and I haven’t been able to do anything with him sadly. She reached her hand down to Jack’s stomach and started to pump his little dog dick, getting it out of the sheath.

“Well…can you show me how?”
“How to fuck him?”
“what else?”

We both laughed as Jack started to pant from lily’s hand stimulating his cock. She had gotten his cock put of his sheath and he was quickly growing. She was walking me through what to do, thankfully not asking too many questions about how I knew so much about zoophilia.

“-so you don’t want to jerk him too much if you want to be knotted, do you want to take his knot?”
“fuck Yeah, that’s been the dream.”

I stripped naked, Lily offered to go down on me.

“Are you basically offering me a threesome with your dog?”

She chuckled, pulling off her clothes too. I started to play with her boobs a bit, just cupping them.

“Well, I don’t just want to sit here and watch you fuck jack without getting to nut.”
“Alright, alright..”

She laid down on the bed and I got over her, 69 style. It was actually my first time going down on another girl, but I knew a bit about how to from porn n shit. As I said before, Lily has a girlfriend and has fucked her before so she KNEW what she was doing. She was slurping all over my fucking pussy while I just moaned into hers. I made sure to suck on her clit and give her pussy some attention and I could tell she was enjoying it too.

After a few minutes I was pretty close, I told her and got off. Jack was whining at this point and his dick was almost at its full length. He was almost 8 inches. Lil showed me how to bend over on her bed just right while she put a pair of her socks on Jack’s front paws. She had the dog mount me from the back and helped him get inside.

From the second I felt his slimy, veiny dick slip inside my pussy I knew I was fucking done for. He started Jack hammering me immediately, fucking the life out of me. My face was pressed into the pillow while I was moaning and screaming my ass off. The dog had to be AT LEAST 10 inches by now and I could feel every. fucking. inch. hitting my womb.

In his mind, he was doing his job, breeding me as his bitch and giving me puppies to foster. His fucking lasted about the best 2 minutes of my life and I could feel his knot start to expand in me. I knew this would happen and was ready for it.

Lily had been behind him this whole time, rubbing my clit and making sure he wouldn’t jump off of my back and pull out too early. Because not only was this the most heavenly feeling in the world, it would feel like he was ripping a fucking baseball out of my pussy. I was a whining mess as he knotted me.

“Damn, good job k! The first time I fucked him I had no idea what i was doing… you seem to be…educated.”

Lily teased me but I was too fucking gone to care. She walked around and sat in front of me with her legs spread. I latched onto her pussy like it was my last meal, eating her out like I was starving. I was slobbering all over that bitch, (lol) getting in the crevices and everything. She was moaning loud asf i still don’t know how we didn’t get caught.

Jack stayed knotted for about half an hour, eventually pulling out. It felt sooo fucking good guys oml. If you haven’t been knotted by a dog before get on that shit right awayyy.

leave me comments!! I luv reading them <3

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