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The night with my dad

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I was 14, young and petite and didnt know it was wrong but I loved my daddy

It was late one night after dinner. It was just me and my dad my mom died after complications having me and I had no siblings. I always loved my daddy we would always cuddle up on the couch to watch a movie before bed. I was 14 I had b cups tits and I was just starting to get round hips with my long brunette hair and brown eyes. I was on my daddy’s lap and he was rubbing my upper thigh like he always does but this time it felt different. He ran his finger up and down my inner thigh.
“I love you so much baby girl ” he said
“I love you too daddy”
“Your growing up so fast your a young lady now I dont know where the time went.” he said as I just smiled and blushed.
“I always knew this time would come it’s up to the father to make a girl into a women” he smiled and it sent a chill down my body.
He continued to run his finger up and down my thigh then then inside my shorts running it up and down my virgin pussy lips. I moved slightly to get his finger away.
“Wha what are you doing daddy” I trembled.
“Its okay daddy needs to make you a women your old enough now its okay”
“But what do you mean daddy ”
“I’m going to take your flower it’s my responsibility it’ll be okay its going to hurt a little but then itll feel good. Can you do that for daddy?”
“I- I dont know I don’t want to I don’t want it to hurt.” I went to get off his lap to sit on the other couch. Before I could he pulled me back on his lap firmly. I winced landing on his bulge.
“Its going to happen either way so you ARE going to do it.” He demanded and I froze. I love daddy but I dont want this how can I stop it I thought, I haven’t been with anyone else and it’s my daddy.
He held my in place with one hand and slid the other back to above my panties and started rub my pussy.
“The movies almost over then we’ll have our fun” he said
I was so scared he’ll stretch me. “Daddy i dont want this” i cried i tried to wriggle away but the bulge only grew.
The movie was almost at the credits and i had no way out of this, where or how would it happen. My heart started beating really fast. I felt daddy’s finger on my skin then run under my panties to my pussy. He ran it over the slit again then found my clit. He started rubbing it I squirmed. My body was betraying me it felt good in a tingly way. Now the part I dreaded the end credits came on. He then took his hand out of my panties and put me back on the couch.
“Alrighty off to my room and after you”
I hesitated and hoped he was joking but he looked dead serious and I slowly got up and went to his room. I fear what’ll happen next. We got to the room I stood there awkwardly.
“On the bed” he demanded.
I slowly hopped in the middle on the bed legs straight and sitting up, he joined me on the bed above legs on either side pinning me down. He pushed my down on the bed then groped my tits hard and played with them. He then lifted my shirt exposing my laced bra. He played with them more before unhooking the clasps and it fell off. I quickly covered myself up feeling exposed.
“Now now no need for that I’m going to seeing every inch of you tonight.” He moved my hands away and I closed eyes hoping it wasnt real. He then took off my shorts and panties at the same time. I softly cried feeling so exposed and betrayed.
“Honey daddy loves you and I’m doing this because I love you. I promise I’ll start off gentle now will you be a good girl and surrender yourself?
I really had no choice I just hoped itd be over soon “yes daddy ”
He moved his hand back down to my bare pussy and started to finger me. I moaned softly it was a new feeling I don’t play with myself like that I never knew how. He had to fingers penetrating me. He’d stop to play with me clit teasing it. It all felt so good tingly all over. I moaned loudly and started to grind against it it felt wrong but so good.
“I knew youd give in you little slut” daddy said
I started to squirm and moan more I felt a rush coming over me I didn’t know what was happening.
“Cum for me baby girl cum for daddy”
He changed positions and moved his head to my pussy and started teasing my clit then it happened I came in my daddy’s mouth.
“Mmm good that’ll be good lube for my big cock” he took off my pants then his underwear and it fell out. He has to be joking he wont fit inside of me. It was long and thick. But daddy loves me itll be okay. He climbed back on the bed pushing my legs up and apart ready for what was coming. He angled to his cock to my pussy, the tip was against my pussy.
“I love you baby” he said
“I- ”
He jammed his cock inside me silencing me before I screamed
“Daddy it hurts take it out take it out” I screamed and cried
“Its meant to hurt at first”
He kept fucking me faster and faster I screamed again in pain. After a while the pain went away like he said and it started to feel good and I moaned in pleasure. I felt him ram it against the wall inside me it felt like it went on for ages.
“Mmm fuck me more daddy” it now felt good and I couldn’t get enough I wanted more. He went faster and I felt him twitch and moan himself .
“I’m gonna cum too.”
I wanted it all inside me. He kept thrusting then slower each thrust pumping deeper inside me.
“Good girl baby that was amazing you’re a good toy with lots of uses.”
I felt ashamed but dont regret it I love his cock and hope for a second time.
“That was all baby take your clothes and leave.” I did just that, from that day I always did what I was told.

True story let me know what else you guys want me to try next with daddy. I’m thinking falling asleep naked in my room and get him to check up on me.

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    have any Vids?

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    What city do you live in maddy i love to cum and have a threesome with you and your dad

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    Could i have your snap chat

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    Hi Maddy u there

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    If you do become pregnant let me keep get you pregnant and let impregnante the daughters and if you have a son let him get you pregnant and his sisters. I like to see pics of you naked.

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    Maddy do you have snapchat

  • Reply vive-la-baise

    I feel sorry for you, from whqt i read its pure rape, i understand that you love your father but you did not love having sex whit him. A i wrong? i wish i could help you trough it to help you realise what you truly want but its too lon, i can create a outlok email if you wish to keep comuniing, cause mei was raped at age 9 and it ws whit a stranger.

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    How can I talk to You

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    Do you have Snapchat?

  • Reply Aaa

    Are you still 14?

    • Maddy

      Yes turning 15 this year though


    I hope you get pregnant from your dad

    • Maddy

      He’s told me he doesnt care if I got pregnant do I stop him?

    • River

      No maddy you let him get you pregnant and if you have a daughter and she is old enough you let him get her pregnant together with you

    • Maddy

      I’m not ready for a baby and what if it’s a boy daddy might teach him to use me too

    • M. Lovdahl

      Maddy that’s what girl’s and women are for. Boys and Men’s pleasure and having their babies


    Do anal with your dad Maddy?

    • Maddy

      Not yet I’ve thought about it but he’s to big