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Fucked the attitude out of my stepdaughter

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Kaylee was a beautiful 13 year girl with a cup tits and a nice round ass she also had attitude like no other and thought she better then everyone else

Hi my name is Charles this is not a true story but a fantasy of mine I’m 6’2″ 230lbs with a 8in fat cock I have been with my stepdaughters mom for 6yrs and she is sexy not my stepdaughter Kaylee is 5’3″ a cup tits and a nice round ass that I see myself staring at all the time.

One day I was joking around with her and she had this stuck up bitch attitude and a rbf (resting bitch face). I thought to myself damn what a lil cunt she is but then she bent over in front of me to pick something and I just wanted to grab her and slam my cock in her tight virgin pussy the shorts she was wearing was so tight I could see every curve of her 1w year old virgin cunt she had a fat pussy on her….

Two weeks later her mom had to leave town for a week to go to her mom’s house which is 3 states over so I thought I would plan a fun two weeks for us but when time all Kaylee wanted to do was lay in her room or on her phone the first three days I have had enough of her attitude and talking to like she’s a grown ass women so one night I asked her to do a chore for me of course it was an attitude this how the conversation went

Me) excuse me,

Kaylee (k) I didn’t stutter

Me) one day your goin get that attitude f…..

K)I’m going to what…

Me) nevermind

K)that’s what I thought

Just then that caused me to snapp I grabbed her by the throat
I’m going to fuck this cunt bitch attitude out of and go head and tell because idgf you lil cunt you wanna act like a stuck up bitch I’m going to stick something up bitch at this point she was reaching for her phone I slapped out of her hand she was crying saying sorry I slapped and told her if she is really sorry then get on her knees and prove it ppplease daddy that made my cock hard she was refusing to get down so I get the back of her knee and made her drop take out my cock now she was hesitant until I raised my hand like I was going to smack her again and she pulled my cock out it sprung out and hit her in the face as she went to say gross I slipped my cock in her mouth she was trying to pull away and talk but all I could hear was gulp gulp and her gagging I grabbed a back of her head and pulled it off of my cock and watch a string of drool come from my cock to her lips and down her shirt..

I told her to take her shirt off in her bra she refused to so I ripped it off and I was playing with her small titties and soft puffy nipples I was making her look up at me while I was face fucking her and I was looking down at her and I can see her fat round little ass and look so nice and I just wanted to grab it so I reach my hand down and start playing with her ass it was so soft and meaty I almost nutted in her mouth then I stood her up by pulling on her hair she was crying asking me to stop I grabbed her by her throat ripped off her shorts and panties put one leg on each of my shoulders lifted her up the wall and now I was face to face with that beautiful fat smooth barely any hair virgin pussy it smelled so sweet.

She was really wet I said you really like this your wet she just looked at me I than ran my tongue up and down she slit opening her fat pussy lips she let out a moan and said that uhh that feels really good she ten grabbed the back of my head and started grinding her wet pussy on my face and soon after she squirted all over my face I was shock.

Then I slid her down and told her I was going to fuck the attitude out her I laid her on the table and made her spread her legs she refused to so I’ve been her over and smacking her ass it felt so good in my hand watching the ripples and it bounced back and forth she finally gave in and said okay I’ll do anything you want Daddy then I laid her on her back she spread her legs for me I could see how wet her cunt was from me making her squirt I lined my fat cock with her opening and started to slide it and it was so hard getting it in and so tight with the wetness made it a little bit easier so I was not even a quarter way in and fill her hymen and said are you ready she said anything you want and I slammed it in she let out a screen I told her it will only hurt for a second…

After a while let me slowly fucking her she started moaning saying oh Daddy that feels good oh daddy that feels good fuck this attitude out of me Daddy yeah you little bitch you like just cock don’t you she said no I love Daddy’s cock I want you to give it to me anytime you want anyway you want however you want I’m so sorry I’ll never be an attitude with you again just keep fucking me like this and then she squirted all over the table all over me on the floor so it made me go harder and faster and she just kept squirting and I pull my dick out really fast as she was squirting and it was like a fountain shooting up out of her pussy she arched her back and she squirted all over her face her chest she was soaking wet of her own juices then I pulled out and bent her over took her faces in her juices while I was fucking her from behind I said you’re not going to get Daddy no more attitude are you no more attitude Daddy I said cuz next time I’m going to do something else she said was that I lick my finger and slammed it in her tight little virgin ass and now send me overboard I couldn’t hold it and I cummed all inside her virgin cunt…

Then I pulled out and made her lick my cock clean and she squatted down queefed in a bunch of my nuts shot out on the floor I made her lick it up that night I fucked her two more times and sent her to bed but I knew that I was going to be able to fuck her anytime I went cuz she loved it the end

If you want to hear about how I ass fuck her leave a comment below let me know what you think this is my first story

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  • Reply hornyaz ID:1dpaq081ptgv

    great story want to read more

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7mkmumjj43

    Funny to hear stories like that. My daughter was so determined to fuck me at 9 she barged into my room and demanded I fuck her. Was the most fantastic night of my life. My daughter was well behaved and did every thing daddy wanted her to. Boy did she love to work under daddy’s car with me. Damn I miss that.

  • Reply . ID:gzjs9gy5omr

    Good job daddy

  • Reply 0526290c52f7820b28eaa5f31e9dc3bd519c2fe8 ID:gnrr5kb0k

    rape her ass!

  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9b

    Great story , and can’t wait to read more of you fucking her

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

    A rough, violent fuck is the best way to deal with a bolshy cunt!

  • Reply Lilah ID:8zs64tm1

    I wanted my stepdad to fuck me so bad when I was her age. I tried everything I could think of. Even walked around with a skirt on and no panties when my mom wasn’t home and made sure to do all my chores where he’d have a view of what I wanted him to take. My dad had already popped my cherry when I was 11. I wanted dick at both houses. lol.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1eof6oufs2xk

    How old is too old? I think q3 is pushing it

  • Reply HistBuff ID:4gmi91iv3

    An intense description of a very urgent fuck. Such fantasies with 12-13 year-old girls aren’t all that rare. Many girls around that age also fantasize about grown-up men. Thanks for sharing your fantasies. I sometimes jerk off while thinking of soldiers raping a 13-year-old girl in a fallen fort or town and it always ends with me oozing cum like a fountain!

  • Reply Darkwisdom42020 ID:1e0gk1k3oq4v

    If you want author there’s plenty of ways to get her to
    Be fucked

  • Reply Nick ID:gnrroou4z

    I have no idea if that story is fictional but it reminds me of the time my ex said I should “fuck the attitude out” of her daughter. She was about 13 at the time. I thought she was talking shit but she tried several times to talk me into doing it. I didn’t have the guts to try it and it probably turned out better for me that I didn’t.

    • Charles ID:1cyit7b0dpmh

      This story is not true it’s a fantasy of mine I jack off thinking of it and now I’m writing my thoughts out

    • Charles ID:1cyit7b0dpmh

      I’ll be writing more of my fantasies later on

  • Reply Charles ID:1cyit7b0dpmh

    Where are u from

  • Reply Crystal ID:fyglhy4m4

    I need to be fucked

    • Charles ID:1cyit7b0dpmh

      Where you at

    • [email protected] ID:60aeri741

      Dam, I’d love to fuck you, and eat that pussy.
      I’d you have session app hit me up or email me


    • Noneyabiz ID:2th1snp7uot

      Bro I’m 15 (f) fit and 5’6 (170lbs) if this happened to me I’d flip the man on his back and slit his fuckin throat lol